Reviews for Guidelines to Loving an Incognito Superhero
LaurettaCoffyn chapter 53 . 4/23
I had never read a Superman Returns fanfic before. Not once, in years of reading fan fiction here on FFN, did I ever browse through the Superman archive, and a week ago, on a whim, that changed. And I couldn't be happier that I came across your story. I absolutely loved it! I actually finished reading it in two days, I just couldn't stop. You wrote Georgia really well. Your story was just wonderful.
AvidGamer chapter 53 . 4/8
Hot daym. Fantastic story. Georgia is is now 9ne my top 10 favorite fanfiction oc's 9 all fanfictions. Keep writing, for you certainly have a talent for it
3broomstix chapter 53 . 4/4
The current time here is 3:42 in the morning. I have spent the last few hours reading this entire thing and I can honestly tell you, and so can my best friend TAYLOR, that I have loved and hated this story. I've complained to her and celebrated this story with her. I would get very mad when Clark did something stupid or just plain idiotic. I love how he cried, and how he was sensitive and caring yet strong and safe. I loved Georgia's quirks and her different references whether it be for LOTR or for Startrek. There were times when I wanted to chuck my phone across the room and times when all I wanted to do was hug the fluff out of my pillows. The time is now 3:46 and I am satisfied and complete. I'm also hungry.
LittleFishGirl1103 chapter 8 . 3/27
LOL this is hilarious! And so cute! I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I like this story. I didn't think I'd be into it at all. :D
ZombieButler16 chapter 53 . 3/18
Absolutely amazing i loved it cant wate to read more of your stories
Kilppari chapter 48 . 3/9
Oh my gosh... At first I thought it was just a coincidence that Dr. last name was Tuomioja, but that he is Finnish too? Oh my gosh! I almost died to laughter. I just can imagine some Finnish actually act like that ( without killing part of course) Seriously! Almost every person that I know have some point of his/her life said that Americans act like they do because the are Americans... If that even makes sense :P
P.s. In that chase that my writing didn't gave it up, I'm Finnish too.
Guest chapter 53 . 3/5
Okay so I was obsesse. With this! Thank you for writing it !
Sephira Vanya Estelwen chapter 53 . 3/3
This story was freaking awesome!
Lost Lady of Time chapter 53 . 2/24
Oh my word! I loved this sooooooo much!
Picas Lei-Fur chapter 53 . 2/15
I really enjoyed Georgia's character development, seeing how she responded to the kidnappings and the rather emotionally charged situations around her. I really enjoyed this story, especially the cute couple! :)
thesituation016 chapter 1 . 2/11
paulina101 chapter 53 . 1/27
I'm reading Feathers in the Night and I saw that you wrote a superman fic, so I read it, and three days later with little sleep and sore eyes, I must say that from the many talents and gifts you have, writing should be ranked #1. Seriously, you're amazing! And it's almost 4 in the morning. You rock! Wow that sounded so 2008. You're just amazing and I really look forward to whatever your creative mind and literary skills will come up with next. :))
Kohl Panther chapter 50 . 1/25
Hmm. Since you introduced Robin, it'd be so cool if you also did something with Super boy from young justice. I wonder how Georgia'd react to Supes' behavior towards his clone.
samanthatm chapter 53 . 1/19
camillewilliams1995 chapter 36 . 1/14
I have not commented previously but I gotta say, awesome chapter. Loved the moments with the justice league. That would've been so cool in real life!
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