Reviews for The Next Great Adventure
the2ruheroEternal chapter 17 . 7/20
I certify this is one of the best YJ fanfictions ever written. I can imagine you pondering over the idea and then using your skills to write it down. Amazing. Thank you for writing it. You are truly blessed. In every way possible.
mak0-ch1 chapter 6 . 4/17
I read this story forever and a day ago, and you know what?

Damn onions get cut at the same time i read this chapter again. chrissake.

Happy sunday ]
Callian31 chapter 17 . 2/7
Nope, it never is.
Callian31 chapter 16 . 2/7
Mind if I pretend this is canon?
Callian31 chapter 15 . 2/6
Soooooo, tickets to Paris then? DON'T THEY HAVE TELEPORTERS!? I mean sentiment is appreciated and all, but, I mean, come on! They can literally zeta there whenever they want! Unless its emerging else of course.
Callian31 chapter 14 . 2/6
Not sure if I should laugh or cry.
Callian31 chapter 13 . 2/6
Callian31 chapter 12 . 2/6
Callian31 chapter 11 . 2/6
Callian31 chapter 10 . 2/6
Callian31 chapter 9 . 2/6
So, once again she's on her own. Man, this is getting sad.
Callian31 chapter 8 . 2/5
There's ALWAYS a problem!
Callian31 chapter 7 . 2/5
Yaaaaaaaaay! Now where's that blue ring!?
Callian31 chapter 4 . 2/5
Why didn't she tell Dick about the Dr. Fate visit?
Callian31 chapter 3 . 2/5
Sooooo, Speed Force then? Makes sense. Just saying this now, she's gonna get s Blue Ring isn't she?
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