Reviews for Five Years
rebecca taylor chapter 8 . 10/6
jul.kucz chapter 8 . 10/4
I've stayed up all night to read this... so tired, but so worth it. You are definitely the best Starrk wrter I've found. He should've had a larger role in the series, I was so disappointed.

This is just so creatively handled, that multiple people remember the future, that there's a system for it, and how some (eg. Starrk and Lily) rebel against it while others (eg. Harribel) actively try to recreate certain events because they believe they're still worth it.

The one thing I don't get is why Starrk didn't just TELL Ukitake that it was Aizen, Gin, and Tousen. Unless he thought the Shinigami already knew Aizen's zanpakuto power, so that was enough of a descriptor? Still, it seems a bit contrived in order for the Shinigami to not immediately arrest Aizen - which, I will admit, is a logical choice to keep the story from ending in an anticlimax.

But overall, this is a really fun story. I look forward to seeing what will come next, thanks!
89ingenting chapter 8 . 9/4
Hope this story continues soon, I'm at the edge of my seat here!
MattKennedy chapter 8 . 8/22
Great story! Hope you continue it sometime, especially now that things are getting close to a climax. :)
MattKennedy chapter 1 . 8/22
Loved your prologue! Deep, but an awesome way! :D
miko-kunlol12 chapter 8 . 8/4
next chapters pleaaase
HipsterL chapter 8 . 6/7
i really do hopw that this isn't it. i would actually like to see what happens next. the entire idea and plot so far just really interests me
ravecrazeglitch chapter 8 . 5/21
ignore the mean people! they suck! this is like the fith or sixth story i've read from you and I'm loving it sooooooooooooo much.
Amyethious chapter 8 . 4/26
please continue.
Dragon Zanpakuto chapter 8 . 4/2
This is one of the best time travel stories out there, keep it going!
Moon6Shadow chapter 8 . 3/25
Really enjoying it and hoping Ichigo will see 'his ghost' soon. Perhaps he will run into Lilynette when she's exploring some time and notice her lack of chain and hollow hole and go from there since those two are never far from each other.

Also curious as to Ichigo's sword, since I'm assuming Starrk will have to return it to Ichigo at some point for him to become a shinigami or a true shinigami since he might be able to do the transformation just without the sword. Also I wonder if Starrk will change his opinions on hollows at all. Before he was taught hollows were something to be feared not individuals like humans and Starrk. Although (hollow) Zangetsu will remember the pain of the former life and have been split from his soul in solitude for a few years so that could make things interesting perhaps not in a good way. So it may take awhile for those two to come to terms with each other, not to mention Zangetsu seems to hold all the 'scary' nightmares rather than the 'good' ones.

As for the last chapter seems the stakes are really being raised and I wonder how long it takes the others to realise Orihime is in danger although perhaps after Ichigo the others may keep a closer eye on the children. I'm also curious as to whether Ichigo improved his hand to hand fighting skills or started sword fighting over the years due to his dreams. Would be interesting if he had some skills from the beginning or from before he becomes a shinigami.
WolvenWarrior65 chapter 8 . 3/9
Please don't give up on this story. I want to know what happens next. I love the twist in it and the fact that you kept Starrk alive!
WolvenWarrior65 chapter 2 . 3/8
I honestly cannot see how you are disappointed with this chapter, the character development and introduction to the plot was near-perfect. Good job.
Carlmike94 chapter 8 . 2/21
This just might be my favorite story, or one of them atlest. I'm kinda hoping for some interaction between some shinigami and Starrk, and then the took-4-captains-to-fight-him-bomb gets dropped. You really can't tell with how lazy he is, and the reactions would be amusing. Also can't wait for the next update... or the hopefully dozens more updates following ;)
Yandere Shoujo chapter 8 . 1/26
I knew I shoulda stopped reading. I hate thirsting for more when I know it'll never come. Ah well, fun while it lasted.
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