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Spaar chapter 37 . 2/9
Oh! You're on DA too? So do you do any art in addition to writing or is it just an alternate place to post? Sounds like you're generally pretty comfortable editing video as well, or you're just really good at writing lol.

Either way, if this were a concert, it would be a standing ovation. 'Nuff said.

Apart from a few typo's and the occasional plot hole, this was gorgeous, in characterization, story, narrative voice - all of it. Even though it does focus on Natla, it's such a break from all the angst filled depression muffins that populate the TR fanfiction universe. This is an actual story, that focuses on multiple elements, and stays very true to the original flavor of canon.

Now! Now that I've apparently not said enough about it: I'm gunna lay down the pencil. But I'll be back with another one, real soon.
Mark Crilley -2006-20now
Spaar chapter 27 . 2/9
Bitch move, Jaq. I'm really hoping this doesn't go into rape territory or anything. I can handle it, but I don't want it to go there. I'm also really hoping I was right about Larson. I still have this iffy feeling... I know he's alright, but I don't actually know if he's a good guy. He hasn't double-crossed yet, but I'm not ruling it out, especially if he has a daughter.

Whew. On we go.
Spaar chapter 28 . 2/9
So you never used silencers on Yamatai? They were pretty slick, I would recommend a second playthrough just for fun. I still haven't done a pure stealth run, but I might sometime before Rise comes out. Speaking of which, please tell me I'm not the only one who's pissed that it's Xbox exclusive? I have an old 360 in my room, so I'm covered, but I don't even know how they explect me to play a next-gen game on a potato. Either way, I'm stoked cuz apparently Jonah's gunna be back as a main character! No word on Sam yet, and it makes me a little worried that they're just going to toss her away as a transient character. I guess they don't really see her as a viable candidate for co-splinter cell like you do. If only they could be made to read this and see the light! :P
Spaar chapter 29 . 2/9
Rofl, Lara you really are pretty hopeless, you've gone and mucked up every chance to get down with this gorgeous girl you call a best friend. Every chance. Not nary a one has survived you're efforts. I'm begginning to think you might be asexual.

That was a really satisfying chapter though. I was quite baffled by how it began, I won't deny, but once I wrapped my head around the fact the fire department made her send them on their way, it made a little more sense. I still don't understand why she gave them her car, though. I suppose it's very possible she indeed does get a thrill out of the chase, but honestly, I don't see it in her personality.

I really hope this bath concept comes back later cuz it's friggin' romantic and I want it to actually work lol.

Btw, I do notice a fair number of really simple typo's throughout, so if you wanted to run it through me for a spell check in future, I'd definitely be willing.
Spaar chapter 30 . 2/9
Wait whoa, hang on there tiger! Pierre's not dead? And why does she NOT already know you lied about the fragment? Did she not look at the camera?


You know what? Whatever, I don't get it, but they FINALLY got it out there, at least physically. That only took 28 odd chapters lol, so I'm just gunna be chill with that for now. I'm still waiting for the day Sam says I love you back though, because she never did ;D

But seriously, I feel like I missed something. Why is Pierre not dead? And why does Natla not know- Oh. Because Larson told her. Right, and gave her the shard as well. She didn't need to look at the camera. And Pierre is definitely dead, they were just speculating about him as though he wasn't because they thought Natla wouldn't know that he is. Alright. Okay, so disregard my first quandry's. DAMN it, why does it always have to be 'later' lol

Also, as a side note: I just... I don't feel like Larson's a bad guy...I mean, still stick to girls Lara, but I get the feeling he hasn't completely fallen to the dark side. He didn't really have any other choice under the circumstances he was given.. I damn well don't trust him at this point, I never have, but I don't think he's unredeemable.
Spaar chapter 31 . 2/9
Btw I'm pretty sure it's 'swam' which you apparently figured out yourself and began using halfway through the chapter.. What?

Well damn it. I had a feeling about him, and now we've lost the one ally we had within Natla's entourage. Balls! But ok, if he didn't give her the shard, and presumably also didn't tell her about Pierre, then why was she chasing Lara and Sam instead of trying to track down Pierre. Clearly she never looked at the camera, otherwie she would've known Larson had the shard... Unless she was bluffing, and made them think she was pursuing them to Egypt, when in reality she just sent Larson. That seems unlikely though, given her track record. I think you may have a bit of a hole there, Asy.
Spaar chapter 32 . 2/9
BOOM. What's up. Got it!

