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GoddessApostle chapter 18 . 6/27
I'm actually reviewing this mid-chapter (I'm at 138) because I've been meaning to do it earlier. I absolutely love this. I've seen it mentioned in the rainbow snowcone tag on tumblr, but I've never checked it out before and I don't know why! It's amazing! The story is phenomenal and I love how you've incorporated their characters - how you've changed them, but they still feel like the same characters despite the changes. Especially Jack. I love how you (and I may be interpreting this wrong or something) turned his ability to fly into a mastery of parkour, and how you parallel parts of the movie. Tooth is fantastic, too! I adore the way you made the tooth fairies her handmaidens/family and gave her such an interesting new character. I really wish I had read this before, and I think I might draw some stuff from it, if you don't mind. I haven't been able to stop myself from reading this!
Guest chapter 56 . 6/21
Agh! Ive been waiting to reveiw this for so long but i wanted to read all of it before i reviewed. this is so wonderful! I not even sure if i should call it a fanfic this is better than the movie! Its like u took all the characters upgraded them and then plopped them into the best spy movie ever. I cant belive how much effort u put into this fanfic. Everything makes sense and the action has a different quality to it. U deserve only the best reveiws becuase u r amazing

Guest chapter 56 . 6/21
This is the best fanfic I've ever read I wish this came out as a movie this is better than some books that I've read! Really I dont know what to say everything is so perfect im so sad there arent any more chapters to read nad i know i wont be able read another fanfic properly again without comparing it with this. Thanks for making Jack and Emma meet i was really hoping for that :)
Fionamoi chapter 56 . 5/28
thank you so much for bringing this into my life
this is honestly the best ROTG fic I've read!
the songs are brilliant and bring it to a whole new level :)
can I request (read: demand) a sequel?
where its based on Jack and Bunny and North getting the GAURDIANS back?
only a few, you don't have to make all 50,(unless you want to, I will NOT complain)
and you should have cutesy, fluffy moments with Jack and Tooth, like he's gone for like 5 or 6 missions, lasting like a week each, then he just shows up out of nowhere and they go on a date or somewhere, like they did in Rio
teentitanfan530 chapter 56 . 5/27
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS I LOVE THIS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! ITS AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND GREAT AND SUSPENSEFUL AND ROMANTIC AND I LITERALLY COULD NOT STOP READING IT! Sorry bout that. I dint usually review on a completed story or even review too much at all, but this is amazing. You are an amazing writer with real talent. I loved how you put soundtrack songs for each chapter. They work perfectly with the story. It was such a suspenseful read with a great plot and mini arcs. And the little additional charecters you threw in there were great and fit into the story very well. I really really loved it. You have an amazing talent for writing and the whole scenario and GUARDIAN program/company was so well thought out. Each chapter felt like I was reading an actual paper and ink book. I could not put it down. I do have a couple questions though. One: Does the one ELF or Phil's assistant that always talks in garbles actually say words? Like did you have something specific he said then encoded it into a language? I was just reading that and wondered. Two: Will you ever write a sequel? I loved this so much and this has a lot of potential for a sequal or even two. Andthree: would you ever consider Pitch's backstory as a smaller companion story to it? Or even little companion stories for the missions to find the other DEFRAGED agents. Hopefully you read this all the way past my freak out to the end. Again I cant praise you enough on your amazing writing quality. :-) :-) :-)
Fionamoi chapter 30 . 5/17
... you do realise this WHOLE FIGHT could have been avoided had Bunny rolled down the window, taken off his glove, and touched the other car...
Smiley face chapter 56 . 5/14
I wanted to let you know that this story is one of the best stories I have ever read. Ever.
Mina mina chapter 56 . 5/14
I just loved every second of this fanfic, because it made me laugh, cry and scream. It was a wonderful experience and it was just... bluh! I cannot express my emotions right now, I just have to type this mess out as soon as I finished the story. It was a fantastic ending and your writing is perfect! Everyone was in character even with new cool powers and all, which was not an easy feat. I wish you luck in your life and if you do continue writing, that would be great! Good job!
biddle29 chapter 56 . 5/6
Oh my gosh. I wish I had words to describe how amazing this was, but I'm speechless. Anything I say won't do it justice. I love this story so much, and you don't know how happy I am that I was able to read it. Thank you for contributing your amazing talent to this website so that we can all enjoy you're amazing stories. Thank you so much :)
biddle29 chapter 38 . 4/30
Oh my gosh, poor Jack :(
biddle29 chapter 34 . 4/29
Oh my gosh, this chapter was beautiful :') I'm almost crying, which isn't good cause I'm in school right now so...yeah. I loved this :')
Guest chapter 56 . 3/30
I absolutely love and adore this magnificent story! You are so indredibly talented and you have some awesome writing skills! The plot and theme is amazing!
Can't wait to see what you'll come up with in the future! ;D

I thought I had read that you were gonna do another epilogue which would be more mature or something, but I don't see anything confirming that in your AN, is it something I've imagined?
Howl for the Moon chapter 56 . 3/21
I feel like I need a sequel nothing long. Just Tooth and Jack as a couple and Emma being there. How Emma and he get along. I would love that actually!
TheLiloPool chapter 56 . 3/21
HOLY CRAP. Seriously. Literally this is amazing and one one of the best fanfics I have read, ever. YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK! You're so talented you should write so many books and I would buy all of them if they're as great as this story. I usually hate spy stories but somehow despite my dislike you have made it into on of my favourite things ever and just wow, I can't even with how great this is right now. I'm so pleased and proud of you for finishing this because I know no one who puts as much detail and effort into their fics- you rule dude. :D
xxRainSongxx chapter 1 . 3/9
Okay, so I'm almost done the story, I'm just too lazy to go find the chapter and then review.
I love how you wrote a lot of it like it was a movie, especially with the VO's and countdowns and flashbacks. You should become a screenwriter.
Second thing is that some of your stuff is a little.. redundant? Like you'll say something, then rephrase it at the end of the sentence or in the next sentence. Maybe watch for this in the future?
Third, I think you use adjectives too much sometimes, and not always in the right context. ("Jack glared angrily". We can assume he is angry if he's glaring) Also, you overuse descriptions of eyes and hair. (Talking about how Tooth's magenta irises looked into Jack's freezing blue ones is good the first time, but after maybe 3 or 4 times it's too much. Or talking about the brunette with blue frosted tips. It gets confusing) Sometimes it's better to just say their names. We already know what each person looks like, but not to the extent where we are reading an action scene and are willing to slow down to figure out who is who. As you are writing suspense and action, it would be better to keep the adjectives to a minimum. It keeps the audience on their toes.
Of course, this review, by no means, means I'm actually better than you at writing (not even 15, can't really write action at all) or I don't like your work. I LOVE IT. The plot is amazing, and the little errors don't take away from the story. I especially love how creative and different this is. And the languages! Taking the time and effort to ask for correct translations. It is beautiful. I just want to thank you so much for writing this. It has kept me up well past my bedtime on several occasions (like 2 weeks in a row) and has been such an inspiration. I don't think I could do justice to this story by drawing it, but I can't help it. I can picture the scenes so clearly. It's too good to resist!
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