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That One Bright Star chapter 8 . 10/16/2013
"You know, there's a part of me that kind of feels bad for Drew," Gary grumbled in low voice.

"Rival-zoned," Kenny stated, folding his arms and nodding. His tone made it sound like he was mourning.

"The worst kind of zoning there is," Barry added.

Lol Gold! Hilarious! I feel bad for Drew too
Pyrrhos N.D chapter 32 . 10/16/2013
This is an A-MAZING story. Out of all the stories that I've read on this site, this is in my top 2 favorite! The plot was extremely well done, and the battle scenes were great as well! Cant wait for the last chapter! Keep on writing!
SleepyReaderIsMe chapter 17 . 10/16/2013
Loving it so far! chapter 7 . 10/14/2013
Adrienne Dark chapter 32 . 10/13/2013
Oh... my... Arceus... That was AMAZING! This is hand down THE BEST Pokémon story I've ever read! This truly is for those who still believe in Ash! I can't wait for the last chapter!
cari chapter 32 . 10/13/2013
thank you, for writting a story where every character is relevant, you kept the cannon as best as you could, the story is interesting, and i can not wait for the epilogue :)
windwarrior234 chapter 32 . 10/12/2013
Allow me to start by saying my sole regret about reading this story is that I haven't found it sooner. This has been, without a doubt, one of the most compelling, mind-blowing, emotional fanfictions - and works of literature in general - that I have ever read. Gosh, I'm not even sure where to -begin- with this I suppose I'll just go with whatever comes to mind!

A lot of people like to pretend that Black and White doesn't exist because it was so ungodly terrible, but didn't do that. And I applaud you for it. You shouldn't ignore the things you don't like, and you definitely made this incredibly epic. If this were the anime, I would be watching it every single day. You did bring in a rather larger cast of main characters, some of whom I was actually unfamiliar with since I hadn't watched the anime in ages, but you did an excellent job of giving each of them good characterization. Sure, some of them weren't -quite- as involved in events as others were, but that's a natural consequence of these types of stories. Like Misty pointed out back on the train, everyone has a part to play. Even relatively minor people like Bianca, Luke and their group helped, so it was really awesome to see things play out.

The group dynamics for the major cast was, at first, really shaky. There was a lot of stress, jumping down each other's throats, egos clashing and some people just trying to keep the peace. But considering the ages and personalities, that's honestly not very surprising. They're a group of young hormonal teenagers taking on an extremely difficult, potentially life-threatening, situation. There's controversy beyond compare and conflicting opinions and views (some of which surprised me, like Trip initially believing Ash to be the Chosen One). All of it is insanely realistic and people's faults are really touched upon as well as their virtues. While people didn't undergo -massive- personality changes like some people might expect, considering that it was only two months and a lot of people's problems have been years in the making, it's really gonna take some time for things to really come to rest. But you've made it clear that everyone is on the road to recovery, so things should work out just fine, I'm sure. The epilogue should let us know how everything ended up.

Now, onto the G-Men...I'm honestly not sure what to think about them. You've really blurred the lines between good and evil here. The plot point that the G-Men and Team Rocket are fundamentally the same was definitely made very clear, especially with Leaf's breakdown in the last chapter. Of course one group was looking to save the world and the other to take it over, but all the scenes with Lance, Cynthia and the Champions made it clear that they're...not the best people for the job. They're skilled, yes, but if things went the way they had originally planned, then Giovanni would have succeeded. Not to mention they all have personal conflicts with each other and can't seem to agree on anything. I have to admit...I honestly sort of disliked Lance a little in this story. I found him to be a very prideful man who wanted things to go his way or the highway. Though I will admit that he doesn't deny those facts and at least he admits that things are screwed up and need to change. He just knows it's not going to happen while he's in power. The politics of the world really are messed up, and it's not something you expect in a fandom as tame as Pokemon, but your realistic approach and just -how- you pulled it off makes it quite the page-turner. There were a lot of very intelligent, powerful people at play here and it was obvious that each move on everyone's part was well thought-out, for good or for ill.

