Reviews for Unexpected Grace
Aidyl James chapter 5 . 4/5
Yes gird your loins.
Aidyl James chapter 4 . 4/5
Glad she figured it out.
Aidyl James chapter 3 . 4/5
Does Miranda dream too?
Aidyl James chapter 2 . 4/5
Aidyl James chapter 1 . 4/5
Hmm. This is different.
Poliac chapter 11 . 6/16/2019
Chocada! Linda Fic, amei!
Beryl42 chapter 11 . 10/6/2018
I always enjoy a story where Nigel and multiple friends conspire to bring Andy and Miranda together. The dragon guitar along with a personal song gave this a pleasant touch. Well done. Thanks.
Yaplu2pseudo chapter 1 . 5/15/2018
Thanks for sharing this story. I really liked it..the first chapter almost had me stop because I'm not in poetic story (Idk how to express this sortbut I continued and I liked it so thank you for sharing.
crocco chapter 11 . 4/14/2018
Not sure how it is that I am just now discovering this story, but bravo and well done!
Willowezra chapter 11 . 12/4/2017
I absolutely loved this story. It is now one of my favorites for this fandom. The way you weaved a slight passed life connection via the dreams into their current reality and relationship was wonderfully done, the tone of heartbreak was moving. I never wanted the story to end. Well done and thank you for sharing this.
lmei chapter 11 . 10/14/2017
wow, that was seriously one of the best stories I've ever read. what a beautiful piece. thank you for sharing!
XVnot15 chapter 11 . 10/4/2017
Reread your wonderful magnum opus as part of my Singing Mirandy fic recommendations. Still in love with this piece of wonderfulness. You write like music plays. Thank you.
LovelyAgnes chapter 11 . 10/2/2017
A beautiful story! Thank you for sharing!
teenybirdy chapter 1 . 7/24/2017
just stunning.
sybil 013 chapter 6 . 8/10/2016
This chapter had tears running down everywhere, the music store is heartbreaking but so worth it.
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