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DragonDawn84 chapter 12 . 3/12
Good story!
Eclectic Me chapter 12 . 11/29/2019
ooh, this had me all a quiver. This whole story has made me feel that way, like a silly teenager, lol. Is this the end? I mean, it would make a perfectly fine ending right here. Some endings are meant to be left ambiguous. I was just curious, and if you decided to write more of this, of course I would love to read it. In the meantime I will enjoy your other delightful-looking stories. Thank you for sharing your gift of talent.
Eclectic Me chapter 7 . 11/28/2019
Oh yeah that, that wasn't good. Clarice, how could you? I think I know why she said it, though. She's just afraid of whatever feelings she might have for him. I guess she doesn't trust him quite enough to tell him all this yet, and after what just happened, some of the little trust that had built up on both sides might've been lost. I just hope it's not destroyed completely. Telling him exactly what's going on in her head, at least whatever she's figured out so far, might help to make things better between them. I can't help but think though that he has more figured out than she has, and the rest they can work out together. *sigh* This is the seldom seen, at least anymore, hopeless romantic in me coming out.
Eclectic Me chapter 6 . 11/28/2019
Aw, another great chapter! The idea of a Mrs. Cooper talking about God and visiting her son in the asylum made me think you were jokingly referring to the Big Bang Theory in some alternate dimension or something, but then I dismissed the idea as Sheldon would never hurt children, no matter how crazy he was, which he totally is not because his mother had him tested, lol. My heart sank just a little bit when I remembered that Hannibal is, or at least was, the sort to use other people just to amuse himself, to examine them just to pass the time, but then picked back up when they talked and I realized Clarice is different. He really doesn't view her that way anymore. I like how they're learning to trust each other a little more, too. She's learning that she's safe with him, not just physically but also mentally, emotionally and professionally. He's learning that, as a friend instead of just an FBI agent, she is willing to give him the personal respect and care that almost no one else does.
Eclectic Me chapter 4 . 11/28/2019
Ah, so I'm not the only one who thought of Hannibal's voice as metallic. Part of that I'm sure had to do with his environment, but not all of it. I must admit him making her squirm over the bath issue was rather funny, though I'm sure she didn't think so. Oh well, it's the kind of thing you laugh about later. Kinda sad that this was a breakup call, of sorts, but I'm sure they'll figure out how to see each other. Or Clarice will, as it seems Hannibal has already.
Eclectic Me chapter 2 . 11/27/2019
I first wanted to wait 'til I got to the end of this story to review it, but what usually happens then is I get too overwhelmed. Anyway I'm fairly newish to the fandom. I kind of dipped my toe in several years ago after distractedly watching most of the movies, but I think I'll stick around a bit longer this time. Would you believe I've never seen Silence all the way through? I keep catching bits and pieces of it, but I've seen enough to fall in love. I'm not usually too big on romance in fanfiction, but there are a couple of pairings I like, and this is one of them. It's just so thrilling, and I do love friendship and some pre-romance, which is this story so far.
A chapter 12 . 9/1/2019
This is fantastic ️️️
Hawkgir1 chapter 12 . 8/19/2019
I'm not content to wait
Goddammit :/ this was so good... Doubt you'll ever continue this but i just want you to know this is a really good fic..
xSeverusSnapesLoverx chapter 12 . 8/9/2019
I'm dying for a new chapter I stayed up all night reading this which I will regret tomorrow at work I'm sure but I couldn't stop please update soon I have to know what happens with my fave couple!
Karina Rosier Vo chapter 12 . 7/1/2019
Can you continue please! I really love it.
pro patria mori chapter 12 . 5/16/2019
Oh my...this is so good! Please don't leave them there, please come back and give us more of this great read.
Guest chapter 12 . 4/30/2019
Please, please finish this story!
josie2994 chapter 12 . 3/26/2019
This is a really good story, u write dr lecter very well, and I cant wait for another chapter
bethanydixonxx chapter 12 . 3/14/2019
Man. I shouldn’t be reading this. But I am. And is it wrong to want an update?
Please update!
Cool chapter 12 . 2/24/2019
OMG! Dying for an update! What a cliffhanger! I am so sad but excited for the update!
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