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Mein Benutzername chapter 41 . 5/21

I love this series so much? Like. omg. MY DAY HAS BEEN MADE. Lol if only I had checked my email earlier holy shit

I ship starscream and Alexis so hard it hurts me oh my god this chapter made my little shipping heart sing whether it's platonic or romantic I love it omg

THANK YOOOOU. I hope you get more inspired soon because this is truly one of my favs :D
starlight.moonlight.sunshine chapter 41 . 4/28
I love this story so much!
SweetestChick chapter 41 . 4/23
Wow an update!? Thank you! Lol it has been a long time! But life happens, so we can only accept it. :) I'm just glad you came back to the story.

It's looking grim for our heroes though. Guess we find out who just made an appearance...
duchesseduo chapter 41 . 4/21
You liveeeeee! It was a long time since you updated and the job was done as great as you for another great chapter
ObsidianPhantom chapter 41 . 4/21
First... let me say... ZOMG! I'M SO FAR BEYOND HAPPY THAT YOUR BACK! Having no inspiration sucks and it's terrifying too. Cause if you lose inspiration BAD things happen. The stuff that gives both author and reader nightmares... But I am ecstatic to see you back in action.

I will freely admit I've had one of my favorite trilogies disappear off the face of fanfiction without warning - I'm still mourning - and God hasn't it made me paranoid for all my other favorite stories, especially the ones that haven't been updated in a while.

So I cannot put to words how utterly freaking RELIEVED this update makes me. I would grieve for months if this series suddenly vanished. But ignore me harping my fears, I'm paranoid. Lol.

On to the review!

When I started reading I immediately had this profound sense of dread and foreboding. First sentence had me tittering on the edge of my seat muttering a litany of 'oh shits' and 'craps' like you wouldn't believe. I swear you have a talent for writing in a creepy, mysterious air in your stories. It's a quality I both love and hate at times, just because the suspense gets so overwhelming sometimes.

LIKE NOW! Jesus... So much dread! I read this entire chapter waiting for the other shoe to drop basically. And oh God I definitely feel like this is a prelude to something that will have me either hiding under a blanket or strangling my stuffed polar bear out of sheer emotional distress. Lol! Yikes.

Good thing Alexis doesn't fear the dark, right? Diving down - straight down! - into a deep, dark, unknown pit of seemingly endless black would get my heart pounding even. *Shudders* And I'm not even afraid of the dark!

Instant adrenaline rush when all their power went out! Just oh my fucking god, no! Falling into a black pit? Nope! No! Stupid Unicron! You need to die already! When does he die, cause he needs to die RIGHT NOW! I don't like him, especially when he starts with the mind games and messing with everyone's CPU's or whatever.

That is NOT okay! That puts him on my shit list for life!

A null-sphere... *Pale look of confusion* Do I even want to know what that does? Just crap, that entire scene had my skin crawling off my skeleton! It was awesome. It was suspenseful. It was terrifying!

So. Much. Tension! I stopped breathing halfway through reading it. I was seriously holding my breath. That's how involved I was while reading this. Something is definitely up with that one-eyed mech! He the key to something, I know it! Usually if the enemy wants you dead it means you're a threat...

Hmm, still so many questions!

And, GOD, Starscream and Alexis here! Yikes-yikes-yikes! I don't know how the hell I feel about their interaction! So many emotions for their... conversation? Confrontation? Manipulation? Just omg... I'm horrified and spellbound and frightened and confused and asking why?

And HOLY HELL did Starscream ADMIT something frankly? Again you amaze me with your grasp of Starscream's character and personality. He's so in-character here, it's scary. I had one of the heart stopping moments when I read that one bit of dialogue from him.

Chills. I got chills. Razor-sharp chills down my spine, in my veins... Because, of course, someone like Starscream - ruthless, calculating, manipulator that he is - would admit the fact that he has feelings at all while also delivering a threat to the person involved with those feelings.

It's almost like telling your significant other that is your love ends up hurting their family they'll kill you. Yikes, Starscream you have officially left me scared shitless of you again...

Ah... crap... their filters don't work...! *Screams* Mean, mean, mean cliff-hanger there! Mean! Cruel, evil! Stop channeling Starscream! This chapter has left me freaked out enough! *Hides and whimpers*

Okay, wow, just noticed how long this is... Damn. This is called excessive word vomit. This is what happens when a fan has too many crazed emotions and doesn't know how to write them all down. *Chuckles*

Ingenious, evil author I will be gnawing the skin off my knuckles because I'm utterly addicted to this story and the wait makes me suffer withdrawal. I hope inspiration steals you away from writers block and no-time-land.

Awesome chapter! Who the cares if it's short! I didn't! The quality was still there and better than ever! Love it! Update soon! XD
Seeker3 chapter 40 . 4/8
Excuse me while I have a TC/Skyfire fangirl moment.
. . .

. . .


Poor Skyfire. . . I love his personality and history, and everytime I hear about his past with High Heels I wanna hug 'im.

Wonder characterization for everyone. And you have some of my favourites in here. . . Thundercracker, Frenzy, Soundwave, Skywarp, Skyfire, Alexis, Perceptor (no matter how small his screentime was). . .

