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zainko1234zainko chapter 10 . 7/24
Esto es delirante. La mayor puta basura de personalidad de mierda que e visto en mi puta vida. Quieres un consejo? Métete tu puto Fanfic por el culo. No tengo la necesidad de aguantar más está mierda, intenté leerla una y otra y otra vez pero hasta aquí llegué. La trama es una mierda, si quieres ver una copia basura del canon, esto es para ti.

Los lectores de esta basura, como siempre, anunciandola como lo mejor siendo , de echo, más del montón. Aquí señores, va mi problema con los "lectores" ratas de los Fanfics. Niños o en todo caso ingnorancia que no saben ni mierda o bien tragan cualquier basura con tal de entretenerse como para animar a este "gran escritor"(si no notas la ironía, solo por favor... Vete y no leas esto.) a qué continuará está defecación.

La sensación que te deja es nula, como cuando ves una serie otra vez. La trama es como dije, basura, una copia casi exacta y absurda del canon. Personalidad en los personajes, como decirlo... Son bipolares?
Naruto, el Oc supuestamente fuerte pero que puede ser golpeado hasta por la basura para darle (drama como este imbécil se cree que hace) con su personalidad santa de todo se puede. Ejemplo: Voy a borrar el dolor de este mundo. En primer lugar, que tan idiota tiene que se uno para creer esta tontería? Ni el Naruto del canon niño se creería esta mierda, mucho menos alguien que según tú es tan inteligente. Con el emo de la serie: podría haberme matado si no me hubiera curado de una muerte prácticamente imposible de curar (ya ves, Fanfic basura...) Pero sigo pensando(Eres mi mejor amigo, te traeré a la LUZ! Sasuke-kun, dame un ! Joder, para mí es como si dijeras prácticamente esa mierda. Solo pregunto, eres retrasado?

Por cierto, estoy llegando a pensar que si. Tienes un serio problema con los honoríficos entre otras...
En cuanto a narración, es común, nada que sobresalga. Alguna veces, incluso molesta. Hablé de los repentinos cambios de actitud , los momentos jodidamente estúpidos y sin sentido? No? Pues ya lo hice.

Recomendacion: Si tienes un mísero respeto hacia ti mismo como tú inteligencia, no leas esto.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/25
Lazy ass, the possessive apostrophes are missing, you just make an old (young) man proud. Matches my level of laziness. But really, add those apostrophes, and great story. Character development could also be worked on a bit
Davidlhson chapter 21 . 6/6
Update Update Update
Shu Ouma GC chapter 1 . 4/26
Just found this story and I got to say it a great start!
IFRITE chapter 21 . 4/7
The last chapter did wind down to a nice semi-closure. The lemon also felt like the most intensive one, riding on the emotions after couple's shared experience to the spiritual plane. Overall, I'm pretty happy at where you stopped :)

One of the things I admire most about this story is the extensive usage of all the mini-flashbacks/recollections that were done so masterfully through out the story (especially in the early chapters during the character build-up). Maybe I just never realized it before, or maybe you did use it a lot more extensively than most writers, but I think the way you seamlessly used short sentenses/paragraphs to bring past events to the present time gave the story a very unique flow. To do it so smoothly is quite a feat, and it allowed the story to progress faster without losing the key events, probably also giving you more time to explore the random element you mentioned.

I think it's almost inherent for some of us to want to delve into the odd character flaws we encounter, I guess I probably expect them to be resolved for the sake of character development, or at least addressed so I could better understand the characters? It's interesting that I don't need a reason for random kindness, but I'd want a reason for random cruelness.

Anyway, it's been a truly awesome ride! This story is kind of an eye opener for me, both plot-wise and skill-wise. I fully enjoy the story, and your ANs often gave me more insight into the story and beyond. Despite some of the offensive reviews, I'm glad to know that the story had helped you with your business - an unfortunate way it may be... :/

Thank you for everything, and I wish you will continue to enjoy writing!
IFRITE chapter 17 . 4/4
I usually don't care for Madara, but my favorite part of this chapter is, surprisingly, Madara's the brief show of compassion toward the current world in his own musing. I enjoyed the multiple facets of Madara's character that you portrayed. It's much deeper than what Kishimoto had presented in canon.

Now that you mentioned character flaws, I think we're more likely to expect writers to explain characters' "faulty moments" on the spot when it come to fanfics, as we would already expect them to behave otherwise. Guess that's both the curse and blessing of a fanfic.

Thanks for the great story!
IFRITE chapter 16 . 4/2
Good fight! Despite being defeated, the fight was pretty much a Rinnegan 101 for him, though it doesn't seem like he'll have much time to train. Well, shadow clones will come in handy I'm sure.

