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Guest chapter 1 . 12/5/2015
uh... wow.
Infinity34 chapter 1 . 11/9/2015
Honestly though, this was a great idea, and I, personally, am very glad you did this.
billiemcmb chapter 1 . 10/29/2015
im mixed up in emotion
LemonSmoothie chapter 1 . 9/21/2014
This whole thing was hilarious, but I'll point out the highlights.
Pinkie's idea of a funeral sounds great. I hate funerals. They're so pretentious. Crying in public is the proper way to say goodbye to someone? I'll go to a Pinkie-planned funeral any day. Alas, it appears she has been indefinitely banned from the funeral business.
And Fluttershy crying at recalling the Harry Potter parody.
That Pinkie's motto is the same as Tummi Gummi's: "Never Say Diet"
Discord being right when he says "laws are boring." They are.
Spike bloodletting for Rarity. That's almost as disturbing as the fact Twilight already built her pleasure dungeon under the castle. What's it going to be used for now...oh.
...And Discord filming the "sleepover party." He's probably about becoming an Internet celebrity. Wonder what his YouTube handle is?
Guest chapter 1 . 1/12/2014
well there goes your "no season 4 cannon interference", might I say you have been very good so far
joe knipp chapter 1 . 1/5/2014
wow, now that Fluttershy is a vampire who is immune to sunlight and doesn't eat blood making her part phoenix is kind of pointless
endraken chapter 1 . 6/18/2013
Pinkie Pie was hilarious, though.
SeiRyuSeijin chapter 1 . 4/23/2013
I agree, there is something very, very wrong with you. This story was a bit absurd, but I enjoyed it, it was quite funny. The orgy thing was a bit unneeded though.
that one little guy chapter 1 . 4/13/2013
I think you just broke my brain, good sir. Congratulations are in order.
ARCEUS-master chapter 1 . 4/6/2013
Hello Ri2, sorry for the delay in reviewing this, but as you know I've been a little busy. But I'm here to review now! First of all, this little fanfic was amusing, I liked it a lot and it drew a couple chuckles out of me.

With how much Princess Twilight calls them over to please her, I think their day consists of: 30% Traveling between Canterlot and Ponyville, 30% Living in Ponyville, 40% having hot sex with Twilight. though, if they spent so much going between both places, wouldn't Twilight create some Teleportation spell to make the traveling easier? That means much more sex times too!

Woah, they're certainly well prepared aren't they? Ropes, lots of toys, perfumes, chocolate, magazines... is it me or it seems the Mane six's sex sessions with their beloved princess are of the very kinky kind?

The conversation while going to Twilight's palatial room was really interesting, and I've got to admit, your description of the actual room was very amazing, I loved it. Twilight isn't modest at all isn't she? )

Poor Twilight, this is an age-old topic isn't it Ri2? the problem of "who wants to live forever?" because that means you leave your friends and loved ones behind, but, if they too are immortal than immortality is the best! Nearly every character who gets immortality usually has a moment like this don't they? when they week because their friends will die ad they'll live forever.

As for the methods of Immortality, the one I liked the most was Rainbow Dash's. Applejack's wasn't that interesting, though, I really wonder what she did to that poor dragon. I wonder how Fluttershy will feel about that. As for Fluttershy's version, I'd think she'd gain more Phoenix traits don't you think? Maybe big red phoenix wings or something neat. Pinkie Pie... she's Mew! She's an alter ego of our lovely sex-addicted Mew! XD But anyway, her being a deity is interesting, though, if she's a super deity, why so interested in Twilight? As for Rarity, the only thing I have a doubt about it is if Spike runs out of blood, or worse, HOW does she cope with having her pristine and perfect mane all sticky with blood? she must bathe a lot.

Now, finally, my favorite. Rainbow Dash. Her method of immortality basically screams: "I am SO AWESOME that the world would be too ashamed to lose me, so it made me immortal." or "I am SO AWESOME I simply can't die." And both fit her.

Discord's antics were interesting, and I'd think Princess Luna would be better at singing don't ya think? with her big Royal Canterlot voice and all. And its amusing she didn't mind the orgy in front of her at all, what's she gonna do? Ignore it? Join it? xD

Overall, the topic of this oneshot was very heartwarming. How a weeping princess saddened by the horrible truth behind immortality hits her, and how she is quickly brought back to happiness and joy by her loving friends, and they certainly know how to celebrate that happiness don't they? Orgies rule! xD I liked the topic of it, and its glad the Mane 6 will be friends forever, together for the eternity of time.

As for the writing itself, the sheer quality you output when ever you write never ceases to amaze me Ri2, there is a reason you are basically my idol when it comes t writing. You are, in my opinion, the best. The writing quality in the story and the amazingly well done details and descriptions, as well as how easy it is to feel the emotions of the story as I read it, you are the best my friend!

Your Friend,
Yamimaru chapter 1 . 3/26/2013
Thankfully I can actually control my imagination to an extent, so I didn't come up with any ideas on what they could do be yond the obvious.

Twilight's angsting came off as being rather dumb, which is exactly how you wrote it as being and how most angsting is anyways so bravo.

And for the Mane 6 minus Twilight's methods of immortality, in alphabetical order:
Apple jack can either kick just that hard, that dragon was a wimp, or both. But this method does make sense.
In Fluttershy's case you'd think she would have picked up some more Phoenixian traits, wouldn't you?
Ri2, we've seen Pinkie's family, Trixie works for her dad and Octavia might be one of her sisters. She is NOT an Eldritch Abomination, in fact I think she just managed to awaken long dormant "Loony Toon" genes within the Pie bloodline.
Rainbow's method is actually somewhat funny.
Rarity's bathing in Spike's blood is rather disturbing.

