Reviews for MTB OC Review
DragonPrank chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
Name: Amethyst Moonfire.
Age: 15.
Gender: Girl.
Personality: She is sarcastic, witty, and full of spunk. She gets frustrated easily, and hates it when people mess with her or her friends. She loves nature, but can fit in anywhere. She is athletic and creative. She is not afraid to take a risk.
Appearance: She has blond hair that she always keeps tied up in a ponytail with red streak in it. Despite being in a pony tail, her hair hangs down to her waist. She wears a white long sleeved denim jacket with gold zippers. She has a red long sleeved shirt with a V-Neck and black bands on it. She wears dark blue jeans and black sneakers with silver bling. Her eyes are blue with gold flecks and she has a fair but slightly tanned complexion with a couple of freckles on her face.
Other (BEY): Her bey is Guardian AngelWD2. The face bolt is black with the outline of an angel with swords on it in white. The energy ring is a light purple with swirls on it that disrupt air patterns to allow her bey to "fly" and turn invisible. Her fusion wheel has two modes: defense and counter. In defense mode, it has blocks that form an octagonal wheel. In counter mode, the blocks are separated a but more and spikes just between them. Her spin track is the same as Hades Kerbecs, except white. Her tip is WD2 and is also purple. Her special move is "Heavenly Judgement."
Fallenbey chapter 2 . 3/18/2013
SWEET! I'm surprise I beat aurora heart _" but hey I'm not complaining -
VioletJoker chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
Well, first time doing this in MFB fiction, let's see how it goes.
Name: Suiseki Dream Tamura.
Age: 13
Personality: She is the 13 yr old friendly girl who uses her beyblade a lot, protects her twin a lot,l isten to music, very shy around people she doesn't know,gets irritated easily, throws water bottles at people who annoy her, and likes snacks.
Looks: She has creamy skin, has chocolate brown waist hair, emerald green eyes, neon green sleeve shirt with a gray star in the middle, blue denim skirt, white tights, black boots,neon green belt, and a blue denim hat.
Bey: Day Owl ED145 SF. It was a green bey and has red spots and green face bolt with the face of an owl with red outlines.
Special Moves;
Feather Shooter: Allows to shoot wind towards the enemy by spinning fast and shooting it's wind towards the enmy direction.
Sun Ray Shooter: By having the sun rays reflect towards both bey and enemy. By the rays taking from enemy and gives it to the bey.
Well, I hope I didn't came too late.
Fallenbey chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
name: Alec Lance

age: 15

gender: male

personality: A very happy go lucky child and sometimes dosent seem like he can shut up (like gingka).He is very nice to everyone no matter who they are and can give good advice to anyone but himself .he is very passionate for beyblade. Despite him being nice he does have a short temper. But deep inside he is a very depressed child he trys to hide it but some people notice it.(Kyoya,Hikaru,and Gingka)

looks: he has dark purple hair that is spiked up kinda looks like zeo's hair, hazel eyes, he is light skinned and has a scar runing from his jaw to his color bone. He wears a purple t-shirt with a dark brown vest over it, has black jeans and has a brown belt that he keeps his beyblade in and wears purple and black checkered vans.

other (such as bey info): He is half Japanese and british he has a little bit of a British accent yet can speak japanese with little flaws. His beyblade is crestfallen phantom an attack type bey

That is pretty much it check out lucky academy for help ;)
And if you need special moves PM me if he is expected ;)
Shadowroselily chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
well I'll give this a try and see what happens Name: Layla Hagane age: 11-13 Gender: Female Personality: shy,funny,saracastic ,Tomboy Looks: her hair is super light brown , her right eye is green and her left is Yellow, her hair is in a long braid that goes to her waist, she has a black shirt with a gold eletric bolt , she has jeans, and Black kombat boots,fingerless gloves with spikes Other: her Bey is Super Nova Pegasus its blue and silver and the creature that comes out of it is a Pegasus with sun marks all over it
Empress Lunastra chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
Name: Ragnarok Zerith Abysseon

Age: 7,034 ( since he's part dark dragon, he looks like an 18 year old)

Gender: Male

Personality: An realist with strong belief that darkness isn't evil it's just an misconception. Ragnarok is also one to be considerate towards others, he's also know to be quiet and studious and will try to help those he trusts.

Looks: Ragnarok's hair is jet black, his ears are slightly pointed and his eyes are red and sharp. Ragnarok's atrie consists of black and similar dark colours.

Beyblade infomation:

Eclipse Dark Dragon 95R2F (attack)

Attack: 9/10

Defence: 6/10

Stamina: 4/10

Doesn't use special moves.

