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survivors chapter 19 . 6/22
Great job sticking up for your story :)
HopesUpHighHeadDownLow chapter 31 . 6/21
Hey there! My name's Katie, I'm from Texas and I just wanted to express how much I truly love this story. I've been reading fan fiction for going on seven years (but I'm awful at remembering passwords, so this is a new account), and only one other has truly touched me the way this one has. I can no longer find the other though, its name having slipped my memory, so I honestly and truly thank you for bringing another into existence for me to enjoy again and again. I devoured all 31 chapters in less than 48 hours, it really is a page turner! You're exceptionally gifted, in my honest opinion your character development, imagery, and execution was flawless and I applaud you sincerely. Again, thank you a dozen times over for creating such a beautiful work, I look forward to reading any and all other creations you have posted :)
Guest chapter 19 . 6/18
When I read this I have to say I loved it. You stood up for yourself and beliefs and replied in a no nonsense fashion. Though I am happily straight I can respect your choice and admire how confident you are in yourself and your choices. Thanks for educating single minded people. :)
jasperslilshoppaholic chapter 31 . 5/29
I loved the story I think you would be an awesome writer. When finally publish a book you will have to let me know I will buy two one for me and one for my mother in law she would love your books as long as you keep it a romance novel
jasperslilshoppaholic chapter 22 . 5/28
I love the story I hope you got the reviews you needed. I agreed about the hypocrites that they need to stop reading if they don't agree with it. Thank you.
Guest chapter 31 . 5/28
I just have to reply to the reviewer who called jasper a racist because he was proud of being the youngest major in the confederacy. I'm sorry but you are incredibly small minded. You, obviously weren't alive, at the time, as were non of the rest of us, BUT not everyone who fought in the confederacy fought because they were racist slave owners. Some fought to defend their homes and families. How incredibly ignorant of you to think that everyone in the south was racist. I am white and southern and in no way racist or believe that another human being in any way should own another human being regardless of skin shade, and I whole heartedly am so glad that slavery ended and is no longer an accepted practice. However, I can understand how some people would join in a fight that they felt threatened they're home and loved ones, even if they didn't agree with the over all issue. We, as fellow human beings, shouldn't judge each other on some preconceived notion without knowing fact and reasoning behind certain actions. It's the same principle that allows people to BE racist, they feel like they are sitting above others and have the right to judge and tower their "betterness" over others. When asked what race I am, I answer that I am of the human race, we are all just different shades of the same skin, blood and tissue.
Sorry for the rant, although, it isn't meant to be a rant. I just can't abide someone who feels they have the right to sit in judgement over anyone else for any reason.
To you, lovely author, I haven't even read this story, yet, I was making my way through your non Edward /Bella fics and this one was my next to be read and I glanced at the reviews first, as I often do, because their are certain things I can't read, so I glance at reviews so I'm not blindsided when involved in an otherwise good read. I've loved everything I've read so far, so I'm off, now, to this one. Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us.
Kemq chapter 31 . 5/20
great story.
jasella dramione chapter 31 . 5/19
This was an awesome story. Thank you :) :)
animerulez12345 chapter 14 . 5/19
I love this story. It is exactly what I was looking for which is vampires actually being true vampires ant pansy ass vampires.
msjonescj05 chapter 31 . 5/17
OH MY GOD! The story has ended! It had such a good ending, as you tied up all the loose ends, but left me wanting more. I'm sorry I didn't review any other chapter, however I wanted to get to the end. It is a really addictive story, and leaves me wanting my fix again! I know for a fact that I will go back and read this in the future. As for your husband saying you can't write, well he obviously wouldn't know talent if it hit him in the face! Surely he should be supporting you, rather than discouraging you, from following your dreams (sounds cheesy, I know!) Your story was hot, sexy, funny and had a genuinely intruiging plot to it, unlike so many other smut stories that have no plot whatsoever. This is actually the first fanfic that I've read where Bella is with another man, as I swore I would only read ones in which it continues in accordance to the actual storyline of the books, and there's no angst or major changes, but your story had me seriously reconsidering my decision. If all non-canon pairing stories are like that, then they may become an addiction of mine! No angst, and you have now made Jasper my favourite character! I believe that you can become a sucessful author, and if your original stories are as good as this, then I am so reading them!
Good to know that you also fight for what you believe in, as shown by that rant chapter to the 'flamethrower'. I agree with you wholeheartedly!
Sassyvampmama chapter 31 . 5/11
I loved this story. Thanks for sharing.
3moons chapter 31 . 3/27
I really enjoyed your story. And you have proved your husband wrong! As your husband, he should have encouraged you and not put you down except if you strive on adversity!
BigDreams91 chapter 31 . 3/25
This was absolutely amazing. First story I read where Jasper didn't automatically know he was in love her, first of all. I've read a triad story before where Jasper, Bella, and Peter were apart of a mated couple. Though I have to say I enjoyed this new take of it so much. After first there was trepidation but I have come to enjoy this story so much. It has now become one of my incredible favorites forever. Great job! Don't let anyone tell you this story is wrong because it's simply beautiful. Thanks so much for posting! I really enjoyed this story!
Guest chapter 5 . 3/19
You're the first person who hasn't given the main guy character a twelve inch penis
Guest chapter 3 . 3/19
Why does jasper act like being the youngest "major of the confederates" is something to be proud of? That just means he was racist and bigoted. Fucking idiot
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