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Guest chapter 5 . 6/1
I've been following this story for literal years. I'd sign in, but I haven't since like. 2011 and I can't remember my password.

Bless you for continuing to update. This has been consistently engaging and genuinely fun to read over the years. You've created an amazing world (that I really would love to crib off of for a DnD campaign), with interesting secondary characters and just a generally neat plot. I've been reading this since I was in high school and have loved every second of it. You're such a good writer!
Terri'smind chapter 4 . 1/20
This is such an amazing fic! Thank you so much for the update.
FireSenshi2 chapter 4 . 1/20
Loved Anthony and Loki’s interactions! Very much looking forward to the next update!
Caricature of a Witch chapter 3 . 8/19/2015
Well... this story has been sleeping for a while now, I know, but... you know, but. It is a great story so far, very interesting and well written and a lovely combination of comics and mythology. (Not that I'm a great expert on either, but I've seen the movies and read a few comics and also one or two books on mythology, and I read an insane amount of fanfiction, so.)
What I mean to say is, I really like the story you started spinning here. I love the ironmonger version of Tony, and I love how you combine all the many different aspects that can be found on Loki to make him a believable character without overdoing it and seeming like you're cramming everything inside of him at any cost. Therefore, since I'd very much like to continue reading and to find out what exactly Loki has planned with Tony's heart and what happened to Tony's home and also how much trouble Loki will get into and how much trouble others will be in because of him... is there any chance that this will be continued?
Renne Michaels chapter 3 . 9/30/2014
Can't wait to see what happens next. Nice weaving of 'verses. ;D Thanks for sharing.
silverbutterfly13 chapter 3 . 9/30/2014
Oh gosh, I'm seriously so excited for the next chapter. You are such an awesome writer, I wish everyone read your works! Don't keep us waiting too long, please, I'm not sure I can stand another long haitus!
Haru Maru Stark Salvatore chapter 3 . 9/30/2014
WoW Awesome fic xD and Chapter update soon xD
wbss21 chapter 3 . 9/30/2014
Oh, I forgot to mention also how much I'm loving the build up and set up of the relationship between Loki and Odin. Another reviewer mentioned it, but that Loki seems to share a closeness to Odin here we don't typically see in the comics and films, with it being Loki who goes with Odin to Midgard, and Loki whom Odin relies upon to help him work through and untangle the complexities and complications of his visions of the future is really interesting, and makes me eager to see that relationship between them played out. Odin obviously cares a lot about Loki, and I'm sure Loki in turn actually cares a lot about Odin. Though I have to wonder what Loki's knowledge regarding Odin's "wisdom" entails. Loki has a lot of secrets, lol, and funnily enough, he doesn't reveal them even to the reader, even in his private thoughts.
wbss21 chapter 3 . 9/30/2014
Oh man, I am SO happy to see this story back and updated! I can't tell you how much I actually adore it!

Your blend of actual mythology, along with the film and comic canon is simply some of the best I've ever seen, just so seamless and natural, and in particular, you raise these characters up, specifically Loki of course, to the status of actual god, and it is just a true pleasure to read.

Particularly the beginning, with the recap of how Loki is viewed and regarded in Asgard and by the Court (which I'm guessing is going to play heavily into the rest of this story, given what Loki finds out throughout the rest of the chapter), and of course, getting to see Loki literally flying and alighting on clouds down on Midgard, and then breezing through small towns, causing mischief, as is his wont and title, lol. It just all feels so... epic, and larger than life. Loki really FEELS like a god here, and I just adore it. And you capture within his character so, so well how he's the literal embodiment of mischief and trickery. He absolutely revels in those things and concepts, and you can easily imagine him as the being who introduced such to mankind. Loki feels ancient here, as does all of Asgard and it's main citizens we encounter.

I absolutely adored the antagonistic encounter between Loki and Heimdall too, and how brilliantly you portrayed Loki's gift for subtle and clever insults. That bounced off of Heimdall's clear disdain and hatred made Loki's seemingly apathy and amusement all the funnier, and I couldn't help but laugh during the whole exchange, such as it was. I'd say Loki came out on top, haha. The same as with poor Sif, who Loki goads and courts the ire of just as much.

Though even with all of Loki's levity and sense of freewheeling and joy, you definitely get a sense of foreboding here. With Thor's obvious concern over Odin's wanting to see Loki, and Loki quickly gleaning that it's about his time on Midgard, and specifically, his deal with Tony. And then of course Hodr, and his own words of foreboding, and his warning that there's those in the court who are beginning to see Loki as more than a mere annoyance, who are beginning to truly fear him, and the warning that that leads to something decidedly more dangerous than disregard or disrespect, I find myself actually worried about Loki right now, despite his obvious godhood, and obvious power. I suppose, even if you are a god, it would take other gods to hurt you, and of course, Loki is surrounded by them, and it doesn't sound like he's all that popular to begin with.