Update this, please?

ranger1138 chapter 33 . 12/4/2015
Hot damn. This is getting more amazing with every paragraph. It's not often that I gasp aloud with surprise while reading!
ObsidianPhantom chapter 3 . 11/21/2015
You know... I am VERY interested to hear about all those bets between Starscream and Alexis. Just that one sentence had my mind spiraling with ideas. Gods, the thought of Alexis betting Starscream anything is hilarious!

I could totally see Alexis betting him to do something human-wise... like... hmm... chug nine cubes of energon and then burp the ABC's... or something. Lol!

Oooh! I get nervous when Screamer goes all watchful and pensive. A thoughtful Starscream is a scary, ominous Starscream.
ObsidianPhantom chapter 40 . 11/16/2015
*Peeks around the corner hesitantly* ARE YOU ALIVE?

No? Yes? Maybe? Lol...

Have I ever mentioned that I adore your take on the Decepticons? The way you characterize the faction, even seem to give it a culture is amazing and fascinating. It's SO interesting to read about!

They're definitely a warrior race and this is emphasized by the whole grief scene. And I totally agree with it. Starscream actually emoting anything outside his usual emotions - arrogance, calculation, fury, smugness...etc...etc - seems ooc for him by far.

And Alexis here! SUCH A TURNING POINT! *Screams and flails excitedly* Am I the only one to view it as a monumental event?! To have her voice her allegiance was HUGE in my mind. She's voicing a difference between her and Arcee, a figurative line in the ground, a I-can-understand-b/c-I'm-one-of-the-'bad'-guys statement.

Totally cheered for Alexis there. *Tears up* She's come so far! From a captive, to a slave, then an ally, to a friend, then a consort, and now she's admitting it vocally!

So proud! The Little Decepticon is growing up! Better watch out Starscream she'll start asking for promotions soon! *Sniggers*

Hmm, I will have you know that ending was VERY CRUEL! Meanie... leaving that horrible, horrible cliff-hanger. I had nightmares...

Where's that pesky, elusive next button! I know they're not extinct. At least, I hope they're not extinct... *Puppy dog eyes*
suwirmane chapter 40 . 11/8/2015
I absolutely adore this whole story. I want to make a comic book out of it honestly. I love the way you portray every character. You don't water down the cruelty and cunning of starscream, you've managed to keep the things that make him the loveable evil git we all know, and yet still show sides of him that are new and refreshing. Alexis is an amazing character we all root for and I can't tell you how much time I've spent just reading this story. Amazing job and expect some fanart from me.

I do have a question. I know you treat starscream and Alexis's relationship with a mysterious vaugness. I love that honestly, very refreshing. But I was wondering, do you think they would ever, while Alexis is a decepticon, 'interface' if you know what I mean? I would die a thousand perfect deaths of you wrote it. But I understand if you would like to steer clear of such intimate moments. I was just wondering if you thought they ever might. Starscream seems quite infatuated with her new body, I'm sure the thought might cross his mind.

Again. I love your story and I await the next chapter with baited breath. THANK YOU!
Archaeopteryx chapter 40 . 8/24/2015
This was a short chapter, but well worth reading! :)

"All around and thousands of feet above, the bodies of millions of half-submerged mechs slumped silent and still."

Nnnnn, this is creepy. What's even creepier is thinking that Skyfire's corpse is probably hanging around somewhere in this maze. If this was a horror fic, Starscream would totally run smack into it.

"It was a mark of how grave their situation was that his voice had no gloat to it, as it would have any other time he was called to explain something he had done."

*snerk* That's Starscream, alright.

The exchange where Starscream has to explain why he killed Skyfire was nicely played-subtle and understated sadness with a firm mask of anger. (Poor little Frenzy. I guess I shouldn't be laughing at his expense.) But anyway, the whole scene was a good insight into how the Decepticons treat grief...though like Arcee, my eyes popped a little when he said that bit about Skyfire getting what was coming to him as a defector. And then the followup, where Alexis explains, "I'm a Decepticon." *POW!* That was definitely a tipping point moment for her!

There was only one thing that bothered me: "'Maybe he wasn't real?' That was Skyfire. 'Most of those guys in that Library thingy were just… I dunno… part of the programming.'"

This whole line just puzzles the heck out of me. What does that bit about Skyfire refer to? Where do the other guys in the Library come into this? I'm lost...

"The rumbling around them rose to a roar, drowning out the sounds of transformation."

This sounds really, really bad... .
Bookworm Gal chapter 40 . 8/2/2015
I'm always happy for more, even when it is short. Very nice work on this, as usual. I eagerly await your next update. Good luck.
Cyphercat chapter 40 . 8/2/2015
this story is better then the new transformers cartoon on cartoon network...they need to hire you as a writer!
Starfire201 chapter 39 . 8/2/2015
And so, into the fire they go...
Starfire201 chapter 37 . 8/2/2015
Poor Skyfire. But he had seemed to know all along that he was never going to leave there. I think he saw it as a release.

And seems like Thunderblast and Stormstrike didn't stop to consider that there just might be a catch. I'd feel bad for them if I didn't think they'd earned it with their actions.
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