Reviews for The Sacred Alchemist
Mira chapter 11 . 10/27
Please update, you left quite the cliff hanger for your readers. And I am really into Fullmetal alchemist at the moment.
Luna chapter 11 . 10/22
Please update want to read more, especially more with Kagome/Edward
Pi chapter 11 . 10/20
Please update.
Luna chapter 11 . 10/17
Please update. I love this story so much
Minogaki TenTen chapter 11 . 9/29
I am hoping you have a heart and don't kill Hughes T_T I know it's the original plot line in both anime versions. Still, I cannot not hope
WhiteRose-Kurama chapter 11 . 8/11
Wow. I just got caught up. This has been one amazing crossover and one of my fave FMA x IY story. I love the plot, the powers you gave Kagome and the character development/interaction. How will Windy, Kagome and Ed deal with Alphonse's worries about being an artificial soul? Will you have Sesshou and Kirara show up? Will Shippou ever make up with Kagome? Please keep up the good work and update soon. :P
Darkshadowrose2 chapter 11 . 7/21
what will kagome and winry say hope they can make him feel better
misuky7 chapter 11 . 7/15
This story is marvelous, simply marvelous. Kagome makes a great alchemist. I cannot wait to read more. :3
Lil Hamari chapter 11 . 7/14
I love your story! It's so cute and funny. The humor is fantastic and the romantic department makes me want to squeal! This story is really fantastic and I really cannot wait for the next chapter! Please update soon!
Dreaming Haven chapter 11 . 7/12
Good chapter. I can't wait for the next chapter and how you have them deal with Al. Also really looking forward to seeing how Kagome plans to make up for Edwards birthday.
kathia05 chapter 1 . 7/12
I heard angels sing when I saw this! Yes! An update! Thank you thank you thank you! Amazing fanfic keep up the Good work!
Infinities Lover chapter 11 . 7/11
Yayayayayayayay! An update!
I always hated how Al doubted he was real :(
Anyway, it was great! Can't wait for the next update and don't let anyone discourage you!
RHatch89 chapter 11 . 7/11
awesome update :)
kabika chapter 10 . 7/2
me gusta mucho tu historia, llore cuando leí el encuentro de shippo con kagome, fue muy duro; espero con ansias tu próxima actualización :3 (yo no creo que estés toman ideas del otro fic, también lo leo y a decir verdad son diferentes, pero se guían en el desarrollo del manga/anime de FMA; no te preocupes por las acusaciones, la gente tiende a ser celosa cuando ve una buena historia) sigue así :)
leebee14 chapter 10 . 5/26
Please update soon I love this story so much.
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