Reviews for Loki's Journey
Bhavie chapter 1 . 7/10
Loki is right ass'gard isn't worthy of loki
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 34 . 5/19
This was a great story! The relationships between all the characters were very believable and logical and I loved Loki en Tony and everything. I enjoyed everything!
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 30 . 5/19
:D finally loki gets the respect he deserves!
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 28 . 5/19
It's sad to see how Loki still doesn't trust Odin when the readers all know Odin still loves Loki, but it is also very understandable
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 27 . 5/19
Cute :)
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 26 . 5/19
I've been wanting shawarma for like two months now and you'd be surprised how many times the word 'shawarma' comes up in fanfic! Ugh! But I'll eat shawarma soon! *mhuhaha*
Loki is already forming marriage plans between Thor and Jane lol
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 25 . 5/19
''Captain America lent Banner his shield'' lol
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 24 . 5/19
I hated Thor in the beginning of this chapter but he regained my respect! I really love it that you sort of make the leaving of Loki the trial that let's Thor prove his worth by (finally) beginning to see how important magic and diplomatic things are and that he isn't fit yet to be a king (he proposed that himself! wow!) Great chapter, I think one of the best till now!
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 23 . 5/19
You could have used the Segway mode on your staff! *sigh* well, there comes Thor and problems
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 20 . 5/19
yay! assemble time!
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 19 . 5/19
Supercool! I love Loki with a staff! I also loved the scepter but since that one was evil it was maybe not the best choice but wow! this is cool! I have to admit, I sort of imagined the platform that appears when Loki flips the switch to fly that it looks like some sort of Segway and loki is just sort of brooding when he flies the staff because it looks stupid (sorry, can't stop my brains from forming the image, it's really cool though ;)
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 13 . 5/19
I read 'Vanko's been locked up' at the same time the singer in my song sang 'locked up' :D
great chapter!
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 11 . 5/19
I love this little chapter where everything is sort of summed up of how Loki's life has been approving and what he's doing. But I'm also like, everything is good and fantastic, so when is shit going to happen? We'll see...
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 7 . 5/19
For a moment I was afraid that shield somehow found him, even if it's probably too early for that. Sneaky Tony. And sneaky Loki. I love sneaky people :)
MyRealNameIsTaken chapter 5 . 5/19
I'd love the idea of Loki using his intelligence and silver tongue to help humans and I love how you let Loki think of everything (how to get money, etc.) and i'll quickly continue reading and drop a comment here and there :)
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