Reviews for The Forgotten Destiny: The Goddess of Destiny Saga
Joe B chapter 16 . 12/17/2012
Perfectly well executed and done absolutely beautifully! .
Claire06 chapter 16 . 5/23/2012
I luv it! Please write the sequel! It's been 8 long years..! T.T
Francis Keenan chapter 15 . 4/12/2004
Really good story. Please update soon, the suspence is killing me
Jay chapter 15 . 4/2/2004
Uhm, Piper wants Riki, but Riki wants Amaya... What's gonna happen now?
Murpz chapter 11 . 12/9/2002
Just wanted to know if you are going to update this story anytime soon because I think it is really good. Well please update soon.
Leika Senara chapter 1 . 11/28/2002
hey hey,

i luved the story, u should make a sequel possibly or write more 2 it! Well ill c u later, hopefully ill have my story updated by then!

-Leika ~)&
Yami Shadow chapter 11 . 10/22/2002
Yo! That was so cool! Update soon! Cuse I can't wait til I get to read the next chapter!
Lerial chapter 10 . 8/29/2002
_ he he... Yes, that was a funny preview. *nods, trying to look wise* *ends up just looking like an idiot* *seat-drop* *sigh* Oh well.. I TRIED to look good... Doesn't work to well. *sigh* Anywho, keep writing, and I'll keep reading.

Lerial chapter 7 . 8/17/2002
Wow. That's all I can say. Update sometime, and I'll keep readin'. I love it. *g*