Reviews for The Ash Connection
Guitar Amateur chapter 3 . 7/7
The youngest of the water sisters, the youngest of Norman's family... if they weren't in completely different regions I'd have connected them. As is, their best connection is through Ash.
Oops, he did it again.
EllaDeWriter chapter 33 . 6/6
This story was a rollercoaster of emotions, and that's what made it fantastical. You weren't perfect, as nobody is, but your story has really been a fun ride. Thanks for sharing, and Keep Writing!
EllaDeWriter chapter 10 . 6/4
I am listening to a Sim Gretina song/remix/whatever about Mewtwo while reading this story.

Irony, folks. You gotta acknowledge it where acknowledgment is due.
currents chapter 33 . 6/2
Wow, this was just incredible. I have never read a better Pokemon fanfiction. Your character development, your plot, and your style were so excellent. I don't think I noticed a single grammar or spelling mistake. This was truly a culmination of love and labor and it really shows. You are an incredible writer and you should feel very proud of this work.
Hi chapter 20 . 4/27
Great chapter!
Guest chapter 33 . 4/23
to say your story is good would be an huge understatement. I've cleared semesters with lesser hard work than what you have put here. just, excellent. hope the writer in you lives forever.
pokemon chapter 33 . 4/13
Cool story
StormPetal chapter 33 . 4/4
I have got to say that this is one of my favourite Pokemon fan fictions on this site, definitely in my top 5.
Brilliantly written and I love the way you have portrayed the characters and their eventual friendship.
I also love the ending! A perfect way to finish an amazing story.
I look forward to reading more from you in the future.
VikkiAMML chapter 33 . 2/27
Flik98 chapter 33 . 2/27
Enjoyed every second of this story and cant wait to read the sequel! X3
nick chapter 1 . 2/25
Here are my 5 questions. 1. Was there more to the plot, besides the summary? 2. What locations were used in the fanfic? Be specific. 3. Could you be specific on when the fanfic took place? 4. How old was everyone that was in the fanfic? 5. What Pokémon were owned by the main anime characters in the fanfic? Be sure to let me know.

handymanshipper chapter 29 . 2/14
I hate you ok nof totally but I enjoyed most kf your story till chapter 29. Just like Ash's pikachu and Dawn's piplup Misty's psyduck doesn't want to evolve. I don't buy those three pokémon evolving i would buy made up pachirisu evolution before believing those three evolved. I am awake at midnight because of your story save for hr at grocery store and dinner break i have been reading this story all day.
handymanshipper chapter 21 . 2/14
I just want to thank you for nkt makimg Maylynee and Daisy complete morons far to many ppl are compelled to write them that way. While neither are huge deal in the show they aren't idiots. Maybe nog smartest women but far from the dumbest either. I appreciate you writting them as much in character as possible given the little character they where given.
handymanshipper chapter 7 . 2/14
Ignores Giovanni being Ash's father as I know he isn't. And their was no need for thay Giovanni thinking Ash is hcosen ome and figuring out the team dynamic is enough. I don't understand why it is in their but I am enjoying tje res of the story.
handymanshipper chapter 4 . 2/14
Knows Drew and Iris brains are on right track wround ch 4. Their hunch makes more sense. Ppl like a Drew and Daisy and the like would be happy coincidence. Where as ppl like Misty,May and Max are being specifically attacked. Just note about an earlier chapter it isn't compliant it would have been cool if Daisy's bedroom was next to Misty's. Just an interesting detail just like if May's bedroom was next Max's bedroom. Thusfar enkoimg this long story.
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