I'm joined because I noticed this while drawing Ragnarok so why not?
Nightlingale chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
name: Aurora Heart

age: 15

gender: Female

personality: Aurora is really sweet and gentle, but is extremely shy and timid. She's usually quiet and doesn't talk much and tries to stay on a persons good side, but she has an ethereal voice and an innocent giggle. She rarely loses her temper or even raises her voice, but she is really strong in a battle. She's really naive and trusts people too easily, which sometimes, can put her in a really bad situation, but is really intelligent.

looks: Knee length violet hair, emerald eyes, and pale skin. A white halter neck frock that has silver rings attached to form a chain and reaches her thighs (NOT slutty) with white heels. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail with pink lilies in her hair, light pink diamond bracelet, necklace, and anklet.

other: She's Dashan's younger half-sister, making him EXTREMELY overprpotective of her and Sophie's best friend.

Beyblade: Lunar Phoenix AD145BS

Beyblade Appearance: A dark purple and midnight blue beyblade. The face bolt is a clear violet with a Lunar Phoenix on it. The energy ring looks like the feathers of a phoenix and is dark purple decorated with glittery silver stars. The pale moonlight silver lunar fusion wheel resembles the points of a cresent moon and numerous stars for additional damage. Her AD145 spin track is dark purple while her BS performance tip is silver.

Bey Type: Stamina

Special Moves:

Song of Destruction- Her beast comes out and starts to sing. Her song causes the stadium to crack and twist around as if she's manipulating it.

Shadow Sphere: Launches multiple spheres made of darkness at her opponents, causing them pain and injury as well as immobilizing them.

Nightmare Wind: Creates a gust of repulsive wind that knocks her opponents back.

Doom Destroyer- Phoenix creates a dark purple vortex in the floor of the arena that pulls her opponents in, and if they make contact with the swirling doom, a column of dark purple fire shoots out and attacks them. The dark and evil energy from the vortex cancels out any attacks or countershields her enemies try to make, but takes a lot of energy for it to successfully activate. It fails 75% of the time and if it does activate, it's a risky move as it might take Phoenix out.

Regular Moves:

Bloody Rain- Razor sharp red feathers rain down all over the stadium and causes damage to her enemies.

Sun Light/Moon Light Spear- Phoenix forms a spear made of moonlight/sunlight (depending on the time of day) that drills her opponents to the ground.

Optical Illusion: Phoenix creates multiple images of itself to confuse its enemies.

Darkening Crash: A dark flame engulfs Phoenix as it slams a wave of dark energy onto its opponents, causing them pain. It can also break through walls and countershields.

Beast: A dark purple phoenix with lemon eyes.
The Lonely Potato chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
I'll give this a try

NAME: Gin Scarlett

AGE: 16

GENDER: female

PERSONALITY: Gin is usually bold, sassy, and somewhat sarcastic, she can be really fired up one day, and be dark and gloomy the next. She is the type of person that you have to be friends with in order to like, because her friends are the only people she trusts. Not to mention the fact that she's had a broken heart before and she doesn't plan on getting another

LOOKS: Gin has an upside down teardrop shaped face, somewhat of an hourglass figure, and long legs. She also has tanned skin from being out in the sun all day, dark blue hair, and deep blue eyes that match her hair color. She wears a grey tank top with Japanese writing on it, jean cut-offs, blue and purple high tops, and a purple hoodie when it's cold. She also has a heart shaped locket from her parents that she never takes off.

Bey: Spiral Artemis
Bey beast: a red Artemis
Special moves:
Arrow of fate Artemis shoots an arrow that locks on its target
Arrow of fate similar to arrow of fate but arrow of fate but arrow splits into 3 causing more damage
Shooting star barrage Artemis shoots up in the air and a barrage of arrows rains on the stadium. (Causes a lot of damage to Artemis)

Love interest: Tsubasa Otori

Origin of birth: Brazil

History: Gin's parents died in a fire when she was 4 so she wandered the streets until the Garcias took her under their wing and they trained her. Overtime, Selen and gin became best friends and gin has to remind Selen that stealing is wrong. She fell in love with someone in Brazil and she figured out that he was cheating on her and afterwards she gave up on romance but she does eventually get over her fear.

I hope you don't mind that I added some things on
Kingdom's Oathkeeper chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
Uhhh.. Why not ? Right?

Name: Hazal
Age: 17
Gender: Girl
Personality: out going, shy, nice, love anyone, is a good person, has a dark side if you mess with her dress, good at planing reveng. But in all a sweet girl who is always loved ;)
Looks: Hazal has spicky long blond hair that's to her waist, she wares a dress up to her knees with a flower print she wars black pumps that are 51/2 inches she had a mini black jacket on with a bow to pull her bangs
Other: lets see... She does NOT bey!

Hope you can use her ;) I can't wait till your next chappi!