Snowlily246 chapter 12 . 12/26/2013
I love it! Please update soon!
Yay! Welcome back, ChikitaWolf! I've been waiting so long to read a new chapter from you! And, actually, I'm MiraculousBlooming14, this account was my 2nd one.

So, my reactions from this chapter, um, I didn't expect that her grandfather already knows about Black Order, and everything else. Even Kira herself didn't expect that he was going to send her there. Yeah, before I read that part, I have a puzzled expression in mind that maybe it will happened that I expect. So it blows out. More unanswered questions.

During our visit in my older sister's house, I found out she reads also the full info about Kira you posted in dA (btw, I save that page), unexpectedly. I was become so interested of reading this because of the blown-up-the-cover events. And I read the joint-story of this :) Maybe I found the answer there, anyway.

Looking forward to the next chapter, ChikitaWolf! Thank you thank you very much for this new chapter!

xoxo, Lullaby-chan/Sachiko
Ella Unlimited chapter 11 . 12/23/2013
Dear ChikitaWolf,

Hello there! My name is Ella, and I have been following your story since it was first published back in 2010 (Gosh. Sorry about that, I know I sound like a stalker.)

Anyway, I've never been one for reviews– a horrid habit, I know, but my reviews usually end up long winded and exhausting, just as this one is turning out to be -.-

But, as I mentioned earlier, I've been following this story for some time, and I just wanted to let you know how much I love it. I noticed in you author's note you were beginning to feel insecure about your writing skills, which is totally and completely normal. It really is. But, you probably know that.

I think what I'm trying to get down to, is that though you may be feeling shaky about your writing– it's nothing you should ever be ashamed of. This story is beautiful, as well as your other stories, and SOTF something you should be proud of. I've never written a 60 chapter story- and I've certainly never had the guts to go back and rewrite the thing.

When you write the characters are very... Real, I believe is the word I'm looking for. You pay such close attention to every detail, and really capture how an actual human would react to the situations Kira's been put through. Kira's lovable, relatable, and completely believable– something quite hard to come by on this site, or anywhere, for that matter.

Sorry this was such a long, rambling review, but I honestly wanted to let you know how I felt and know that no matter what happens, and for what it's worth, I support you both as a fellow writer, and as a fellow person :)


I've got Rhythm in my Soul chapter 11 . 11/24/2013
I'm so unbelievably sorry for being such a sucky reviewer. I had planned to for awhile now but... life made other plans for me. ONWARDS!
So! Loving the fleshed out chappies. I'll start with chapter nine. It was particularly intriguing to note that Kira first WISHED to possess innocence like Allen and was then granted her desire. And how how her innocence seemed to pain her. Like an equivalent exchange or a payment of some kind. Or maybe it was never meant to be used as such etc. There are dozens of reasons I could come up with for this but I'll probably just get them wrong. However the manga has made it pretty clear that innocence has a mind of its own. It can be merciless, demands loyalty and expects no less than absolute willingness to obey.
THEN I focused on how the pain seemed to coincide with Chikita's activation. God I could go just about anywhere with this couldn't I?
I think everyone is enjoying your extra usage of multiple povs. Insight is always appreciated.
Happily you made Kira into a soul that can empathize completely with Allen on how Akuma are sad and constant pain.
Did the Earl want Chikita? And I wonder too... since the Earl loved, adored, had a twisted longing towards Neah then he would have known about Arianna also just like Mana wouldn't he? It's a very Gothic tale isn't it? Whenever I read about Neah and Allen I think of the opening theme to Edward Sissorhands: that deeply haunting yet enchanting lullaby.
I love how Allen kills the Akuma by impaling both Kira and it together. Just awesome-sauce. Awwww... Lavi really loves his friends doesn't he? What a lonely boy. Yet Allen is the loneliest one of all.
That sweet, enigmatic little story/true event Kira's mother told her about the mysterious stranger being taught how to sing... Was it Neah? Cross? The Earl? God it's all so Tim Burton, I love it! I WANT TO KNOW MORE! BUT ALAS! All good things to those who wait eh?
There is something I'd like the ask you.
In the previous incarnation of this story you hinted several times as to who Kira's father is. I ask because I've completely forgotten! If it doesn't hurt you at all would you please remind me of just who the hell it is so that this tortur will end?
Another thing! I hope you will be keeping those flashbacks of Neah and Arianna in this version too. Particularly interested in the fire/explosion with Neah screaming her name. It begs for attention.
One last thing before I run back to my hole in the ground is that the idea that Arianna and Neah were such close friends that she practically knows that her daughter will feel for him too as she does, as if Kira were BORN to be his light was just so lovely. And so sad. And also completely understandable. It's such a pretty story. You have Neah, his brother and Arianna and you have Allen, Kira and Mana again. All different yet tied together. Pure awesomeness. Enjoy thanksgiving/Christmas/college!
Panthershade chapter 11 . 11/20/2013
And they finally catch on that Chikita is innocence and Kira is an accommodator! Can't wait to see her reaction to the Black Order! Chikita will probably get into a lot of mischief in such a large place! And Kanda should show up then too, right? Oh, and Lenalee, can't forget her lol

Keep it up! Still loving the story! :D
Panthershade chapter 10 . 11/20/2013
I love Chikita and Kira! So funny :D

Poor Kira, not a nice way to find out the sword doesn't harm people. I'd freak out a lot more than she did I think, but the poor girl has had a lot to deal with that day. Guess she doesn't have enough "freak out" left in her XD

So sorry I didn't review this A LOT earlier! Things got away from me.
Sabre163 chapter 11 . 11/14/2013
Ahh, I'm so sorry for not reviewing lately, I've been a bit busy myself, but I wanted to continue my support of your wonderful story. Anyway, onto my thoughts: I think both of these chapters (since I am just now reading chapters 10 and 11) are terrific! You capture every character wonderfully and I love your tone and style.

