Reviews for A Drabble A Day
Fire The Canon chapter 12 . 3/21
Heheh, cute. I like this pairing, though I don't read it much because I do so much post-war stuff. This was really cute, especially reading it from Angelina's POV. Nicely done!
SiriusMarauderFan chapter 48 . 2/27
Admittedly one of the strangest pairings I've ever seen, but I like the way you wrote them together. A very sweet and realistic little drabble. Well done!
J.F.C chapter 48 . 2/25
Definitely not a pair I would had expected to read, like ever, but it was very well done despite the short amount of development. It's also my very first time I read Rolanda as a main character, can't say the same for Poppy since I have read two stories before with her as a main one. Good work.
Lara1221 chapter 48 . 2/25
two typos: should be held her close, and in the relationship.

Aw, that was sweet. Never read the pairing before, I'm glad I got to read it. The ptsd was a good theme to present it, and made for really sweet dialogue between the two. I like the medicine theme. Overall, job well done, obviously :)
Laser Lance 720 chapter 48 . 2/24
Those poor babies. I can really feel the care these two have for one another. Its so easy to see and while I don't normally ship these two, I can't find one flaw in either of them. Splendid.
You likewise captured the haunting that comes with that war. The line you used about needing a girlfriend, not a heeler was a powerful and touching one. It brought together the scars of the past and the hope for their future so well.
NeonDomino chapter 48 . 2/24
This was really sweet, the concern Poppy had for Rolanda. I can imagine killing someone would leave an impression on someone and cause horrible nightmares. I can see Poppy calling on her medical knowledge straight away, checking Rolanda's wrist and offering her a potion.
0WolfMoon0 chapter 48 . 2/23
Hmm, I honestly cannot remember who Rolonda is (I'm so ashamed) but I found the storyline to be sweet and a good comfort story. Now there were a few times where a semi-colon or comma was incorrectly used, but that can easily be overlooked when looking at the overall quality of the piece. Well written, sweet, excellent.
Mycroft-mione chapter 48 . 2/21
Aw! Poor Rolanda, poor Poppy. This is a nice pairing. I can see how the two really care for each other, how devastated they are about the battle, their pain and their love. In such a short piece, you really expressed a lot of emotion. Wow!
You do put 'stronger one in the relation' instead of 'relationship', but maybe that's an acceptable replacement, I don't know. Sorry if it is... :)
All in all, awesome job! I welcome more of these two!
alyssialui chapter 48 . 2/18
Awww this was sweet. Rolanda is still haunted by nightmares about the War and the death around her. I like how Rolanda said, "I don't need a Healer. I need you, my girlfriend." She doesn't want someone doting over her out of obligation but out of care and love. I guess that this takes place some time after the Battle then since Poppy is no longer a Healer.
Good job overall.
Fire The Canon chapter 48 . 2/8
Firstly, I really like the title of this drabble. It's cute and fitting, in my opinion. Secondly, I've read a few fics with this pairing. Not sure how I feel yet, but I appreciate it, I guess.

I liked where you set this, and the timing. It's lovely, and sometimes a little romance between older people is all we need in fanfiction. Sometimes teenage love can get tiresome.

Good job!
butterflygirly99 chapter 48 . 2/7
This was really cute. I've never really seen too much about this pairing, but after reading this I have to say I'm officially sold :)

Great job with the dialogue, I thought it was very well done.

Wonderful piece :)
yellow 14 chapter 50 . 2/1
That was...unfortunate. A shmae really, she let her own twisted hatred get in the way. Keep updating
Lamia of the Dark chapter 50 . 2/1
T_T NO WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME? It was so cute and fluffy and happy and then... I'm just going to pretend the last section doesn't exist.
Bronkwin2 chapter 34 . 1/31
It would be nice to see this as a full story as I think it has promise :)
Emma C.C.S chapter 44 . 1/31
This is the most perfect Cornelius Fudge I've read. I think this is how he would have acted in this situation, and Umbridge is just as ugh as always. The Amortentia is something she would definitely do, and I just don't know why she was so obsessed with a guy like Fudge... But anyway, this is great.
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