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ToxicGinger chapter 61 . 6/22
This is the third time I have read this fic, and I hate myself for rereading it. But you write soooo well! You take this dark scene and make a story that you can't stop reading, so you are just an awesome writer.

Something I want to see in Finding Hikari 2, besides a happy ending, is some kind of thing where Kairi has a dream, kind of like the one with Hikari, where Kairi sees her friends that died and just kind of talks with them. I think that it would provide some closure on what happened in this story. I also kind of want to see inclusion of Aqua, Terra and Ventus, but that is a minor thing.

But seriously, great fic, love/hate you at the same time. Keep writing well!
DD42 chapter 61 . 6/10
Hello, I feel really bad for taking this long to post a review for this story. This was a fantastic way to end it and I can't believe you've come so far. Despite all the pain and heartache, it's nice to Kairi begin to take the road to recovery and I can't wait to see what you have concocted for the next part. Knowing you I expect plenty of pain, angst, psychological situations and romance. Congratulations on completing this story and I look forward to more of your writing :)
TheFeels chapter 34 . 5/30
NOOOO ROXAS NO. MY LIFE. NOOOOOOOOOO HE WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITES QAQ...I have to continue. My heart was already broken when Nanime died but now Roxas too?! What's next? Vanitus?
TheFeels chapter 12 . 5/30
Omg. I can't even. I'm crying. This story. The feels.'s 1 am and I'm really tired but I have to finish this!

This is the best fanfiction ive ever read...or at least the first one to make me cry
Captivating Darkness chapter 61 . 5/6
I don't like the ending, ;-; I want Sora and Kairi to be together and everything is finally perfect. TTTT ;-; ;_; ;;
marycutie19 chapter 61 . 5/6
Oh my gosh! Im srsly not satisfied with the ending, haha. But, I'll be looking forward for the sequel! Waaa Finding Hikari is one of the fanfics that gave me a reason to cry and put me at rage. Even though the ending came out late, its still worth it :D Keep writing! And, goodluck :)
AJ chapter 61 . 4/16
Talk about the mother of all bittersweet ending. Need to reread this whole story since it's all done now.
I would to read a sequel to this because after all of that, I feel a bit empty from this.
DecisivePumpkinHead chapter 61 . 4/15
Holy shit. I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel! I've followed this story since the day you put it up, and honestly, it's my favorite to date. You can bet your ass I'll follow the sequel. I'll be waiting in the corner. Crying. While reading your other fics.
NoodleOodles34 chapter 61 . 4/7
Very excited for the sequel! Can't wait!
GuardianOfTime21 chapter 61 . 4/7
This Fanfic was actually the very first one that got me hooked on reading fanfiction in the first place. This has definitely been one of the best pieces of work I've had the pleasure of reading from start to finish. Not only did it capture the subtle essence of the main characters in a modernized light, it also reflected some of the emotional challenges that the writer had to face over time, through the actions of the main characters.

Princess-Xion, I can say that you've definitely made more than an slight impact on my reading experience. It takes great potential to compose works such as this...and even greater strength of the heart to channel your emotions through your writing.

I'm looking forward to reading the sequel of "Finding Hikari" as well as any other works you may create in the future. To conclude this review, allow me to quote the poem that has stood as a cornerstone not only for my friendships and my girlfriend, but also for authors who find serenity through their works. This was written by Kairi and read by Sora at the end of "Kingdom Hearts II."
All credit to the following poem goes to Square Enix and the initial creators of the "Kingdom Hearts" series.

"Thinking of you, wherever you are;
We pray for our sorrows to end,
And hope that our hearts will blend.
Now I will step forward to realize this wish.
And who knows;
Starting a new journey may not be so hard,
Or maybe it's already begun.
There are many worlds,
But they all share the same sky;
One sky, one destiny."
bubblegum bxtch chapter 61 . 4/6
holy. fuck.
it's over. I may not have been with this five for nearly as long as other readers, as I've only been with Finding Hikari since chapter 52.
Still, this fic was such a roller coaster of events and at times I found myself really emotional -cough Nami's death cough cough- and I just wanted to thank you for not ever failing to add some sort of major plot twist or cliffhanger that left me in suspense while I tried to guess what would happen next.
Can't wait for the sequel!
To be honest, I would have liked this just as a stand alone, but there were just too many loose ends that weren't finished that would always leaving me wondering. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!
TheNotSoTalentedPoet chapter 61 . 4/6
What a ride this has been. As someone who's been reading this since its inception, I can say that this is a long time coming. I remember that you said that this would be far less dramatic than Love Must Come, and wow, was that inaccurate in the end. I also recall you saying very early on that Xion's role had run its course, and that also was not not the case. I apologize if you've amended the note about Xion, but the other one is plain as day on Chapter One. But, two years, and infrequent update schedules can excuse that.

On the whole, this was a fantastic read. Pretty much every character was likable, even Sora after his motivations were revealed. The descriptions were vivid, and the picture painted was one of excellent clarity. The twists were engrossing, though I did guess most of them. And, probably the biggest point in this story's favor, you managed to keep it exciting AFTER the initial climax at the beach. I personally would have gone maybe five chapters after that, solely to tie up all loose plot threads. But you kept at it for way longer than that, and managed to not make it seem forced. I was skeptical, I assure you, but my fears were assuaged. And the ending... I like how it's actually a realistic take on it, and definitely the most sensible option there was to choose. Regardless of how in love they may be, Sora and Kairi are lightning rods for severely fucked-up shit. Especially when they're together. They seem to be irreparably damaged, and time apart is crucial to their sanity.

Plenty of room for a sequel, and the promise of it being less of a clusterfuck is a relief. I will say that this is a tough act to follow, but I'm sure that you'll pull it off in the end. Cuz you're awesome.

On that note, I offer my sincerest thanks at the shout out. It really warms my cold, barely beating heart to know that someone as talented as yourself would call my writing great. I don't care if no one follows up on the recommendation, because the fact that you bothered to is enough gratification for me. Seriously, you rock, madam. Thank you.
Nano1012 chapter 61 . 4/6
I was pleasantly surprised by this chapter an I really look forward to the sequel. Although I was thinking the end would be happy, I prefer how you've ended this until the sequel because its so much more realistic. That fauna would not be healed in a day, or a week, it would take lots of time, an I've noticed many authors look past that( me included for one of my stories, which I should fix probably.) so I'm very impressed with your skills. It's amazing, and I know it takes guys to write things like this, and although I haven't experienced things this difficult, I know many other have, so you, an all others are amazing inspiration! Keep on being who you are because it is purely the best thing I've come to see/read in life.

Love Nano1012
SiChri chapter 61 . 4/6
Wow. Not the ending I was expecting, and it leaves me feeling kind of empty (in a good way), like I cannot process it. You wanna know why? Because it's maybe the most rational and level-headed choice Kairi has made in the whole story! What a pleasant twist :)

on that note.. A sequel!? YES!

You know, it's kind of nice seeing the complete tag on this story because it reminds me of a time when you were updating every 2-3 days. Looking back I've changed so much, I cannot image how you feel to close another chapter in your literary live. :)
CarelessWhispers13 chapter 61 . 4/6
Wow, I've got to say I didn't expect that ending. I honestlu figured everyone would die or there'd be a happily ever after. This, however, was a realistic ending. This also shows how much Kairi's grown for her to actively seek help. I'm proud of her. I'm also pumped for the sequel! Hopefully Kairi isn't put through, shall we say, extreme abuse like in this story. Goodness, that girl needs a break! I sincerely hope she and Sora get the help they need, an I hope they do get a happily ever after at the end of the sequel! I've enjoyed this story so much!
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