Now for the villain...Team Rocket and Giovanni. When Delia revealed that Giovanni was Ash's father, I figured it made sense. That idea, by itself, isn't unheard of by any means. Though you did throw me for a loop when you made Ash and Silver half-brothers. I have to admit, didn't see that coming. Giovanni, though...He made a very good villain in this story. He was confident, he made some very powerful moves...He captured Mewtwo, Moltres -and- Kyurem and nearly succeeded in causing a second ice age. But you did something with him that I think a lot of people fail to do with villains - you made him vulnerable. Giovanni was completely and utterly -fooled- by the G-Men and the death ploy. He believed it just like everyone else and it made him arrogant. It was very satisfying when he was taken down...and the expression on his face when he realized that he may have caused his own son's death was priceless. For the most part, he fits the bill of a sociopath. Whether he truly does care about his sons remains to be seen...and just how he came to know the legend of the Chosen One -and- believe Ash really was the Chosen One are mysteries as well. If I may make a recommendation, you should reveal that in the epilogue. It would tie everything together very nicely, I would think.

Speaking of the Chosen One...I have to mention Ash himself in this review. He's the main hero of the whole thing, but for a good portion of the story, he really did play something of a backseat role. And I love how that all worked out. The ultimate culmination of Ash's doubts and insecurities on the Ampharos Train was, in my opinion, the best scene in the entire story. Misty's following monologue that helped Ash regain his confidence was also part of this, as she -really- demonstrated just why she is pretty much his best friend. A lot of people portray Ash as dim-witted, impulsive, loud-mouthed and just an overall nuisance. You didn't do that, though. made it clear that Ash wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but Ash wasn't -dumb-. He had many moments of insight and ingenuity that portrayed him with a certain degree of intelligence. Something you capitalized on with Ash - and the entire point of this story I believe - is the fact that Ash, by himself, doesn't fair well. When he internalizes things, tries to cope by himself, he -can't-. He is a socially strong person and his emotional and mental states are very heavily influenced by his friends and family. He is only strong because he has people watching his back; his friends are his motivation, his strength and his reward for his deeds. Giovanni was smart to target his friends at first, since that would be an effective way to cripple him. Ash is naive, but compassionate. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of love and mercy that boy has in his heart and it really showed in this story. A lot of people make the mistake of portraying Ash as selfish, but that is -far- from the truth. He's dense, yes, but almost -every single episode- of the anime involves him going out of his way to help someone - mostly people he's known for less than a day - with some kind of problem they're facing. That is definitely not being selfish. That is selflessness epitomized.

A major point you've made about Ash's character in this story was the Chosen One prophecy way back from the Pokemon 2000 movie. Personally that's one of my favorites, and there's been plenty of fanfictions that, like this one, use the idea that Ash is the Chosen One. But (like always) you added a totally different spin on it. You put -doubts- into it. From the very start, people weren't sure what to believe. Even -Ash- doubted he was the Chosen One at one point. The only person who's been convinced from the very beginning was Misty, and her passion about it was very obvious. Her confidence in Ash is unwavering and I think a lot of people forget that about her. They portray her as temperamental, rude, bossy and a general witch. And while she -does- have a temper at times, she is beyond loyal to Ash, and you really brought that home in this fic. That's a bit off topic, though...Even now, with only the epilogue left, we're left waiting on the edges of our seats to find out the truth - is Ash -really- the Chosen One? I think that's one of, if not -the-, major question left in this story. If you want my opinion, I believe that he is the Chosen One...but not in the traditional sense. He's special, very special, and fate has put him into a lot of incredible situations. A normal person definitely wouldn't have gone through all of that. Like Misty said, things happen for a reason. Ash was put into those situations because he could handle it. He wasn't picked because he's some kind of holy hero or celestial savior from the world beyond; he was picked because he, by himself, is special. He's the Chosen One simply because he can and -will- do it, even if he doesn't want to. It goes back to Ash's compassion and his love for his friends and just life in general. Honestly...I think you've portrayed Ash to be the ideal hero. He's not super powerful, or invincible and things aren't handed to him on a silver platter. A lot of the time he doesn't get any reward other than a thank you. But he -is- compassionate. He's merciful. He's not overly proud of himself, but he's usually confident enough to get things done. He doesn't act out of a sense of duty or responsibility, or even because he really -wants- to. He does it because he loves people and Pokemon and he knows its right to defend them. Ash is simple. He's meek, eager, always up the challenge...and if he falls down, his friends will pick him right back up. If that's how you were trying to portray Ash...then congratulations, because you did it. I saw at the start of your story that this fic was for the people who still believed in Ash, and I have to say, you really delivered.

