Reviews for Continuum
cherrygurl1225 chapter 1 . 4/20/2013
I have been meaning to review this story for awhile. While I am still not completely familiar with Smallville, it is through your writing that I am able to better understand the emotional intricacies of these characters. I like that each drabble is a story all its own, yet they all seem interconnected in some way.

You did a wonderful job of portraying their volatile and fluctuating relationship. I am under the impression that Oliver really cares for Tess and vice-versa, but each piece of story seems to test that. I also love how you change POV's with each drabble, so we know how both characters are feeling and the motivations for their actions.

I think my favorite drabble is when Oliver is taking care of Tess. First when he rescues her as Green Arrow (and the way he looks at Clark... in my head, it's just like... whoa...), but then when she wakes up she's his Oliver. I can sense the pain he has and his conflict in caring for and about her. It's palpable and real and there's a bitter sweetness to the relationship because you root for them, but they clearly cannot be together (at least on a basic level). Everything is like that in supernatural shows, though, isn't it? :P

Ahhh! And controlling Lex's body! How cool in a morbid sort of way.

"Even dead, Tess has unfinished business. Her redemption might be too far for her to reach now, but if she can talk to Oliver there might still be hope. She just hopes he'll understand, because god knows they've been through everything together—and there could still be more to come, if only he knows her well enough to be able to read between the lines." - This last paragraph says so much about their relationship to me. The way Tess still cares for Oliver enough to get him important messages (no matter the cost) and how she still has hope for them, even though she's dead. There's this great push-pull and that is felt throughout the entire piece. This last paragraph just encapsulates it all on a metaphorical level. To me anyway. But I haven't seen that much of the show yet, so what do I know?

Personally, I like when stories are written this way. I have written a little bit like this (and so has my friend) in our original fiction collaborations where we'll write a handful of sentences or paragraphs, each portraying a significant emotional and/or physical and pivotal important moment in the lives of our characters. This style of writing (a drabble collection as a one-shot) is of great interest to me and I hope to one day write a fanfiction story that captures this beautiful style.

So glad I finally got to review this! Take care and I hope we can talk again soon! :P
HaveNoMercy chapter 1 . 4/2/2013
F****************k me, I'm in love with this story. OMG, omg...omg!

I love when an author so brilliantly writes the missing scenes exactly how I felt they happened. This is exactly how I believed Bulletproof and the merger played out (damn the things they did NOT film for us to see!). I wondered if this scene would ever be written and I'm thrilled that it has. Gorgeous.

Oliver pulls back from her and lifts a hand to stroke her face. "Okay, now I'm confused. You do, but you don't, then you do again…What's going on? The whole merger thing, huh? What is that?"

"Just for tonight," she tells him as he slips off her red dress, but Tess isn't sure she means it.

The ending, also, perfect. Always could be more, and always read between the lines... :)