Reviews for Between Angels and Demons
Riane V chapter 61 . 14h ago
No I want to prentend! Wahhhh! I dont want this happy moment to end.
Aguukolkolkol chapter 61 . 4/23
Kyaa I love it soooo much3. You've asked for a review, so you have it. You have to know that i adore your stories and style of writing. I'm looking forward next chapter, because I suppose I knoe what would happen next kolkolkol...
DarylAsskickerDixon chapter 61 . 4/22
NOOOOOO DONT LET THE HAPPINESS DIE! This was too perfect! Wahhhhh! Don't kill Mathew or anything like that! KEEP GILL AND MATTIE TOGETHER! Maybe Mathew could somehow transform into something so he lives longer?! *cries uncontrolably* I want them to be happyyyyyyy... Love this chap. btw, Heheheheheheeee
Peteeter chapter 61 . 4/22
They're so happy! I'm gonna hate to see it shattered :c
Angel Of Awesomness chapter 61 . 4/22
I really liked how Gilbert and Matthew communicated so well, it seems to be hard to find in a lot of fics. I also think that you give the characters a lot of depth. I eagerly await your next update.
killerkitty15 chapter 61 . 4/22
I love you so so much!

This is such an amazing story, I can't wait to read more! Please update soon!
Mandaar chapter 61 . 4/22
Oh my gosh the feels
Petit-Arc-en-Ciel chapter 61 . 4/22
*nosebleed all over the screen*
So sexy!
So it's been three chapters of fluffiness and smexy time ... You're right, something bad is coming ... Fortunately, I /love/ bad ... Bad is good, yeah ... :)
Can't wait to see things going to hell :D
piratespain13 chapter 61 . 4/22
Dawww! These two are just so cute together. I can't help but love them. I am definitely prepared for the destruction of happiness. I am in fact just waiting for it to happen.
theshinigamikage chapter 61 . 4/22
Damn it!I'm already crying. TT . Are you going to do another PruCan story?
Fallen99 chapter 61 . 4/22
Ah yes that inevitable moment when you crush my soul. I can't wait really. Please update soon!
Awesome Guest chapter 60 . 4/19
There finally dating! Thank-you for taking the time to make such an awesome fic! Keep going, I'd love to see the moment Matthew realizes that he's not just "practice"
DarylAsskickerDixon chapter 60 . 4/18
that was amazing!
luckynumberblack chapter 60 . 4/18
Really cute chapter. You wrote it well. Thanks for updating. See you next time.
theshinigamikage chapter 60 . 4/18
Yay there date was a success! I just love how you described the food and the building it was awesome. I hope one day that my writing skills will be fucking awesome as yours.
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