Reviews for Champion of Fire and Magic
snake.girl.723 chapter 14 . 6/23
I really want to see what happens next.
camocommander72 chapter 14 . 6/20
This is one of the best Percy/Harry crossovers I have ever read. The pairing is good, the plot is good, but the details could use some work. Other than that great story. So can u please update. It's been almost a year.
Howtobeasawesome chapter 14 . 5/25
Hello! My account name is Howtobeasawesomeasme101. It wouldn't all fit in the login box, I'm not sure why. This was quite possibly the best Harry potter Percy Jackson crossover I have read! It was awesome! Loved the pairing too. I would really like to see more of Percy's family (Sally and Paul) in the future. I want to see them meeting fleur, and Percy meeting her family. I do have a couple of suggestion, (this is absolutely NOT flaming of any kind, please don't take it that way!) You might want to work on punctuation, and dialogue. There were some places where there should have been periods, or commas, all that jazz, but there wasn't. That makes run on sentences,and those can be confusing. The format was a little bit difficult to read as well. Starting a new paragraph every time a person talks might make it a little faster to read. Maybe I'm just talking, but this is from my perspective.
Happy birthday, good luck, and Please Update Soon!
ArchimedesAckermann chapter 8 . 5/18
In this chapter, Percy would be furious. Not just angry or hurt, he would be down to earth goddamn furious. He was just brutally betrayed by he campers, he's not going to say, "Oh, whoopsies they made a mistake!" after gettig slightly angry. He should be absolutely furious and raging.
ArchimedesAckermann chapter 1 . 5/18
It's a good story, but I think in this chapter, Percy's reactions are a bit unrealistic. He would be more angry, and protest more to try to prove his innocence. His submissions and acceptance of what the Bid Three were OOC and unlike the actual Percy.
A.Farrow54 chapter 1 . 5/4
Although it's been nearly a year , i do hope you finish this story off as its a one of a kind and by far one of the best i've read
gohan21 chapter 2 . 4/2
this story has been forgotten? hope not ,it's great
percy lover Ezri Dax chapter 14 . 1/11
Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE this story and hope you continue it soon. There are some grammatical mistakes but I would consider this written by a true author. :) I hope you have a good birthday and update soon.
percy lover Ezri Dax chapter 12 . 1/11
I am in LOVE with this Awesome, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL story! :) I hope you come up with more.
aliissaa14 chapter 14 . 1/8
Love your story. It is great. One of the good percy and harry potter crossovers out there. Really hope you update this soon.I can't wait to read more.
HaywireEagle chapter 1 . 1/3
Honestly. That whole chapter was kind of crap. From the start it was unbelievable and forced. If I had to describe it. It would be painful to read. I don't mean this to sound flaming, but what can you do?

They were all out of character. The details were utterly lacking. The dialogue was flimsy as was the general premise. It was too much for a single chapter.

The whole disowning and power loss thing just sounds silly. So I am going to leave it here before I get mean about this.
HunterOfArtemisDaughterOfHades chapter 14 . 12/14/2014
keep writing no one dies
gohan21 chapter 8 . 12/6/2014
I really like this story,too bad there's no more updates.
flamingmonkey0 chapter 12 . 11/25/2014
rather go swimming during an earthquake by the entrance to the Underworld in Los Angeles than take a boy to the dance

does it get any better?
Rhorea2014 chapter 14 . 11/25/2014
hey. that's awesome story you have. I can't wait for you to update
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