This fiction has really inspired me to try and start one of my own. I've been wanting to do something similar for awhile now, but the way you've done this is just so beautifully masterfully done, I think you've really helped put some things into perspective for me. Of course I -really- don't want to end up accidentally copying ideas from your story, s
Ready to fly chapter 32 . 10/11/2013
Noooo the story is almost done T-T
I don't want it to end I love it ! Great new chapter as always every puzzle piece is finally fitting together :) in the end we will all be speechless I bet , in a good way of course;)
Lousylark chapter 32 . 10/11/2013
I could go on and on about how I couldn't tear my eyes off of this story for about forty-eight hours, but I will spare you the details. Let me just say this: this was, by far, the best fanfiction I have ever read. Ever. The way it was composed, the characterization, the plot...Thank you so much for this amazing read. I mean, gah. It was just incredible. Buy yourself a really good candy bar or something because I can't do it for you. xD
Silver Shihouin chapter 32 . 10/10/2013
love it
love it
love it
cutiepiepo2 chapter 32 . 10/7/2013
OMG THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SHIPS ALL FLIPPING OVER OHMERGERD! GOD I think this was one of my favorite chapters overall and I'm so happy ash is awake and everyones happy and i loved that leafgreenshipping moment with leaf and gary ,but but what i would've wish for was more character development for leaf like instead of being all shy and all i would've preferred if she contributed with the group more like instead of being always by lance's side she should like develop a relationship with the guys and girls to make a sisterly and brotherly bond with them because thats like how i would see her in the anime and overall ,but thats my personal opinion but you still did a great job because its hard to portray someone that wasn't in the anime (unfortunately )but also i don't really like how they ended up kissing sure it was cute but i would've liked if i was more planned out you know ,not like it wasn't planned out it just seemed a little rushed, but overall i love it and i love you and just keep doing what your doing because your amazing and are a great writer and i wouldn't be surprised if you became an author so keep it up and can't wait for the epilogue .
Momoko chapter 32 . 10/6/2013
This fanfic has been truly amazing! You are a magnificent writer and you should take pride in these lovely stories that you write.

A long time ago I found your seven kisses fanfic just by chance and I loved how you portrayed the characters, but I have to admit...I was a bit worried when I saw that you were writing a long fanfic...mostly because I tend to end up reading long pokemon fanfics that are mediocre at best, but now I have no doubt that you are more than capable of writing one!

My only critic is that I feel that the conclusion could have been even more climactic... I really enjoyed when the gang invaded the rocket base, and I was looking for more of that adrenaline in the last couple of chapters...especially with Ash, but I understand that you have been very busy and its understandable. Nevertheless, you did an excellent job juggling you enormous cast! Great Job!

So thank you for writing this! Thank you for not only entertaining all of us readers, but I have to extend a more personal thanks, because I found this fanfic in a period of stressful transition in my life, and this fanfic in some weird way, helped me make the transition smoother. I really will be a little sad to see this fanfic end, but I look forward to the epilogue and any future fanfics you have in store :)

P.S. a little selfish request that will totally fine if you don't do this...but in the epilogue...I would love it to be everyone at Maylene and Reggie's wedding...something not too far into the future...and maybe some Cilan and Iris moments...?
P.S.S. The Ash and Drew Scene... PURE GOLD!

Fprmr1 chapter 32 . 10/5/2013
You are freaking amazing LU.

I really like that you connected it all back to the sly fox you...

I cannot cannot cannot wait for the epilogue! I wanna see all of the couples together!