Naruto didn't seem to be using Hiraishin to its fullest potential in the story, especially it's direct application outside of the marked kunai. It may be just how it turned out in the story, or it may be your conscious effort, cuz we know how crippling that technique could be - almost like a sport killer in some stories... I'm really curious about how much he will grow after his 'Rinnegan lesson' with Pein though!

The long overdue reunion between the Uchiha brothers seemed very promising :P

Thanks for the great story!
IFRITE chapter 15 . 4/2
Hmmm, I guess the shift between Naruto and Anko's relationship may also seem a bit too sudden due to the time skip during their time in Ame, but at the same time it was still a pretty fluid shift considering all the buildup before. The lemon's great by the way!

While I think Madara's revelation to Sasuke was a smart one, most of it was already revealed to Sasuke by Naruto already. Hopefully that would put Sasuke in a better mindset?

Dunno why my last review was posted as a Guest. Oh, well. Thanks for the great story!
Guest chapter 14 . 4/1
I think the transitions of Anko's perception and outward attitude toward Naruto was done very nicely, as well as the the development of their actual relationship. These two are always an interesting pair in my eyes. Their background and the removal of curse seal are the most common ways to secure this couple, but you've broadened it beyond the usual in this story. I had thought you would make it more of a meaningful fling like what you did with Tayuya, but this is a very pleasant turn of even and I really enjoy reading how they come to where they are at this point. At the same time, it doesn't bode well for the future, as we already know there's Konan ahead, and what Naruto and Anko have now isn't something that can be easily broken by teenage thoughtless and such. I can only think off one very easy and possible way for that to happen... Well, thanks for the great story!
IFRITE chapter 13 . 4/1
I like how you made Naruto yield in the 8-on-1 fight, even though he could probably still win it if he really wanted. The gesture said a lot about his character :)

I found that for some reason, I tend to fail to get the point in this story when it came to Kakashi. I don't really get the mini-guy joke, I just chuck this one to either English not being my native language or a western culture thing. I also didn't get Tsunade's seemingly out-of-nowhere rudeness toward Kakashi. Well, maybe you were trying to express Tsunade's dislike of him spying on people outside of her window, or just his general tardiness or offensive reading habit.

I wonder what Kurama meant in the end of the chapter, was he talking about something physical, or something spiritual?

Thanks for the great story!
IFRITE chapter 12 . 3/31
OMG, I can almost see Sasuke taking Itachi's eyes and making Karin infuse her DNA in him or something. I hope that's not what's going to happen!

I had first thought Naruto and Ino would somehow break up before he left for the training trip, but this timing is much better as it allowed the general Yamanaka clan's view on him to stabilize before he broke up with their clan head's daughter. Well, I guess it didn't really matter much with how they broke up though.

The lemon was great! Tayuya's dirtiness didn't disappoint at all :P

Thanks for the great story!
IFRITE chapter 10 . 3/31
OMG, I had thought the unpleasantness in this chapter would just be an unpleasant break-up between Naruto and Ino. I wonder what will happen to Akamaru? I guess this will be the 'changing event' for Shikamaru and brought similar effect to him like what Asuma's death did in canon?

Another thing I really like about this story is all the small events and even just some odd sentences here and there that gave hints to the multiple facets of Naruto's life and personality :)

Thanks for the great story!
IFRITE chapter 9 . 3/31
Umm, just want to let you know that you didn't mention Hiruzen's death, at all? I like how you skipped the whole Tsunade retrieval though. The story's just too big that I can totally appreciate you jumping through such canon event and covered it with a few sentences instead. Well, I guess Ino's jealousy will be the major cause for her and Naruto's breakup. I'm kinda worry how it'll affect Naruto's relationship with her parents and the Yamanaka clan in general though :( Thanks for the great story!
IFRITE chapter 8 . 3/31
Great chapter! I'm kinda unhappy about the partiality in Kakashi's handling of his team, and it seems Naruto was of the same mind as well. I remember Kakashi kinda just considered Naruto a convenience or something when the team first formed? I wonder if we'll get to see the reasoning of his partiality. Well, I hope he did try to guide Sasuke away from the dark path during the month's training, which is something we haven't seen so far. Well, you haven't put much focus on Kakashi, so I'm still not sure if there was more under the table or if your Kakashi was just a disappointment when it came to his team. I really, really hope where would be some Naruto/Anko at some point! Thanks for the great story!
IFRITE chapter 7 . 3/31
I love your Naruto/Ino pair. I'll be sad to see them separate, but I look forward to the eventual Naruto/Konan, too. It's a huge change to go from Ino to Konan, and I look forward to the emotional growth Naruto will no doubt undergo before he's finally with Konan. I like the fact that you don't make this into a harem story. I don't think I've read many non-harem stories where Naruto has undergone more than one genuine relationship during the story's time frame, and these stories are usually great ones, this one included. I really enjoy your take on the gentle Naruto who's in peace with himself and the world, and I can't wait to see your take on the whole Sasuke thing! Thanks for the great story!
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