I found you on DeviantArt a bit ago and I must say, not only are you a talented writer, but a superb artist! I have to admit, I'm envious of your writing and drawing skills, hehe.

But really, wonderful story. I can't wait for more and I'm glad I wasn't lazy and decided to keep reading (How can someone be lazy with reading XD I fail) Anyways, I'm blabbering now. So good luck with the next chapter, and thanks for these great additions!
Hanasachi's Shining Bliss chapter 11 . 10/27/2013
Hello there, my fellow fanfic author. I've been a D. Gray-man fanfic reader since I've become a big fan of it, around 3 years ago and just stop favoriting this anime just for my sister's sake, and also reading fanfics. This year, since my sister's living now in a far away place, I've been going to read fanfics. Until I found this one, your fanfic is unique and just imagine that it is a compliment since I've been reading the first chapter. Anyway, Kira's character was so descriptive and her appearance were just in my true life. I've surprised that Chikita has an Innocence and become Kira's Accommodator (if she agree that they both went in the Black Order) and she didn't want her grandfather left behind, so yeah. Your story is interesting and I should read this. So that's it and hope you have my support for this fanfic of yours.

MiraculousBlooming (you can call me Sachiko). :)
Kaite1211 chapter 11 . 10/22/2013
This chapter is probably one of the most thought provoking yet :)

Hmm... Concerning the story that Kira's mom told her when she was younger... Is it possible that Kira's mother was actually "Grave of Maria" (Probably a very random question, and most likely way off as far as accuracy is concerned...)? It almost sounds like Kira's mom had told the story as if she had actually lived it, and the "mysterious, dark stranger" could be a reference to either an exorcist or a noah (maybe Neah?). If that's the case, then it would explain as to why she was mute, since Allen wasn't able to use his left arm until it was first activated.

How did Grampy already know about Chikita? He seems to know a lot more about the Black Order than the typical average person- even if some of his family was taken away by the black Order. Is it possible that he had run away from the Black Order as an independent exorcist, and had taken Kira's, and Chikita's innocence with him?

Speaking of Chikita's, and Kira's innocence, is it possible that they could be like "sister" innocence (perhaps directly related to each other, which might explain the situation with Kira's skin disease)?

I can barely wait until the next update! Good luck with the next chapter! (_)/
fleeting . white . feathers chapter 11 . 10/22/2013
Finally found the time to reread this. Thanks for updating! Your chapters are always so very detailed. Hope you don't mind if I use some of your notes on -man to help me in my own fanfic D I won't be stealing Kira or any of your characters, of course, I meant your notes like how Link is sensitive about his height, etc... Anyway, don't be so worried about your writing! While you do have a tendency to keep switching nouns (for example, Allen/ the white haired boy / the prophesied Destroyer of Time) it's something that can be easily fixed and isn't as big of a bother as, say, a grammatical error. Keep up the good work! ouob
PoetofMercury chapter 9 . 9/30/2013
Glad to see this story is back. I read it a while back and was hoping there would be more coming. :-)
NirvanaFrk97 chapter 11 . 9/29/2013
Wow that Akuma must of been annoying to cause Allen to break his mask and actually use his accent
myangelicladyofdarkness chapter 11 . 9/28/2013
Kira is a better girl than me. i would've been like " . . . GTFO!"
Hana-to523 chapter 2 . 9/17/2013
Cool! Update soon!
Kaite1211 chapter 10 . 9/15/2013
Great chapter! I love how Kira, and Chikita interacted in this chapter, and the last part between Allen, and Kira, was a delight to read as well :)

So... Is Chikita actually a part of Kira's innocence? That would probably explain their close relationship, Chikita's human-like behavior, and the pain that Kira gets whenever Chikita's innocence is activated (she doesn't hurt when the innocence of the exorcists is activated, and it might be that when Chikita is activated, the rest of her innocence (most likely the "dormant" skin disease) wants to activate as well- but it cannot). Another clue is probably Chikita's eye color- if I remember correctly, I think it was mentioned that Chikita's eyes were blue, which is traditionally an uncommon eye color for cats; Kira's eye color is also blue, so maybe that may be a possible connection as well...

Kira's family is pretty intreaging as well. Hmmm, I wonder if Kira's mother was affiliated with the order in someway, and just happened to get caught in an akuma attack (most likely not), or if it is possible that both her father, and mother were exorcists (this theory might make some sense with Kira's grandfather making the comment that the Order has torn apart their family... I think...).

Good luck with the next chapter!
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