Reviews for Friends and Parents
nany-chan04 chapter 1 . 3/20/2013
omg that was good _
abandoned-account7 chapter 1 . 3/13/2013
Eyo! Got this on the mail, so I figured I'd review.

The plot was brilliant! Personally, I didn't expect to see much, and the idea wasn't very sound to me (as I told you before), but I'm glad you managed to write it down and post it here. I liked how you portrayed Naruto's feelings, his lack of friends and understanding. Tobi suddenly waltzing in was a great idea too. And the happiness I felt when he screwed himself was the best feeling EVURR! xP
Either way, the later happenings almost brought me to tears. It was so heartbreaking to watch an outcast finally get accepted and find friends, who were, ironically enough, the only ones who ever truly loved him. The way you made him smile, the way you brought joy to his soul, it's just...Genius. And then the departure. OMJ DID YOU REALLY HAVE TO? J-Just...*sniffle* T.T
And now onto the things that were kinda, er, 'cheesy'. Would Naruto REALLY check out his teacher like that? I thought he liked skinny bitches like Sakura! Welp then, something new to his personality. :'D And you almost gave me fangirl feels for Sakumo! ALMOST! I totally DON'T dig Kaka-sensei's papa now, nuh-huh! xD
Aight, that's it. All in all, I enjoyed, and I give it 12/10. Seriously. Do continue writing, and pursue your ideas. Even if they seem impossible, you'll always manage to make them come alive, 'cause that's how talented you are. To me at least. Aight, that's all I wanted to say. Ja ne!