Reviews for It's been awhile
Fuji Fox chapter 1 . 3/18/2004
WAI~! THAT"S SO SAD!T_T gave me an idea...
so sad...poor Heero..
Crystal chapter 1 . 8/28/2002
This was a really great (albeit depressing) fanfic! Truly beautifully written. _ One word of advice though: You don't need the bit at the end from the others POV, it's fairly clear from Heero's. ("wooden box" after all) and it detracts from scary naivete of Heero.
chibi-akuma3 chapter 1 . 8/18/2002
*pops out of chibi neko form*


i really want to cry right now...poor hee-chan!
stylishkiller chapter 1 . 8/13/2002

Duo dead... WaaaaaHHHH...

great fic - depressing, yet great.

My friend made me read it ( she can't review coz she's anonymous ) - and now I'm all upset.

Don't you ever kill Duo again!

Loz (the friend who couldn't review): Hi, just wanted to say that this is a pretty awesome fic - depressing, but awesome. Although personally I thought that it didn't really need the last little part about Heero being in the psychiatric ward or whatever - the previous part stands alone.