But again, the detail in this story, the visual depth and beauty of your descriptions, your world building, the way you make Asgard as a world and a city come to life, is just spectacular. And I loved seeing Thor and Sif and Hodr here, and getting a glimpse into all of their characters. Thor was just perfectly utilized, no surprise. You can tell how much he loves Loki, but how frustrated too he is by his wild little brother, and how worried he is about him too. It's a nice blend of the movies and myth here, with Loki being a Prince and Thor's brother and Odin's son, but how he's still frowned upon by the majority of Asgard's citizens. Much like in myth, it's his association with Odin which has probably kept him from being attacked up to this point, but you can see Thor getting more and more worried that his station won't always keep him safe.

Loki of course seems unconcerned by all of it, but as we later see, that's just a mask he wears to protect himself, which is also wonderfully within character of the Loki from both the films and comics. He acts blase and apathetic, but he's really not, obviously.

I loved your portrayal of his relationship with Hodr too, the way you can see Hodr might be Loki's only, real friend outside his family in Asgard, that sort of antagonistic, but friendly antagonism between them, and the way you can see they just understand one another. Of course, it's interesting, because in mythology, Loki's the one who manipulates Hodr into murdering Baldr. Whether that has any significance to their relationship here, I don't know. I'm guessing Baldr isn't in this story, because Thor and Loki seem to be the only sons of Odin, as it is in the films. But it makes the friendship between Loki and Hodr really a cool twist.

I loved the end too, with Loki locking himself away in his chambers and our introduction to him as the god of fire as well, and his natural affinity and gift for flame. It was really clever the way Loki hid Tony's heart in a place where literally only he could retrieve it, since I'm guessing he's the only one who can actually stick his hands into flame without consequence. And also his analogy to himself as those flames, wanting to break free and expand, was great. I also get a sense of foreboding here too, with Loki trying staunchly to remind himself that he's more than just that, that he's more than just something made to destroy and consume. You get a hint of emotional depth in Loki here which isn't readily apparent on the surface. I think it's clear here that he loves Asgard and is loyal to it and his family. You worry about something happening to change that in Loki. And he seems like even he may be afraid of that.

I loved his exploration of Tony's heart, and all of the different emotions held therein. I love seeing Loki's abilities on display here, an actual, literal ability to mine the landscape of someone's heart. Again, you're reminded that Loki is an actual god here, and it's amazing.

And also seeing Loki's great intelligence on display, his ability to so accurately predict and see and understand Tony's emotions and secrets. Though whatever it is he senses at the end, that alarms him so much and makes him feel he has to return to Midgard immediately, has me on the edge of my seat and wondering, and worrying, what it is. I also wonder what Loki's true intention with taking Tony's heart was. It isn't something that obvious, or been revealed yet, clearly.

I eagerly await the next update. As always, just beautifully, brilliantly done, and I can't thank you enough for sharing!
Nyx chapter 3 . 9/29/2014
Yay! Update! I absolutely love the foundations that you're laying for this story. You're also doing a fantastic job of making this into a really well fleshed out and feasible crossover of myth, comic, and movie.
I did truly love Loki's line to Thor when he said that while Odin knew all, he was still half-blind (in my opinion, that sums him up quite well). I also adore Loki and Odin's...relationship(?) with Loki being the one to pull Odin out of his stupors (that was fantastic and of course he does his Loki-thing about it all lol). I have a lot more (good things!) to say about this chapter but it would turn into a freakishly long review then - so to summarize it: IT'S FANTASTICALLY AMAZING! also definitely willing to wait for the next :)
silver drip chapter 1 . 5/9/2014
"he did no struggle" I think you meant 'he did not struggle'.

Nice start.
Mistress Storm chapter 2 . 1/25/2014
OMG! This is a beau tiful fic you've created and I can't believe it took me such a long time to find it and read it! Please, please, please UPDATE QUICKLY!
MillyCri chapter 2 . 1/22/2014
Its a pretty interesting story you have started here!
And you have done some awesome research on north mythology, i love it
Is ranka suppose to be pepper? You got me hook! i hope to hear from this story soon so good work and good luck to you!

PS: sorry if i'm not very clear, english isn't my maternal tongue
Terri'smind chapter 2 . 11/22/2013
Very interesting. I look forward to more.
wbss21 chapter 2 . 8/24/2013
You do of course realize you're an astonishingly good writer, yes? Well, if not, I'll say it. You are an ASTONISHINGLY good writer, and this story is absolutely AMAZING!