But whoa! I didn't actually expect Lara to be captured. Oh man... This'll be cool. Stressful as hell, but cool, to see Sam rise to the occasion (hopefully!)
Spaar chapter 33 . 2/9
Naaaaooooooo, the doubt game ensues! You boob Natla!
Comon Sam, get the hussle on, I believe in you :) Ya gotta get there before she converts Lara!
Spaar chapter 34 . 2/9
#rekt #TeamSam #NowKissLaraSoSheCanStopThinkingShe'sAMonster
Spaar chapter 35 . 2/9
Huh. So they're now arguably the hottest and most loveable couple in the history of fictional characters and they don't realize it. Mulligan.

I'm sure you get enougb compliments about this one as it is, but I gotta say, as someone who's used to much more graphic writing than this, it was still incredibly enjoyable and satisfying, without going hardcore into descriptions and being super raunchy. It kept the tone, and the voices of our two heroins intact despite the circumstance, which isn't something that happens often in M rated fanfics, let me tell you - it was hella refreshing to see! There were some of the most immensely sexy moments in there that I've ever read, like when Sam looks her in the eyes and Lara first touches her downstairs, dear sempai, could not have been better. It's one of those rare moments that manage to be adorable and hotter than a South American jungle at the same time. Anyway, that was alot more than I had planned to say about this. Just know that you did a damn fine job of things, and that I'm very glad there's a sequel that's twice as long ;D

Also, just to put it out there, it's prety hilarious that they just made love, finally releasing everything that they've been feeling, pouring out their hearts to eachother, and are now sitting in a hotel eating proverbial ice cream, thinking they're still just friends. #Logic gotta love it.
Spaar chapter 36 . 2/9
Pft. What, you think we sleep on separate futons?

To quote Dumbledore: 'ah to be young and in love.' -most relevant quote 2015

I feel like they should find some old Japanese poetry or opera's or something and perform/read aloud together, then improv off it when the mood strikes. My cousins and I do that sometimes and it's hella fun; probably wouldn't make out with them to the tale of Madame Butterfly, but ya know. It's a thing that could happen, lol.
Spaar chapter 25 . 2/7
Can I get a hell yeah for those last couple sentences?
Okay, so, that wasn't a Nemean lion? Given that they're said to be immortal, or perhaps since it was reanimated or whatever by the Scion it is mortal. Either way, tiny bit of a let-down..

You know, lil bit of spillover from the last couple chapters, I'm thinkin' about it, and when I heard the news about the Natla and Allison scandal, I seriously entertained the idea that she might actually have an evil twin that's just trying to mess with her and this whole situation is a farce and the real Natla is cool and will eventually try to help them and this is a run-on sentence.

Also, I want to vote on that pole, but I can't bloody find it, so I'll just have to say what's on mah mind and hope that one vote isn't the difference lol. That is assuming anyway that by poll you mean there is actually a poll and not just a collection of people posting opinions willy nilly.
Spaar chapter 18 . 2/7
Mkay, alright, okay, SO. Dinosaurs. Topic one. That's fuggin' awesome, like, what the fuck? This is now King Kong, but I'm ok with that, I kinda dig it ;p

Two: the fight at the end was a little janky from my perspective, I wasn't really clear on anyone's intention, obviously other than Lara's to get away, and the actual movements were a bit abrupt. I get that you aren't really supposed to know who's against her or why, exactly, but it just felt kindof awkward instead of mysterious. Anyway, still a very cool chapter with massive developments! I would say I'm excited to hear what Sam has to say about the Dinosaurs, but I don't know how that's going to go now, because they basicly have her as a hostage.
Spaar chapter 19 . 2/7
*Shakes head* You and your rollercoasters, Asy. Everytime I'm getting comfortable in a mood you just swing it around!

May the Force be with you all.
Spaar chapter 20 . 2/7
I hate to say I called it, but yolo. Now, Larson MIGHT double agent, I don't think so, BUT, I can't believe they wouldn't have a tracker in that helicopter. SO, I would imagine it'll be a while, but that's not the last we've seen of Natla. For now, we just have to worry about Dinosaurs xD
At the very least, I would imagine the heli has a comm, so they could probe for settlements to seal the escape. Although, now it occurs to me, I rather doubt Lara will be able to stay away from this find, not to mention the fact she still has to get at least one of the fragments.. WEEEE this is cool, I feel like a kid at christmas, I love this story like an extension of canon.

- Mugg
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