Reviews for Fate's Allotter
JellyBeansxyz chapter 9 . 3/22
Is the fourth shinobi war finished? Wouldnt Sakura know Minato? And that Tobi is Obito. Im so confused.
JellyBeansxyz chapter 8 . 3/22
She couldnt punch those rocks? She was able to punch mountains—
Just no chapter 4 . 2/29
Sakura is acting like an angsty 5 year old. This entire character portrayal is NOT Sakura but an OC. What the fuck?
Guest22 chapter 23 . 11/19/2023
Glad you decided to finish it and glad you gave this story a happy ending! The flashbacks were a little confusing but this was an enjoyable read on the whole! Thank you for writing it!
Guest22 chapter 5 . 11/13/2023
I truly feel like I'm reading a story written by a person who cares for and truly understands Sakura as a character and I appreciate that! This plot has me more interested than canon story tbh. Looking forward to reading the rest of the chapters!
readwritemm chapter 23 . 4/9/2023
This is such a great story! Thanks so much for writing and I hope you’re doing well :)
readwritemm chapter 10 . 4/8/2023
Super interesting so far! For some reason I have strong deja vu about the last bit. Have I read this before?! I don’t think so lol
John chapter 1 . 12/8/2022
Sakura centric fics usually not my thing, but i have to say you have my attention.

Hope it goes well from here.
Cinnamonella chapter 23 . 8/21/2022
It's brilliant. Hurt my head alot while reading jumping from scene to different time different POV try to add the figure to the description. But brilliant.

Thank you for your work.
Monkey D. Ani chapter 19 . 4/8/2022
Me encantoooo
Zeroavenger chapter 1 . 1/31/2022
nice fic
Pinumbit chapter 8 . 11/5/2021
I love how you explained the Land of Iron incident. I believe Sakura indeed cares for Naruto as more than just her best friend/teammate, and she did what she could to prevent him from getting himself killed. I love the NaruSaku bits.
0-0Reader0-0 chapter 17 . 9/13/2021
Honestly, the plot and storyline is really interesting, and I had fun reading to this point, but the random flashbacks are really getting to be too much. I can’t concentrate on the storyline because of the frequent flashbacks, and they mostly don’t make sense, so it makes everything even more confusing. I wish I had the patience to finish this story, but my head just hurts because of how this story is organized, so, regretfully, I’m gonna stop here. Maybe I’ll come back to this story another day when I can focus better. You have a great storyline going on in this fanfic. I like its uniqueness with the concept of the spinner, allotter, and executor and that there are so many worlds you are trying to portray through the flashbacks, but I would suggest organizing the flashbacks in a way that they don’t constantly interrupt scenes because this really broke my concentration as a reader trying to enjoy your story. Thanks for the story.
Guest chapter 23 . 8/20/2021
...well that was something
Guest chapter 11 . 8/20/2021
Love you work. But I still can't get over the fact that she didn't use her super strength to deal with the boulder then she wouldn't be having this problem
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