Wait, Luna is a horrible singer? I figured she might be good at Opera, given her use of the Royal Canterlot Speaking voice.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
Story Weaver1 chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
Wow, this is funny stuff! I expected as much from the great Ri2 but still it's amazing how funny you made the 'horror' of living forever.

Twilight was getting yandere-ishly creepy at the end of her rant and the scary is she could, theoretically, do that.

Oh's always the quiet ones.

I applaud you for thinking of plausible in-universe reasons for the others to be immortal. My favorite is Pinkie's because it sounds the most plausible.

Discord is being a pest like usual.
Menace13 chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
I did NOT see that coming. Great story, as always :P
HVK chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
Twilight certainly has needs; good thing her harem is so accommodating! And I’ve written Bubblegum to be lustful like that too; I should write a fic centering around that. …In fact, you have inspired me! I think I should write a fic about her having a harem with my preferred ships for her! MULTISHIPPING FOR ALL!

They certainly bring a lot of stuff for their companionship times; I wonder what the sunglasses and magazines are for? Given Fluttershy’s shyness, it’s oddly appropriate that SHE has the most scandalous collection of things. The sweet and quiet ones are often the ones with hidden sexual depths…

Big Mac has dolls; that seems fairly appropriate. He’s a tough guy with a soft center; though I wonder why apple farming would be stressful.

Pinky puts the FUN in funeral; but it seems her efforts are not appreciated, poor girl! Also, if she’s an eldritch creature, why does she have a father? OR IS IT ALL PART OF AN ELABORATE SCHEME SHE WORKED UP WITH LUNA FROM EXALTED FOR HER OWN MYSTERIOUS PURPOSES?

I get Sparity feelings from Rarity calling Spike by a pet name. It might be shipping goggles, but I CANNOT HELP IT. I HAVE NOT EVEN SEEN THE SHOW AND I STILL SHIP THEM. (I do that a lot, actually. Shipping before I see the series; I was shipping Felix and Calhoun long before I saw Wreck-It Ralph, for example.)

In all universes, the local equivalent to Dumbledore’s death (and Snape ultimately being a Byronic Hero and a tragic one) IS SOMETHING THE HEART CANNOT HEAL FROM.


She must have a really big bed to support her sixsome!

Aww, she’s gonna MISS all of them the most, that’s really cute.

I honestly love how hysterical and dramatic Twilight is being about it; it’s really funny and cute.

Throwing a ‘we’re all gonna die’ party sounds surprisingly Discworld-ian. Pretty sure at least one wizard or two has done that. I know the wizard character from Reaper Man did so!

…Seventy to ninety years is pretty good. Though Rainbow Dash less so… and Pinky Pie eats a lot of sweets or something? (If she does, that WOULD explain why the artists I respect the most tend to draw her with a chubby and curvy body.)

Poor Spike, he’s always ignored. He seems to be taking it with good humor, though! Or at least he’s used enough to it not to make a comment about it.

Wait, they just let Discord wander around? That’s like letting Loki just wander around! (And yet reminds me of my plan for Loki’s scheme of cheating fate and vengeance and taking over Muspelheim to degenerate into him moving into Finn’s basement and constantly trying to hook him up with all the girls he knows and also Ice Queen, even though she doesn’t technically exist… as far as we know.)

IT DOES make sense for someone like Discord to be terribly at music. Music is heavily rooted in harmonious accord! And also math. (Not for nothing are all the Primordials fond of music and art. Malfeas loves song and dance numbers in Disney Villain style, while I’m inclined to think that Autochthon loves heavy metal.)

I believe that ‘familiar gleam of madness in her eyes’ signifies that she’s going into Mad Science mode. And is a little too quick to go for dark magic… heh. Although, I wonder why she didn’t suggest making biomechanical bodies that are unaging and indestructible but fully biologically interactive, and transferring her friends consciousnesses and souls into them? Or did the alchemy thing already qualify?

She’s a LITTLE too quick to want to put them in gilded cages, too. Metaphorically, of course, but possibly literally.

Aww, immortality in love situations! How sweet! That’s always nice to use. (Part of the reason I came up with Finn-Thor; with Finn as a naturally immortal god, and Marceline as a vampire, and they can make the rest of their friends immortal, LOVE FOREVER! Also, Ragnarok will be averted.)

On a somber note, Rainbow Dash’s ‘what’s the punch line’ comment reminds me of a similar line by Belkar in a recent Order Of The Stick comic.

I really like that Twilight’s first thought was to use the fruit to benefit the world; it’s a very Science Hero thought, and great to see being used!

Ah, so Rarity baths in Spike’s blood and gains draconic longevity and resilience? That’s rather sweet. He’s very obliging! It’s a lot more pleasant that the ‘bathing in the blood of the innocent’ thing from the original draft, and it makes more sense that she gains longevity instead of just being rejuvenated!

On Pinky Pie being an non-Euclidian entity older than time itself?...
Autochthon: So THAT’S where that one Unshaped raksha I talked into being benign went off to! I should visit and say hi! And reintroduce them to industry! And have my robot children colonize the place! AND BRING THE JOY OF SCIENCE INTO THE HEARTS OF ALL MORTALS WITH THE SHEER POWER OF MY PRESENCE! MWAHAHAHAHAHA -coughs- Or, I could just send them a present. I will think on this!

The funny thing is, jokes aside, Pinky Pie’s claims to looking like a pony because she wants to and ignoring causality is PRECISELY how Exalted’s fae/raksha work!

A question inspired by the comment on them believing that Twilight’s magic might have made her immortal; how common is immortality in your headcanon of Equestria?

Alicorn-Luna seems VERY relaxed about walking right into an orgy!

Another great story, my friend!
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