Reviews for Ultima Vale
jjisme chapter 1 . 1/28
original and captivating story
Meew3 chapter 1 . 4/12/2016
Wow really interesting idea of what happened post Death-T!
Ruby of Raven chapter 1 . 12/30/2014
No! Seth! Don't leave Seto! He needs you!
And if he doesn't... I want him to need you! XD I wish there was more!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/4/2014
I like how you've portrayed Seth in this story. He's both like and unlike Kaiba, and I can totally see him beginning to help Seto for Atem's sake, and then becoming interested in the outcome for other reasons. With the tests, however, it was a little unclear to me how Seto had learned anything. The whole process doesn't seem to have changed him much. Anyway, I loved the characterization, and everything was well-written.
Alkonost Storm chapter 1 . 9/11/2013
I don't like Stoicshipping but this was surprisingly really good to read.
Red Wings chapter 1 . 6/21/2013
It's hard to find good Seth/Seto fics.

Even the few good (great, actually) stories I've read with the High Priest don't seem to really capture his character. By that, I mean his canon manga one, where Priest Set believes in no mercy for grave robbers, dismisses Kalim for not having the strength to back up his words after losing their mock duel, and seems to relish in reminding Priest Mahado (later Black Magician) of his ineptitude in his duties of captaining the guards of the royal tombs. That, and that wonderful smug slasher smile of his is just so wonderful. Not even his reincarnation Kaiba Seto does it just as well.

The few good fics with Set usually make him seem to automatically take to Seto, and Seto being Seto, would resent him and do whatever it takes to avoid him. Your characterization of both are perfect. For once, Seto seems to actually chase after his preincarnation. What most authors of the YuGiOh fandom don't get right is that Seto is proud, and this being so, then his preincarnation is much much MUCH more so. High Priest Set disdained weakness, and I liked how you portrayed this in him when he introduced himself to Seto. Falling into darkness? Well, that just means you're weak. And while Set is loyal to Atem, that doesn't mean that he panders to him like some blind puppy. I always thought of the High Priest Set as being someone who would sternly warn his Pharaoh without sugarcoating anything - he's no fairweather friend, but truely faithful and devoted, even if his methods seem rather iron-fisted at times and his face that of a bloodthirsty killer.

I hope you write more Set fics in the future, be it by himself, or with Seto, Kisara, and/or Atem.
albino shadowz chapter 1 . 3/21/2013
Ohhh I'm a horrible human being. :( It took me WAY too long to get around to reviewing this wonderful piece of work. PLZ DUN HATE MEHHH.

Warning in advance: This review contains no criticism, just ego-stroking. ;P

I enjoyed this uber much. :D The way you incorporated the shattering of Kaiba's heart from canon was positively AWESOME in addition to Set in all of his glory. Yeah, I like Set now. You have fully convinced me that he's the bomb. :')

Heeheehee. Now I have another person to fangirl over. :'D


Kudos for the positively fantabulous in-characterness. AND KISARA. I LOVE KISARA. :DDD

I could totally picture all of this... even that (smoking hot) kiss at the end there. Yeah, can I just say that the imagery was making me go WHEEEE and my heart positively melted into a little puddle when I read the end?

"don't leave"


Wonderful job in the contest, meine Freundin. :3

-Albino Shadowz
white pedal chapter 1 . 3/15/2013
This is incredible. Set was really pissed off at Kaiba!

And I always thought Seto and the blue eyes white dragon would be in the category of Lust because he thinks he wants blue eyes white dragons power but in reality it is the reincarnation of the woman he loves and his past life loved her and he was obsessed with the card.

Amazing work
ilovemanicures chapter 1 . 3/11/2013
I think you wrote out Kaiba beautifully. Set too, was well dipicted.

The seven sins, though not completely original, was a good idea to use. Seto Kaiba is one of the most complex individuals in the YGO series. And sometimes even when you're trying to write a specific story, his character tends to fly away with itself.

So I think you handled them both exceedingly well, and even you're wording can be considered profound.

I applaud you for this one-shot, I enjoyed it very much. I thank you for sharing it, and promise to share it with others.
literalspoon chapter 1 . 3/10/2013
I was a very good girl, and refrained from reading this one until you'd gotten that last chunk up (I did accidentally click on the link out of instinct earlier on, though... Stupid thing.)

First impressions were somewhat distracted, since I actually toddled off during my reading of the fic and took my time to find Spanish translations for the words as I came across them... then realized that they didn't just bear a strong resemblance to Latin words, they WERE Latin words, which meant that I effectively knew what they said (even if I had to squint a little in some cases). Then I discovered at the very end that you put definitions there, and felt like throwing a sharp object at my screen for the nineteenth time this round. Really, all that stopped me was the sheer awesome of this fic.

And awesome it was; because holy moley, you write a good Kaiba! Very, very nice look at exactly what the hell was going on while he was in his coma - daaaayum, I love the way you handled the canon here. I was pretty surprised, because I've read the manga a billion kajillion times now, and yet it all seemed so fresh. Maybe that was because it was all from Kaiba's point of view; I can't be sure. I'm not a major fan of any one character, but I think I might try writing Kaiba more now...

At any rate, I don't exactly have any concrit for you today. I'm a bit busy being floored by your fic, and annoyed at Spanish translators. So, instead I'll just say that once again, we seem to have gone in totally opposite directions with our fics - I wrote six in an total AU, while you write one and keep it canon.

Best of luck for the final round - way to go out with a bang!
AnnaMNR chapter 1 . 3/9/2013
I loved this fic!