Reviews for Willing to Chance It
cantorahagedoorn chapter 1 . 4/9/2015
nice story.
ashlynhope28 chapter 1 . 1/31/2015
This story is absolutely brilliant and amazing and I'm kinda in love with your writing. I really wish we could see a sequel (mostly Luffy's reaction along with everyone else. :p), but this is completely fantastic on it's own. 3
Yvonne Park chapter 1 . 2/3/2014
I really enjoyed this story! I wish there was more! I would totally keep reading. This is a really good concept for a longer story. Anyway, great job! Thank you for the story! :)

sweetytaylor16 chapter 1 . 1/10/2014
I enjoyed it but you know I would like to see more. It would be fun to see how the guys react to his return.
whywolfcity chapter 1 . 3/21/2013
I will be damned if this is not the loveliest SanUso fic I've read thus far. I loved the length, for one, and the plot was very nicely executed. The characterization was on point, too. :') I like the thought of Usopp as an author of children's books; it isn't something I would've thought of, but it fits! Great work. :'D
- Angela
Missus Carlikins chapter 1 . 3/20/2013
Wow. Wow wow. I like this. A lot. A lot a lot.
I sort of wish you'd write more in this universe, but this by itself is simply wonderful.
This is like perfection.
IchigoOtaku01 chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
So I have to review this one instead of just sending you garbled button mashing because there's so many things about it that I love, hopefully I can transfer all of it into this review. Gosh, where do I even begin?

I love how it starts with Sanji fantasizing about the beach and the pretty ladies and their tiny swimsuits, anything to get through the long wait of course. And precious little Laki pulling him out of it, I'm just going to admit now that she's absolutely adorable and I love every bit of her interactions so I'm glad she made more of an appearance than you intended. It certainly worked out!

Revealing the infamous female author was actually a male made me laugh so hard, for a bit I was a little confused and thought maybe Usopp's a woman or he has a different part in the story? I love the explanation for it later with Usopp calling Sanji out on him thinking he was a woman. And the fact that you made Usopp a writer in the first place made me so happy, probably because we're writers and he's doing the kinds of things that I've only dream of doing. His successful children's book series makes me so happy for him.

And can I say that I was a little floored but overly excited about the fact that Baby is Laki's mom? Because SanjixBaby is really, REALLY growing on me, so I felt like I was dealt two pairings in one fic, even if Baby isn't around to show it off (when the details behind her death came to the surface, I wanted to sob).

The subtle change into questions popping up between them was fantastic, easily covered by taking care of dinner and a movie made it even better (especially with Laki's proud statement about how "Daddy's food is better"- KYAAA). And when it's just them alone to reminisce, it's awkward but it's heartwarming because they've seemed to put the questions on their minds behind them for now in favor of catching up.

And Sanji initiating everything because he knows Usopp still loves him and he finds him so attractive. This-This whole section is just amazing, especially in how you execute the transition from the kitchen to the next morning. It's perfect. Absolutely stunning. YOU EVEN ADDED IN THE NEXT MORNING DETAILS AND SANJI'S THOUGHTS AAAAHHHH. I'm officially dead, I'm not even finished yet.

Wrapping it up is so cute because Usopp and Laki get along so well and Sanji loves it. I get the feeling he wouldn't care for anyone else getting along with her so well, at least not as much as he cares about Usopp telling her to take care of Nukkynix and all that good stuff. And having Usopp just caaaaasually slip in this whole, "y'know, writers can work from ANYWHERE /hinthintwinknod" and Sanji catching on with the promise to be there to make everything better when Usopp actually does make the move back to him (in more ways than one)... You've done it, you've killed me yet again and it's a death I'd be happy to relieve over and over and over again.

Gosh, thank you for taking me up on this prompt because it's such a good fic. I'm sure I'll be reading it several times over like I do with a lot of your fics. Great job is an understatement to how awesome you've really done, I'm just unable to form the right words to say it. If I could ever tell you how amazing it is, you would surely be hugged many times and hear my squealing for a long, long time.

(And look at that, it's your turn to get a long review. xD)