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Pixiepaws1 chapter 40 . 7/15/2020
I thought I knew this story... thought I knew what I would read when I clicked the link. I was so, so, SO wrong. This was not the story I was looking for, but OH, what a joy I found. This is an extraordinary work. Intricately plotted with a cheeky nod to canon. Wondrous beautifully woven language and gorgeous imagery... even the angst is exquisitely worded.

Completely helpless to set it aside, I was riveted from chapter one and have eagerly gobbled up all 40 chapters in one day.

I know you have not completed the sequel, and you will get no pushing or shoving from me to finish (I well know how hard it is to finish a story); however, I am off to read what you have done, and enjoy it for what you have shared with us.
Thank you for putting this gift up for us to enjoy.
Big HUGS...
Jennifer Weed chapter 40 . 5/26/2019
What an incredible story! Well done!
4FIVE chapter 25 . 10/30/2018
I should not type reviews in my phone. Consider this a continuation of my previous review.

... You have a nice mixture of dialogues, descriptions and action that serve the plot well and keeps the reader entertained. As I am no native speaker I do not really fit to judge your choice of words and your grammar but every sentence feels developed and meaningful.

As for the characters, I like Emma. I don't see her as a strong female lead and without Killian she would be far less interesting, but she is somewhat relatable and I appreciate her toughness. In your story, Killian is a way stronger character than her in terms of his motives, ambitions and his intensity. I am not sure whether this was intended, however, I enjoy it all the same. The two of them make a strong couple and keep the plot going.
The other characters are also well written, especially Wendy, yet they do not take much screen- or pagetime to really care about them. This is fine by me as I am only here for Captain S the story I actually struggle with the way to comment on it. Overall, I find it great. You take the time to develop the plot and invest a lot of chapters to build up this alternative universe. I salute your motivation and endurance to build this world and it's characters. Besides Emma's and Killians sex scene(s) in the hotel which seemed to me to come out of nowhere (the tension was building up over years, but this was just a bit too much and many for these circumstances), no element feels rushed or disregarded. And since I am reading the story in bits and pieces here and there, I really feel all those years that pass for Emma.
Despite my criticism of Emma's and Killians hotel room encounters, I like what has come out of itat this point I presume David is Killian's son. I did not think that I could be okay with Henry being replaced but you have build it up so well and sensible that I actually love it. I now expect a lot from this!

With that, thank you for providing this story and I am eager to continue!
4FIVE chapter 25 . 10/30/2018
I usually comment at the end of a story but this one is quite large in terms of twists, turns and subplots that I wanted to take the time and comment in between.

I have been reading your fiction for the past several weeks on my train to work and back and, honestly, it's a shame that I don't have enough time to read it in one go.

First of all, your a writing style is very pleasant to read.
cesuraee chapter 40 . 3/10/2018
I may have read this all in one sitting, and I also may be a bit obsessed with it. There were a few things in this story that I guessed at early on, like the curse being real and Pan being Henry, but that didn't make the reveal any less spectacular. You did so well crafting this universe that I absolutely could not pull myself away.

The very first interaction between Emma and Killian was incredible. It was like I could feel the tension from the get go, and it only seemed to build from there. Seriously, the description of their first kiss nearly killed me, but in the best of way. They were both trying to deny their attractions for different reasons but obviously that wasn't working for them.

I very much enjoyed the idea of only people who had been to Storybrooke being able to find it. It was a nice detail that really sold the curse angle of the story. It also helped to seal Regina's place in the whole thing.

The whole amnesia part of the story was done so well. There were points where I began go question whether or not Emma Nolan had existed. That was so powerful, and it really lead into the next meeting with Killian and Emma.

Every part of this story seemed so fleshed out, and there weren't any time skips that left my confused. I was very intrigued from the beginning, and that intrigue only continued to build as I kept reading. I absolutely love that Killian and Emma had a son together, and when the curse was finally broke I felt as though my heart could burst by the end.

And what an end it was. Just as I felt a resolution was reached you threw out a curveball that made me craving more from this universe.

You created a world that you should definitely be proud over, and I can't wait to see where Emma and Killian end up next.

Thank you so much for sharing, and I can't wait to read more of your work!
wrongwayco chapter 40 . 3/7/2018
So I read this story awhile ago and saved it, but after writing something myself and realizing how stupidly excited I got over the littlest comment, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED your story. The twist on the original curse is so clever and I loved every minute of Emma and Killian's love story. Awesome and thank you for sharing your writing with us!
abeylin1982 chapter 39 . 6/1/2017
Beautiful ending! Knowing where this goes, I'm hesitant to reread the epilogue (Scarlet is so fantastic, would still love to see it continue!)...but this really is such a beautifully done story! I love all the various acts of it, how it starts with the idea of Professor Killian Jones and young college student Emma Nolan, and just continues to unfold into this epic story that weaves in and deals with canon elements far better than the show ever had. My only complaint is that it ends with the end of the adventure, and there isn't too much domestic fluff to round out the "happily ever after." The way these characters are written for this story, I want to see more of them, this universe is just so fantastic I want to see their story continue! As always, thank you for the fantastic read, I love your work and can't wait to start the sequel to The Dark Horizon! :)
abeylin1982 chapter 38 . 6/1/2017
Ahhh! Each of your chapters always end with such amazing cliffhangers! Once again, loving the reference to canon elements with how Emma is remembering Charming and the Enchanted Forest, her old life and when it transitioned. So brilliantly woven together, and that scene with Killian and David, so heart-wrenching! This is probably one of my favorite AU stories with how it weaves in and out of canon while maintaining such an original story. Thank you again for sharing this amazing story!
abeylin1982 chapter 37 . 5/31/2017
Finally circling back to my latest reread of this fic as well, and as usual so bloody amazing! I love all the nods to canon elements and the movie Hook, everything continues to weave together so brilliantly, I just love this story! Thank you again for creating and sharing such an incredible piece!
PastOneonta chapter 40 . 4/24/2017
A happy-ever-after with Killian working as professor, Emma and Killan expecting a baby girl and David in school. Lovely, happy, the life they worked for and never thought they would achieve. Who is this Henry? Working for Pan? Looking forward to the rest. Thank you for this incredible fascinating well crafted tale. I appreciate your sharing it with us in fanfic.
PastOneonta chapter 39 . 4/24/2017
You write with such creativity in designing the goals of the villains, Cora, Mordred, Rumple, around the uses of the magic of Neverland. The magic of Neverland had been sought for different purposes. With Emma as the catalyst for each side. Ultimately Emma acted for herself, as herself, believing that there was a child Henry who she loved and who wouldn't want to hurt her. That belief and love saved her, saved Neverland, saved all the future victims of dark magic if Emma had acted differently. So incredibly fascinating and complex and entertaining!

