Reviews for Simulacra
Ghost chapter 1 . 10/5/2006
Very interesting story. However, the pros of the plotline are somewhat overshadowed by the factual errors - Sophie showing Tom her wedding dress, for example, happened in the real world before Tom entered Harsh Realms. Mike, it was revealed, is seriously crippled in the real world, so he can only appear "normal" in vitual reality. Dexter, as well, was dead in the real world - but since he died in a car accident after Harsh Realms was created, it was possible for him to still be "alive" in vitual reality. And, despite her connection with Santiago, has through her actions shown us that we have no idea where he true motives lie, or whose side she's really on.

Your plotline is interesting and creative, and your characters are very IC and true to form. But the serious factual errors, as well as the placement of each chapter as its own story (it's very annoying to have to go back and open up each chapter seperately, especially since they don't appear on the page in the right order) detract heavily from the overall story.