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ForSaleBabyShoesNeverWorn chapter 32 . 10/4/2013
I came for the shipping, stayed for the plot. You are truly an exceptional writer.
I must compliment your ability to handle such a wide and varied range of characters though I did feel that Ash got very little screentime as was his due as the protagonist.
Eagerly awaiting the epilogue. Hope you don't disappoint.
KHLegacy chapter 32 . 10/4/2013
I loved how you did that at the end and Ash's conversation with Drew about how Ash really wanted to waste power on a question like that ha ha good chapter!
avengeme chapter 32 . 10/4/2013
give ash a championship like maybe divide kanto and johto into having seperate champions instead of sharing one. ash deserves a championship after all of this
PinkCamellia chapter 14 . 10/3/2013
I'm not going to lie- I grin stupidly big at the screen when there's even the slightest hint of Pokeshipping and Contestshipping in this story!:)

I think both Barry and Harley are absolutely priceless!

I also really love the thought and insight you put into Drew's backstory - so many things in this story just come full circle! I love it!

Really great job with the battle between Leaf and Paul. I definitely thought Paul would be the one to emerge victorious... But Iove how everything panned out... And, Leaf. I love her. She's so cool and classy!
PinkCamellia chapter 13 . 10/3/2013
I absolutely adored this collection of vignettes! So sweet and happy yet sad at the same time. I love that Leaf tried to give the kids a nice New Year celebration, the proposal and the Pokeshipping at the end.

I feel really bittersweet about what Max said about going to the Johto region, saving Clair for last and seeing his sister as a victory prize... I just wanted to hug that little guy and never let go!

And all the other family/friend reactions... Candice, Cress and Chili, Lily... Just... :(

But overall, beautiful job Lu!
PinkCamellia chapter 12 . 10/3/2013
I think all your chapters are really awesome in terms of pacing and plot development! So much happens in one chapter, I really have to pay attention!

I love how cute Iris was in the first scene. While Ritchie doesn't have the biggest role, I love the part that he does play. "Ash is unobservant with Misty." And him talking to Paul about Dawn and then Kenny. I love that guy.

The Contestshipping was adorable as always, and I love that you gave Paul and Reggie such a great backstory! And Cynthia spilling the beans to Trip's mom... And revealing her pregnancy! That was really great.
PinkCamellia chapter 11 . 10/2/2013
Gary... He's just so perfect I can barely stand it. He definitely called it on watching the press conference though!

I thought it was very sensitive of Daisy to want to give the news to Lily and Violet in person. I love that Tracey is going with her and how much he supports her!

Poor Wallace and Steven. I wouldn't want either of their jobs!

I think everyone's reaction to the press conference - the families and each of the "dead" kids were really spot on! Cress, Chili, Candace... I really felt for them. Same for the kids. Though I'm glad they had each other to lean on.

I could feel the tension that started with the fighting about who got to carry Dawn. I loved that Iris got to put her talents to use and helped heal her. I'm glad the tension was defused a bit with all the teasing about Ash being such a kid... And I also loved Zoey, Dawn and Kenny fangirling over May and Drew. Too cute!
PinkCamellia chapter 10 . 10/2/2013
Oh, Paul. I just can't help but love him even though he's horrible to everyone. I do love how you've developed him though - wanting to be there for Reggie and Maylene's wedding... Aww.

Gary... I think you can some him up in one word and that word is brilliant.

The goodbye scene between May and her family was my favorite of the chapter. I love that May sees it as an adventure and emphasizes that she will see them all again. I also especially Norman telling Drew to keep an eye on his little girl. Almost like he was giving approval for her hand in marriage;)

The after scene between the parents wanting to get drunk and the Lance-Cynthia scene was quite tense. And the bus destroying... Wow.
PinkCamellia chapter 9 . 10/2/2013
Lu, I think you crippled me emotionally with this chapter. Seriously. My heart hurt a lot while reading this one. It was just so... Heavy but oddly beautiful at the same time. You captured the tone and angst perfectly! I loved how you developed the plot and the characters relationships with each other. And the little humorous parts were nice too.

For the 3 characters that are staying behind... I think you justified their reasoning for doing so very well. Max is the youngest and definitely an easy target. Tracey I think is needed elsewhere. And Brock... Just. Wow. I could feel how torn up he was about the decision! I'm glad he is staying with his family though. They definitely need him.

