Reviews for Separately Together
Errol's Feather chapter 2 . 4/16/2013
I figured she might have gone back there and would see Wilson :o) Love the interaction between the two of them and his concern for her, their conversation is also very IC :o)
House and his famous yoyo and typical way for house to get attention lol
"Don't ignore me! I promise I won't do it ever again, dear Mommy and Daddy!" Perfect just perfect. Love the tree of them in the sitting at the bistro.
House's questions for Stacey and then Wilson to the aid with they are getting divorced, cute. Nice comback of Stacy, before walking out, I can so picture House's face.
And the ending, so cute, and emotional, love it :o)
Errol's Feather chapter 1 . 4/16/2013
Awwwe poor Stacy, can so picture her in the kitchen.
I can picture him changing after he got ill, still that was going too far, and she must have been terrified at that point, good description.
Of course the feeling of home would be gone after he stepped over the line with her. Must be very unpleasent to live with him if she couldn't tell if he loves her. Poor her :o(
Good she finally got up the courage to leave him :o)
UrbanMuse chapter 2 . 3/21/2013
So my delay in reviewing this chapter stems from my rather limited experience with the show, which reared its head right after reading the first sentence. I couldn't recall who Wilson was... Oops. At first I thought perhaps I shouldn't even leave a review - how can I say something about a fic involving one of the characters I've seen so few times, I don't even remember him? But I liked the story, so I did some quick research and figured out at least who he is now. Nonetheless, I'll focus mainly on Stacy and House... Hopefully I won't make a complete fool out of myself!

I thought the fic as a whole was just really well written - the characters' personalities shown through very clearly in their thoughts, their actions, their idiosyncrasies. I especially love how you write House's dialogue. His snarky, irascible comments just ring so true to character. The same can be said for Stacy's sadness, even bitterness at being in a similar situation, yet again...

I felt rather sorry for Wilson, in his obviously difficult position as a friend to both Stacy and House. I can't imagine being stuck in between those two. It was very realistic, however, seeing him trying to figure out how to still maintain his friendship with both, while not jeopardizing his relationship with either.

Oh my, when House was sneaking around in the bushes outside the bistro, I actually thought he was about to get arrested. Loved his inability to control his...urges... when Stacy enters his mind. He just can't get enough of her, huh? A true love hate relationship?

I find all these similarities between Stacy's relationship with House so many years ago and her more recent one with Mark just fascinating. Especially the fact that everyone seems to be aware of them.

Interesting how he managed, quite unwittingly, to goad Stacy into divulging (in great detail really) the final straw that resulted in her break up with Mark. Even if she did so out of exasperation rather than a desire to actually 'share' with House.

It was fascinating to see how, once privy to Stacy's situation, House actually seemed to approach some level of civility in his interaction with her. How he listened to Wilson, at least initially, to give her some space when she walked out. How he said nothing once he 'caught' her at the elevator, showing none of his trademark cockiness one would expect under such circumstances. How he really thought about how to make her feel better, and whether it was what she wanted, needed, in that moment. And how the ending was neither planned, nor even expected. But just was.
ViolettBlack chapter 2 . 3/17/2013
Oh no! Please don't let this end here. I want to read how the story goes on, now that House and Stacy are finally together again.
UrbanMuse chapter 1 . 3/15/2013
Well, I'm not certain I'm qualified to review this, as I have to admit I'm not really a House MD fan. I've only recently seen some re-runs since discovering Sela Ward elsewhere, and I'm sure I haven't seen half of the episodes in which Stacy appears. Nonetheless, I opened the fic and began reading, and I have to say, I'm not certain my lack of intimacy with the show really mattered, as your story drew me in right from the beginning.

I liked the buildup in that first paragraph towards the revelation of exactly what had happened to Stacy. I of course knew something was wrong, but would not have guessed that was it... You did a great job with your choice of words in that initial paragraph - "at last", "her chance", "risk", "tiptoeing down the...stairs, "shakily sat down", "breathing hard", "she gasped loudly", "on the verge of crying". Nothing too intense individually, but the combination of them all together, especially when seemingly presented in increasing intensity, really put me on edge...

And the way you finally phrased it in such 'polite' terms - I find that provided so much more impact than twenty others words you could have used to describe the same thing. I also liked the subsequent contrast in Mark's harsh, near vulgar comment.

The description of Stacy's loss of any feelings of nostalgia for the 'home' she has shared with her husband for so long was nicely done. How she seemed to be living in a dream for so long, but now, in retrospect, realizes that things have not been right between them for quite sometime. Perhaps even pre-dating his illness and behavior swings.

The comparisons between Mark and Greg were intriguing - how she sees similarities, yet perhaps not so many...

I am sufficiently teased and impatiently awaiting more :)
screamo chapter 1 . 3/15/2013
Great start! I love reading stories about Stacy and House.