Oh my gosh this is just...I can't even xD

You are an AMAZING author (aside from the very rare typos) . I am just completely amazed.
KYNC2012 chapter 32 . 10/5/2013
I always read fanfiction on my Ipod, and I never log in or leave a review. But I had to make an exception today. This story was just so... perfect basically that I had to figure out my password and log-in. I just want to say thanks for making this, it definitely goes to the top of my all time list of favorites. You did such a great of job of getting the reader emotionally in sync with the characters, giving a good visual picture and just sucking us into the world that you created. You wrapped it up beautifully today, and I can only imagine that the epilogue will bring it together even more. I would love for this to be the ending movie to the pokemon series, but I don't see pokemon ending anytime soon; they will drag it out as long as they can. Thats irrevalent though, so once again I say thank you, and I can't wait to read your works in the future.
videogamenerd101 chapter 32 . 10/4/2013
[Today, Dawn was wearing a touch of make-up for the first time in two months, and her pristine blue hair fell over her shoulders in purposeful, though very gentle curls.] Don't hyphenate "makeup".

[Kenny expression deadpanned, realizing she was being serious.] "Kenny" should be "Kenny's".

[It was then the bathroom door opened, and Paul sauntered out in a fresh pair of jeans and an undershirt, a white towel hang around his neck.] "hang" should be "hung".

[One of the room's down the hallway opened, and May stumbled out, yawning.] "room's" should be "rooms".

[In the meantime, one of the G-Men agent's from the Sinnoh division brought Emily into the center through the back.] "agent's" should be "agents".

[Drew wasn't sure how to answer; this was the last conversation he would ever expected to hold with the trainer from Pallet.] This should be "...would have ever expected..."

[He trailed off, recalling the way he had spoke with her that morning.] "spoke" should be "spoken".

[Yet, as a result, asking for her honest opinion was like asking for her throw those pieces she had collected straight at their chest.] This should be "...her to throw those..."

[It was a relief to hear was all right; he always had been healthy and fit for his age, anyway.] This should be "...hear he was..."

[She was glad they were being friendly, but her anxiety had built to such that she could hardly stand the small chit-chat.] Don't hyphenate "chitchat".

[He figure that probably wasn't a great idea, though, with two dozen cameras in their faces.] "figure" should be "figured".

[She placed Pikachu, who she was carrying, on her shoulder before pressing the face of her son into her side.] "who" should be "whom".

I knew Dawn's note was about the kiss they had after Paul got poisoned. I had a feeling that the both of them having possible feelings for each other was going to come up and I'm actually glad they didn't straight-out confessed to each other because I think your approach made the Ikarishipping seem more realistic, BUT THEIR KISS. ERMAHGERD. That just totally put the cherry on top. :D

Ah, I see. I can understand why Silver would be embarrassed to be around Ash and Leaf and the others and deal with everything that had happened. Silver's encounter with Mewtwo come off as a huge surprise for me, really. I'm crossing my fingers that Mewtwo's words will encourage Silver to go back to Opelucid City and reunite with the others.

I'm glad everything is getting better for Paul and his family. Everything they had been through definitely seemed to have healed all the scars left from what happened eight years ago.

I like Ash and Drew's conversation and how Ash helped Drew out regarding his father and all. I can understand Drew's concerns and why he'd want to go to Ash of all people. I really hope Drew does forgive Chris for all that happened and we find out the complete story behind Chris funding Project Legendary. I wonder what that thing Drew has to fix is, though. But Solidad wants to talk guardianship of Drew? That's definitely interesting. :o

Aw, Ash's kisses was really cute! And I don't think I'll ever get over the whole eros thing; it's hilarious. But I'm glad Ash and Misty are together (at least, I think they are).

And the Leafgreenshipping! Omfg this chapter is just full of adorable shippy moments. :3

The ending was just perfection. It had that feeling of amazingness that so many movies and books seem to be able to execute so perfectly, and you did it just as well. Wonderful job.

Can't wait for the epilogue! This story really is coming to a close... I can't believe it.
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