I was glad Wendy was able to explain this to Emma and to Neal before she passed. Neal clearly cared for her. Hopefully Wendy helped him to understand why things happened.

David is saved by Tink, who is another great character in your writing, and Emma's kiss. That was wonderful, and fitting and we are all grateful for David. It would have been too tragic to lose him.

Emma tells Neal how she feels and there is closure. She is not going to let it hurt her any more.

The depiction of the Jolly Roger and its magic is lovely. More than ship, it was companion and home to Killian for years. True love's kiss shows the way to Storybrooke and the curse is broken. That was beautifully written. The sky is changing, everyone is crying and Emma is home.
PastOneonta chapter 38 . 4/24/2017
How can this be? Emma has been stabbed by Henry / Pan. David has been taken by the mermaids because his father reneged on a deal. This is terrible!

Rumple is fantastically evil, despicable in his selfishness and zeal for power and happiness in other's pain. He deliberately interrupted Emma's kiss of forgiveness to Killian, what I think would have been True Love's kiss. I appreciate that Neal may have saved Killian from his father. Neal is a bit unlikeable, I am probably predisposed to dislike him because of what he did to Emma. But he has a position against magic that suits him and sustains him. He has seen his father do horrendous things and wants no part of it. For that we can respect him. If only he could get his father to listen to him more consistently!

Emma survives and remembers everything. That alone is so painful. All the memories of hung Emma, parents, happiness.

Is the curse broken in Storybrooke? Is it truly too late for David? Who can save him now?
PastOneonta chapter 36 . 4/24/2017
Gold jumped into the portal! I didn't expect that. At all. But he did have his magic and he had shielded Storybrooke so he is going to retrieve Baelfire on his own. I wonder if this Baelfire will want to be retrieved.

Fantastic writing of the dragon fight. It was dark and without level ground and Emma was inexperienced in sword fighting but she had the skill when it was most desperately needed. Great writing, the kind of scene where you hold your breath and hope the heroes aren't too badly banged up if they win. Killian is hurt and they must be exhausted. Emma realizes Killian is going back to the place where he lost his hand, to where he lived without hope for a very long time. I'm glad she acknowledged the distress of his life and how it shaped him and yet he is a good person.

There is a brief break as they sail to London on the Jolly Roger (very clever) and in that break they commit their love to one another. Emma is wearing one of Killian's rings. This has to make the curse weaker, or them both safer. This is true love! We will see what that means. They have to get to David. What is Neverland going to do to them?
PastOneonta chapter 35 . 4/24/2017
Gold was excellent. He conveys hatred and disinterest simultaneously. It's amazing! You have done great work presenting him in this story.

I thought Emma and Killian's reunion on the road outside Storybrooke was very good. She knew he was returning even when she wasn't sure she could trust him. She does trust him now, and she is opening up her heart and mind to the hope that someone won't abandon her. Maybe for the first time someone comes back for her, and that someone is Killian.

David and MM are great. They are still cursed but true to the way we know them, strong, consistent, positive people.

Emma and Killian are headed to fight the monster underneath the library, to retrieve something for Gold so he will help them get to Neverland. How are they stopping Cora and Home Office? Can swords and a hook defeat a dragon?
PastOneonta chapter 34 . 4/24/2017
I was shouting at Emma not to take the elevator into the underground, that it was a trap. She knew something wasn't right but she believed Greg and wanted to save Lacey. At least we could be grateful that Emma was with Graham. Until Regina ended Graham. In that dungeon and in her isolation in the dark Graham's death is so much worse for Emma. Panic would set in quickly for most people, but this is Emma and hopefully she is strong enough to wait for rescue or find another way out.

Killian's frustrations and then his fear are powerful. I got frustrated with David too as David tried to figure what the heck Killian was talking about and Killian was just trying to get the hell out of the apartment. Different sets of memories makes every interaction more difficult!

Killian arrives at the right place, thanks to some brilliant reasoning, but he cannot save David from Neverland. He can't save Neal either, and has to see first hand how much Neal despises him. Awful. Gained a son and lost him. Who can he trust? How can he get to David? Does Neal wind up in Neverland too?
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