Reviews for Three's a Charm
songwriter16 chapter 10 . 4/24/2013
I really like this story! (:
songwriter16 chapter 6 . 4/23/2013
I loved that Harry Potter reference! I laughed out loud! :)
OJSZ chapter 9 . 4/17/2013
Awesome! I like Lina and Edmund. Cute couple! Please update soon.
SparrowSnow chapter 8 . 4/15/2013
Eiiiii! I loved it! Peter and Hannah are so funny! And Lina and Edmund are so cute!
guest chapter 8 . 4/2/2013
please update pretty please
Masque chapter 8 . 3/28/2013
Liking it so bad. I love ed's jealousy type!:))))
LittleKid13 chapter 6 . 3/23/2013
Oh. My. Gosh...Peter's baby voice was TOO funny! I loved it! XD
Guest chapter 7 . 3/23/2013
update asap
DJ chapter 7 . 3/23/2013
I love it pleas hurry with next chapter
bellexxxx chapter 7 . 3/23/2013
Haha your welcome...really appreciate the shout-out! Thanks! And I like the way the plot is right now! Please continue! Can't wait to find out what happens with Lina...she is my favorite character in this story :)
BookReader and AnimeWatcher chapter 6 . 3/18/2013
please update soon this is a really good story so far
Guest chapter 6 . 3/11/2013
update soon asap
bellexxxx chapter 6 . 3/11/2013
Hey! Love the story! And the quote is from Goblet of Fire. When everyone was teasing Ron about his undying love for Victor Krum.
Guest chapter 5 . 3/11/2013
update asap
Rosala chapter 2 . 3/9/2013
Lovely story I hope you don't dump it and tell me the time for your next uptake plzzzzzz your first and most loyal fan rosala
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