And not least of which, I think, because of your ability to capture this old world sense and feel and scope to the entire thing. I literally feel like I've been transported to a thousand years ago, reading this thing. Everything, from the technical details of what life would have been like back then for people, to the ways of making a living, to the separation of villages, and how those without farm land made money and survived, etc... The attention to detail in this story is simply phenomenal, and feels so incredibly genuine, and makes it so genuine, and I just want to say how much I admire and appreciate the clearly monumental effort you put into creating this thing.

And, I know I've said it before, but getting to read a story this well written, which actually regards the characters of Loki, and the other Norse gods as, well, GODS, is just so awesome to me. Because that's what they are, they're pagan gods, which were worshiped and believed in as strongly as any Christian god, or Hindu god, or any other. And it's just a treat to me to get to see them represented as such here.

Tony himself here seems to have a renewed belief, and perhaps respect for the gods, while at the same time being understandably worried and wary. Indeed, what Loki took from him, while from a physical standpoint is bad enough, what that loss could potentially mean or how it could be used against Tony, would have anyone pretty freaked out, I think. And you've done a fantastic job of showing how the transaction with Loki is beginning to really ware and unravel in Tony's mind. He's definitely obsessing over it, and what could potentially come from his consorting with a trickster god. Yeah, that would have me freaked out too.

I also just love the description of what is this universes Tony's arc reactor. Instead of a piece of explainable technology, it seems to be conjured from pure magic, and Tony's unease at that, at his inability to explain or know what it is that's keeping him alive, is palpable and rings really true. I think it's a great detail, also, that he's bothered by the light it provides, because again, it goes beyond what he can explain.

Anyway though, I'm loving how clever this is in following Tony's character arc from the films, while being in a completely different setting and changing some very major things. I'm guessing Ranka is supposed to be Pepper? She feels like Pepper, with her guiding voice of reason and rationale. And Tony's affection for her certainly seems to indicate such. Either way, I really like her, and her concern for Tony feels totally genuine. I have to wonder what gossip the other people in the village are coming up with for how Tony survived his brush with death. If they knew it was Loki who had come down, they would probably all run away screaming, lol.

And again, you really get Tony's disturbed state of mind down and conveyed wonderfully, when he's traveling on the road to the trade fare. I found it particularly fascinating, how he's contemplating Loki's voice, and realizes he can't actually remember how it sounded. He has vague impressions, and has words to describe how he thinks it had sounded, but he can't actually remember. That's really unnerving, because it adds an air of otherworldly, supernatural awe to Loki, as if he didn't have enough already. But it feels like something that would happen, when a mortal was graced by the presence of an immortal, of a god, almost like it would be too much for their minds to handle if they could remember everything clearly. Just an impression on my part.

The thing with Odin's wolves has got me seriously interested too, assuming they are Odin's wolves. I would think only Odin could command them, but obviously, it's Loki who's taken a personal interest in Tony, in some way or another. But then, mythologically speaking, Loki is always presented as having Odin's ear, and being in sort of an advisory position to the king of the gods, so I'm wondering if he somehow convinced Odin to keep an eye on Tony for him, or if it's something Odin is doing himself. Guess we'll eventually find out.

I loved the descriptions of the fare, and how chaotic and noisy it was. Again, it just felt so authentic, and I had such a clear visual of it all, it was like being there.

But that brings me back to how you're keeping to Tony's character arc so well in this story, and his encounter with Oddbjorn. I'm going to guess that Oddbjorn is supposed to be Obidiah Stane? His interest in Tony's work, and his financial and political and martial power seem to parallel that character. And then there's Tony's reluctance to show Oddbjorn his best work, this vibe is danger and mistrustfulness he gets off of Oddbjorn. Plus everything he said about Tony's father, and having known him, etc... I love how that ties into Tony's burgeoning reluctance and hesitance regarding his forging of weapons, and his slow realization that what he makes ends up, in the long run, being used to kill people, and sometimes people who can't defend themselves. And Tony's growing unease with that knowledge feels really real. I have to wonder if that realization has any connection at all to Loki's having taken his heart, and if somewhere in there, Loki intended for this. Again, pure speculation, and I'm probably totally wrong, lol.

Either way, this seems like it's coming to a head for Tony. That something drastic is going to eventually happen. And with Loki's intentions still yet unknown, I'm both extremely excited and nervous to see how this develops.

But oh man, what a cliff hanger to end it on! It looks like someone or someones have sacked Tony's village, or just burned it down. Either way, I'm wondering who it could be, and why, and what Tony's going to do now. I've got a suspicion Oddbjorn has something to do with it, but again, pure speculation.

Amazingly done, as always, and I can't wait to see what happens next! Thank you again for sharing!
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