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Jenniferthekiller chapter 53 . 7/3
:'( sad it ended. It only took me two days. But it was totally worth it.
maipigen chapter 53 . 6/23
This was so good, I never really read any superman stories before so this was a GREAT start :D Thanks for sharing!
WENN9366 chapter 53 . 6/16
First off, I want you to know that I only give true criticism to the authors who I think are talented enough to write professionally. That said, here is my review:

In the first half of your story, you had a wonderful narrator "voice" as Georgia - plucky and sarcastic. I liked it, it was well done and unique. and I usually hate first person. It's extremely hard not to sound narcissistic, and you didn't, so it's a feat in itself that you pulled it off. I was really smitten with your story from the beginning through Chapter 30 (New Year's Eve). You had given such depth to both Georgia and Clark's personalities and it was so angsty that I just couldn't keep from reading.

But then, after New Year's Eve and the kiss, you lost all the sexual tension between the two which made their relationship so gosh darn yummy. From shortly after this point until the point where they were kidnapped seemed to become a plotless mess of sex and Clark devolved into the cliched horny boyfriend. I mean, come on, he went from saying things like "swell" to telling Georgia she looked "bangable". Insert cringing here. There were some bright spots here. I LOVED the chapter on the watchtower where Clark is trying to erase her memories with a kiss. I thought that was great. However, Georgia then says it will take time to trust him again and they are running to the bedroom like the next day. We see very little of what made us as readers love them in the first 30 chapters.

I think your writing has a lot of potential, but be careful of giving readers what they want too soon. Did I want Clark to plant one on Georgia at the New Year's Party? Sure, because, as a reader, I'm feeling their angst and sexual tension. But as a writer, I don't want the reader to get what they want because then there is no more reason to read. No more, "Oh my gosh, it's 2:30 am, but I need to read just ONE MORE CHAPTER."
Even with the kiss and them establishing being a couple, it might have been okay if she was kidnapped immediately afterwards, but just think of all the delicious tension if she had been kidnapped before they had the chance to express their feelings for each other.

The last thing I would say is go through and re-read your story from beginning to end to proofread. There are many places where the wrong words are used, but they are spelled correctly so the spell-checker won't catch them.

Again, no hard feelings here. You are a really good writer, and it's quite a feat to be the #1 story in a fandom (I search by favs). I did think I owed you an honest review, however, since I spent an entire day reading the story.
WENN9366 chapter 13 . 6/15
I just had to stop here and say how much I am enjoying your story! I'm one of those readers who has exhausted all the good fics in my own fandoms so I decided to branch out. So glad I did! I usually despise first person and aren't usually keen on OC stories, either, but you have managed to pull both off so far with outstanding prowess.
Only one thing that confuses me... so, like, either Clark is totally and completely naive and doesn't know he's totally flirting and coming on to her (don't think so) or *HE's* the one who seems to have had this crush on Georgia ever since he asked her to make copies for him way back when. Hmmm... I also like how she's like that nerdy, best friend, but never girlfriend type.
Can't wait to read the rest (and I'm not so happy about that because I have things to do today and now I'm going to be staring at a computer screen all day, lol) ;)
fairyofdreames chapter 53 . 6/2
This story was so awesome and beautiful thank you.
fairyofdreames chapter 50 . 6/2
I love Dick too he's one of my favorites so cut this chapter.
fairyofdreames chapter 42 . 6/2
The feels of this chapter I swear best moments ever:

I love you, Georgie." He sounded pretty chocked up himself. "And I'm sorry for not realizing it sooner."

I love you, Georgie." He sounded pretty chocked up himself. "And I'm sorry for not realizing it sooner."

If I ever pull something like that on you again, I'm pretty sure I know several people who'll help you get your revenge."

"The League?" I questioned, a small smirk on my face.

He nodded. "Batman and Wally especially." He grimaced again. "I don't think Batman's ever given me this much of a dressing down before. We've argued in the past before, but not like this. I was almost afraid he'd actually go get some of the kryptonite he keeps in the Batcave and use it to force me back here and apologize."

I snorted, finding that highly unlikely. "I'm pretty sure he wouldn't do that."

"No probably not, but he didn't try to hide how extremely stupid he thought I was being."

I smiled a small smile, pleased with the thought of Batman taking my side that strongly. Even though I'd only met him once, I had honestly been under the impression that I'd made a very bad impression on him. Apparently I was wrong.

"Wally just shouted at me a lot and then refused to talk to me." Clark added.
fairyofdreames chapter 41 . 6/2
Man I feel for Giorgia I was so mad because Clark told her he still was in love with Lois even after their relationship got physical. Ugh but I'm kind of releaved that he was honest with her but it's not fair to Giorgia if he was still so confused then don't get involved with her more than you already have. It's so frustrating because they don't want to hurt each other but I'm glad Giorgia finally put a stop if she continued to deny it it would have only hurt her more, I'm proud of her.
Carly chapter 39 . 6/2
You have no Idea how much I love this fanfic thank you :)
Carly chapter 8 . 6/1
"Hey, I almost died!" I said, referring to the pork-meet-throat incident, "It was a very traumatic experience that I plan to block out with the help of my friend, Alcohol." To prove my point, I took another long drink from my glass.

Hilarious :)
trynmailme chapter 53 . 5/24
It was a great read...I enjoyed it a lot.. Thanks
Miyukie-chama chapter 14 . 5/22
Fabian...? Is it Fabian Prewett? Hehehe, I just keep on assuming these Harry Potter references... XD
Jacaraw97 chapter 31 . 5/21
It's official. Clark is an idiot
Jacaraw97 chapter 29 . 5/20
So is Jason really Clark's son?
Jacaraw97 chapter 26 . 5/19
- Cute moments
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