Reviews for Down by the Withywindle
Aria Breuer chapter 2 . 6/19/2013
Seems as if I'm the only one that's been reading and reviewing this story, which is well-written for slightly short chapters. This story already proves you don't need lengthy chapters to tell a good story, but you do need a plot nonetheless, which you already have done with this story.

Interesting to see Radagast the Brown in this chapter, and hear more from Old Man Willow. Radagast is right about one thing: people these days talk and theorize, but they don't listen. No wonder everything's more chaotic and dangerous than it's been... not that it hasn't always been dangerous, but this Age especially - if you can call it that - is actually a lot worse than previous eras. I know I'm going off-topic, but I want to point this out first: I can admit it's more dangerous and chaotic because of all the technology that's come up, everyone talking more online than face-to-face, which in turn leads to further dangers, and the growth in industry (something J.R.R. Tolkien was against from the start). I'm glad Radagast pointed this out, since people have come to forget that fantasy and reality do intertwine at times. We can't always think of reality, or we would be living dull lives and there is much still out there that we don't know or many seem to have forgotten.

Returning to the review, you're doing good so far. I feel sad for the old Willow tree and how lonely he's become, in spite of his sleeper spell. You're doing good. Keep writing.

-Aria Breuer
Aria Breuer chapter 1 . 4/29/2013
With this story, you are off to a good start.

Although, you have one typo: "they" - at the beginning of the second paragraph before "eldest trees" - should be changed to "the". Also, the semi-colon in the sentence, "Bombadil had put him to sleep", should be changed to a period. Otherwise, I didn't catch anymore grammatical errors... at least, not this moment.

I can see why Old Man Willow would be furious with the construction people changing the landscape, but also the families and other peoples that care little if he's there or isn't. It's sad that Tom Bombadil isn't there anymore, but even more devastating how time caused the Race of Men - our race, you might say - to forget everything fantastical, that helped keep reality feeling alive, but also filled with wonder and beauty. I'm not surprised why he would be hungry. Old Man Willow's song must be very strong at this point, and his energy on high alert.

Overall, good work so far. I wonder if you will turn this into a lengthier fanfiction story. If the story isn't lengthy, but still short, then that's fine, too. Keep writing. You have talent, and the descriptions leave images in my mind.

-Aria Breuer