Reviews for A season of sorrows unending -- the Cerberus Files
Divv chapter 7 . 8/6
Hi. Can you tell me what a gesture of Siari might look like?
Michael1110 chapter 38 . 4/27
And done for now : )

1. "The worst storms are those that come upon you far from any shore, after all."
; )
2. "but he is at least proficient in detaching his opinions and beliefs from the data he submits."
Again, I can respect him for that : )
3. "Almost twenty percent of the female's core body mass is given over to a heavily integrated womb that can regularly support triplets and quadruplets."
Made to breed.
"this explains why even though batarian females are constantly having sex pregnancy rates are even lower than that of humans or quarians."
Population numbers would be unsustainable otherwise.
4. "The dire situation of the batarian female is saddening to me, but it is the course of biology and little can be done to change their plight."
: (
5. "I worry about him, at times – he seems rather unstable, and anyone who utilizes that much sarcasm is clearly only a few bad tides away from some sort of incident involving far too many knives to think about."
Right... Right!?
6. "and the clever thinking of your Major Kyle on Mindoir of using pepper on the batarians was fiendishly effective."
Interesting : D
7. "an anomaly, to be sure."
; D
Michael1110 chapter 37 . 4/27

1. "Only the fool expects the alien's outstretched arm to hold anything but a knife. "
Same goes the other way ; )
2. The low mental abillities of Batarian females : (
3. "We should set this entire species afire"
Alien too different from our norm. Bring out the flamethrower.
4. "the entire race sees physical prowess and fitness in almost as high a light as humans would view physical beauty."
hmm : )
5. "He does so because it is the ultimate method of showing he is worthy to force that level of submission, freely given or not."
: /
6. "It is a sickening fact that batarian females crave abuse as a form of attention.
Wouldn't work that much otherwise I would guess.
7. "They do not even actually have a word for self-esteem, is is something each and every batarian takes for granted – that they are important, that they are destined for something."
: D
8. "Such things enrage humans and turians, disgust asari, and make the salarians laugh as they take advantage of the openings, but batarians are too blind to see this."
: D
9. "any improvement would be slight at best, hardly worth looking for."
Waiting for an a-typical example in the main story ; P
10. "Either batarian low castes are so mentally warped that they actually think the tiny bits of freedom they are given makes them the equal of a high-caste, or their minds are so twisted they edit out the fact that no matter how high they rise they are little more than trash in the minds of higher caste types."
: S
11. "You can go ahead and dismiss the concept of batarian 'love'"
Thought so : S
12. "batarian females have no ability or understanding of how to consent, and the concept never entered the batarian mind."
: (
13. "drove home the fact that batarians as a species are hopelessly and irrevocably sick"
and possibly on purpose : /
14. "They also have a lack of care about issues such as the size of their sexual organs, unlike humans, turians and krogan."
: D : D
15. "Fittingly, these monsters have no tear ducts, and cannot cry."
Interesting. (there are other ways to show sadness, Minsta ; ) )
16. "The vileness of these people – nay, these animals – cannot be overstated."
I get it Minsta ; D
17. "whatever I feel like doing right now as long as no one stops me" So similar to Salarians XD
18. "Dark Gods"
19. "Theft and murder are not crimes – if one is too weak or stupid to protect their property or lives, then the batarians are better off with that one dead."
: (
20. "Psychologically, batarians do not feel guilt. For anything. Ever."
There more I read, the more they seem like a over time manipulated and breed nightmare army.
Then again you could say similar things about the Turians, exluding the "nightmare"(mostly).
21. "drinking human urine is more tolerable than drinking battery acid"
22. "about their only positive trait in my mind"
23. "The fact that the squints never had enough brains to develop atomic weapons until Aria sold them the idea goes unmentioned. Brutes."
: D
24. "There are times I could almost respect the grays."
: P
25. "some kind of virus that makes the squints all grow titties and turn into bitches"
: D : D
26. "Even those witches don't deserve that kind of vile death."
How kind of Minsta : D
27. "The idea that we are the closest culturally and psychologically to these things is enough to drive me to drink or to despair"
haha : D
28. "Pel has jokingly suggested all batarians are suffering from 'crazy'"
Or the oppsite ; P
29. "either the darkening of their culture is a natural evolution as they get more and more debased, or something has corroded and corrupted them and the very methods they view the universe with."
Hmm ; D Something Something long term Plan...?
Michael1110 chapter 36 . 4/27
Something Something again...

