Reviews for Unquestionable Love: The Untold Stories
Dona-Dona chapter 47 . 10/18
I am going to read Unquestionable Love once again. I am staring right now. In chapter 46 I love Surinas' rebellious nature. I Snape who is so Severus.
And chapter 47, it's so sad remembering their struggle to be together and being accepted by others. Please update more.
Dona-Dona chapter 45 . 10/18
This one is so sweet! I can't get enough of Severus and Hermione togetherness. Please write them more.
viola1701e chapter 47 . 10/18
Its always nice to have Hagrid in a story...hes kind and a little too naive ;) but usually good-natured and loyal.
daisycb chapter 1 . 10/17
I hope you will be putting this and the rest of The Prequel on AO3 as it is so much easier for me to read. I love this series.
Grace5231973 chapter 47 . 10/12
I am glad you updated this! It was fun rereading Unquestionable Love and I will probably be doing it again soon!

I liked reading the reactions and I kept wanting to say they were only friends when Hermione was in school!
BlueWater5 chapter 47 . 10/2
A nice addition with realistic viewpoints.
Katja1075 chapter 47 . 10/1
Somehow I missed the last update and this is my review for chapter 46 and 47.
I loved the reaction of Severus and Hermione to that tattoo- hilarious but also quite realistic from a parent's point of view.
For this chapter, I love the filling of those little gaps of the Prequel. I've already read it twice and I will read it again some time in the future. With these little stories as a "background" it will certainly get better and better.
Carla Balsinha chapter 47 . 10/1
Hi dear!
I close my eyes and I see all this chapter in a wonderful scene movie!
How do you guess? Im reading again the prequel of "Unquestionable Love"...
At the other day,I remembered you,I was on Starbucks in Cascais Shopping, and returned the drink with pumpkin,coffee,milk,spice and of those days.I will try...the employer,said that was good...for me is!eh!
Hugs from here,still with hot...
Carla Casc√£o
gwendlyn chapter 47 . 10/1
That one-shot was brilliant, I think you catched the varying emotions of Minerva and the rest of Hogwarts staff teachers pretty well. It must have come as a shock to hear of Severus and Hermione's relationship. And after all that happened I can imagine it is not easy to come to terms with such a fact. Anyway, I am so glad you are continuing in the ULverse, I love it :).
animesia chapter 47 . 10/1
Love this! How about the Weasley's reactions? The family had been so supportive with them, of course except for Ron. I want to know how they come into terms with Severus and Hermione's relationship. Did they visit Severus in St. Mugos? How did they react when they found out Hermione chose Severus over Ron? Please write about this..
pgoodrichboggs chapter 47 . 9/30
This is wonderful. Just like the prophet I want all the juicy details however, I want the truth. I hope Minerva can talk with Hermione and possibly Severus. Great chapter!
SouthernBelle50 chapter 47 . 9/30
As usual, perfection! My Severus and Hermione need a lot of support.
Jenna98 chapter 47 . 9/30
Yay! I love update and this chapter! It was certainly interesting reading from another perspective.

lots of love
Guest chapter 47 . 9/30
Wonderful! Excellent work!
sevslave1 chapter 47 . 9/30
really enjoyed this one!
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