I loved the minor Pokeshipping. It was very sweet. And I love Ritchie for giving them a bit of time alone. Paul calling May "June" made me laugh.

I really loved the conversation between Daisy and Misty. Their relationship is probably one of my favorites in the anime and I wish it was further developed. I liked the reasoning and comparison Misty used to convince her sister. The whole "I'd do anything for Ash" was sweet. And Misty's dying wish... I probably shouldn't have found it funny, but I did.

Gary is awesome and I love all his foreshadowing.

I also really adored the scene between Iris and Cilan in the tree. Really amazing chapter!
PinkCamellia chapter 8 . 10/1/2013
The first scene with Delia and baby Ash was so sweet. I've always been a bit disappointed with the anime for not giving Delia a lot of spotlight since she's so important to Ash... But I'm glad you're giving your own interpretation! You've written her guilt well. And the irony of Giovonni going after his own son... Just wow.

I really enjoyed how you had Dawn explain her idea about her "dad fantasy" and how Ash was probably the same. It was really well written! I also love the input that Drew and Paul gave about their own dads - great foreshadowing!

Drew electing Misty to go talk to Ash and all the teasing that came after was priceless! My favorite line of the entire chapter was "Mew bless your soul, Misty." And everything that followed about Ash's denseness! Of course Misty being sneaky and turning everything around at Drew was pretty great! And May's cluelessness was just adorable!

The entire Ash-Misty talk was fantastic! I loved the entire scene, especially the "through hell or high water" comment.

And then the nightmare and Giovonni knowing where everyone is! I admit, I definitely didn't think you were going with a huge fake death for all the characters! I thought you were going to split everyone up and send them all into hiding with various G-men! I do love the bus crash idea though. So much plot potential!
PinkCamellia chapter 7 . 10/1/2013
I loved the backstory you gave us with Cynthia and Steven! And right before we found out she was pregnant! *clutches heart*

I love that you emphasize that whether or not the characters believe Ash is the chosen one. It really is important for how the plot proceeds!

I really commend you on your characterization! Everyone is so in character and how you have them interact with each other is prefect!

The scene with all the girls and guys in one room after Ash's nightmare was awesome! Really fun!

I loved Iris fangirling over Lance. It was cute!

The Handyman flirting was adorable and Gary is too perfect for words.

The realization that the armoured Pokemon is Mewtwo was perfect! The "What's a Mewtwo?" question made me laugh!

And the ending with Delia revealing Giovonni is Ash's father... Talk about drama!
PinkCamellia chapter 6 . 10/1/2013
Once again. A lot of great things about this chapter.

Paul is perfect and all the Sinnoh crew's reactions to him were so spot on. Even when he's nice he's still so mean!

I enjoyed reading the scene between Ash and May before the Sinnoh group arrived. And I really love the thought of Delia, Caroline and Johanna being friends and cooking together! It's really cute!

And yay! Finally the complete gathering of Team Ash! I thought the scene between Trip and his parents was very emotional and spot on! I do kind of wish that you had written all the characters introducing themselves in the big group! I think that would have been really fun to read. I also loved May's comment about Gary being more cynical than Drew! I thought it was really funny.

Finally, Leaf is badass and I totally love her! I do wish all the characters were a bit older than you've written them- it just hurts my fangirl heart that they've all experienced so much hurt and they're so young! Overall fantastic job!
funstt chapter 31 . 10/1/2013
This story is amazing. I've been happy and sad and on the edge of my seat then next minute I'd be laughing again. You've done a phenomenal job, can't wait for the next chapter and epilogue.
Ryan Moon chapter 31 . 9/30/2013
Seriously you are an awesome writer and i love your portrayal of characters you mix everything just right.
PinkCamellia chapter 5 . 9/29/2013
The scene at the beginning with Mewtwo was really well written. The poor guy, Giovonni just won't stop come after him, will he?

The Ash-May friendship hug was cute! I love how Drew reacted to it, and I love his conversation with Misty. "Ash doesn't even know what a boyfriend is" - that was priceless! I do like that Misty understands what May sees in Drew:)

I also think the Mewtwo attack on Dawn and her group of coordinators was well written! I knew everyone couldn't escape without a scratch - poor Dawn! But I'm excited to see all the characters together!
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