1. "(mostly salarian, as the batarian versions are worse propaganda than anything put out by the Commissariat)"
hehe, then again sad for the Batarians : /
2. "shows signs of alien tampering"
So much manipulating everywhere ; P
3. "As a result there are six different ecosystems present on the planet today, most of them settled into climactic bands."
4. "The 'historical' aspect that bothers me is that most of the changes appear to be done in sequence, even when separated by gulfs of hundreds of thousands of years."
Hmm... someone possibly building up to something... ; D
5. "They also had brains roughly 15% larger than females."
I guess we will see who used that "advantage" more : P
6. "The common belief that the males of Khar'shan somehow 'did this' to the female batarians is thus unfounded."
: )
7. "as simply walking into a high-caste batarian library would prove problematic, followed by bloody."
Ahh, no charm? : D
8. "but the high caste batarians cleverly claimed to be able to translate them."
Some advanced guidance? ; )
9. "The war raged on for a good three hundred years"
not bad...
10. "Watcher of the Deep" advancing Batarian technology too quickly.
11. "fibers of the waters"
Possibly a shield?
12. "it does have a certain weight of the message it sends"
A very heavy weight
13. "The ability of batarians to be so easily manipulated by issues of pride, power and status is a weakness that should be noted."
14. "As I said before, it can be very catchy."
Can't stop grinning : D
15. "a paranoid tactic that would pay off handsomely in later years."
: )
16. "However, their first contacts were not with the Citadel races directly, but the pirates and criminal elements of the Traverse – namely, Aria and her warlords."
: D
17. "fascinated by asari females"
Asari Females? : D
18. "The Imperial Guard used weapons and armor far more advanced than anything even the Fist had access to, and there wasn't any known source for this material."
Obviously ; P
19. "with a note snidely noting he did not comment on the actions taken by the asari Nightwind and STG, and would appreciate the same courtesy."
Does he now? : P
20. "The Council basically laughed him out of the room, stating they had no reason to do so given batarian slavery, hostility and lack of willingness to compromise."
haha : D
21. "someone is building an army that will not hesitate to commit atrocity."
; )
22. "assuming the fool can produce anything coherent and that Minsta can decipher anything from the morass of profanity"
: D : D
Guest chapter 38 . 3/27
I appreciated the creativity that went into it. I look forward to the next chapter!
Seven Seven chapter 37 . 3/28
Well this was disturbing, I can only the batarian condition will improve once the Leviathans are out of the picture (beacause what else could all the wierdness withe the Batarians be caused by).
I half expected to see Shepard on the list of females who could command respect from batarians, maybe after her ressurection and she turns into the terminator.
lukas chapter 37 . 3/25
This story is positively brilliant. I absolutely love it.
SLotH4 chapter 38 . 3/27
There's something poetic about such a vile species lacking a heart.
Wandering the Arid Sea chapter 11 . 3/26
Sad case with Aria. Can't wait to see this ritualized combat between Okeer and the asari.

Always so tantalizing. Still, rather scary the parallels that can be drawn between Aria and Liara.

Can't wait to see the reaction of the Thirty when Aria's empire comes to fruition.

awesome stuff.
Wandering the Arid Sea chapter 34 . 3/25

This chapter is just epic. The first half was good enough but the second part with TIM, Trellani and the boys just cinched it.

Your TIM is just perfect. This really fleshes out the Benedict arc from earlier.

Only problem I had was a short paragraph in the 1th half where Trellani seems to break the 4th Wall, mentioning ME1 and ME2. If not that, then the references are of a future time but then the scene shifts to the Minuteman station before Benedict, during ME1.

Anyways, epic stuff.

can't wait to read more.
Wandering the Arid Sea chapter 33 . 3/25

Came here to find some fluff on Tetrimus who sadly was not included in this collection of august Turian figures.

Still, Invectus and P. sound absolutely epic.

For some reason, as I read more and more about P. I came to think of him as some cross of Arsene Lupin, the Joker, and Malcador from w40k. Just who the hell is this figure and why the hell hasn't he been shown in your fics so far.

Lets get in to the mind of this person. Perhaps a female turian?

What if P. isnt even a turian at all?

And how the hell did he get a vid of the Thirty from within the Temple of Athame or about various Asari Matriarchs in bed together.

The sheer chaos and fury that must have ensued.


Wth. Now I am wondering if P. is an asari.

Epic stuff man.
Mr. Aanonymous chapter 37 . 3/25
Hmmmp, interesting. Hey, is there any chance of you doing the quarians after your done with batarians?
Wandering the Arid Sea chapter 23 . 3/25
The more I read about Pel, the more I like him.

That said, this is pretty scary.
Nogui chapter 37 . 3/25
"as such madness seems to have higher rates the close one gets to Khar'shan"

The pile of hints as to Reaper-related influence on the Batarians just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Wandering the Arid Sea chapter 37 . 3/24

I can't help but wish someone undid this damage to the Batarians.

Before, the concept of a serf or slave race, like Vigil mentioned about the Inusannon and Tho'ian was something abstract and distant. Yeah, there were such things, but the Turian's and Asari seem, mildy, ok.

But this. omfg.

That is just so sick and broken.

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