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Archaeopteryx chapter 40 . 8/24
This was a short chapter, but well worth reading! :)

"All around and thousands of feet above, the bodies of millions of half-submerged mechs slumped silent and still."

Nnnnn, this is creepy. What's even creepier is thinking that Skyfire's corpse is probably hanging around somewhere in this maze. If this was a horror fic, Starscream would totally run smack into it.

"It was a mark of how grave their situation was that his voice had no gloat to it, as it would have any other time he was called to explain something he had done."

*snerk* That's Starscream, alright.

The exchange where Starscream has to explain why he killed Skyfire was nicely played-subtle and understated sadness with a firm mask of anger. (Poor little Frenzy. I guess I shouldn't be laughing at his expense.) But anyway, the whole scene was a good insight into how the Decepticons treat grief...though like Arcee, my eyes popped a little when he said that bit about Skyfire getting what was coming to him as a defector. And then the followup, where Alexis explains, "I'm a Decepticon." *POW!* That was definitely a tipping point moment for her!

There was only one thing that bothered me: "'Maybe he wasn't real?' That was Skyfire. 'Most of those guys in that Library thingy were just… I dunno… part of the programming.'"

This whole line just puzzles the heck out of me. What does that bit about Skyfire refer to? Where do the other guys in the Library come into this? I'm lost...

"The rumbling around them rose to a roar, drowning out the sounds of transformation."

This sounds really, really bad... .
Bookworm Gal chapter 40 . 8/2
I'm always happy for more, even when it is short. Very nice work on this, as usual. I eagerly await your next update. Good luck.
Cyphercat chapter 40 . 8/2
this story is better then the new transformers cartoon on cartoon network...they need to hire you as a writer!
Starfire201 chapter 39 . 8/2
And so, into the fire they go...
Starfire201 chapter 37 . 8/2
Poor Skyfire. But he had seemed to know all along that he was never going to leave there. I think he saw it as a release.

And seems like Thunderblast and Stormstrike didn't stop to consider that there just might be a catch. I'd feel bad for them if I didn't think they'd earned it with their actions.
Onileo chapter 40 . 8/2
Thank you so much for updating! I still squee with happiness every time I get an alert for a new chapter. I'm sorry I haven't reviewed the last couple of times; I can only blame it on laziness. This is still one of my favorite stories, even though my inner fangirl is slightly sulking over the fact that nothing happened between Starscream and Alexis while they were both in human form. But this isn't really that kind of story (so far ;)) so I'll just enjoy it for what it is, which is awesome regardless. Keep it up and I'll be waiting to see what happens next!

Archaeopteryx Feather chapter 39 . 7/13
I'm sorry for missing the past couple of chapters-I was neck deep in a huge project, and there was no time for anything basic automonic functions. I did read every chapter though. Thank you for providing some pleasant breaks from my work. :)

Anyway, let me just say that this story is amazing, unpredictable, and refreshingly sophisticated. I'm enjoying the bit of TC/Arcee, and of course Alexis and Starscream continue to be brilliant. :) As for the mysterious one-eyed man, I'm hoping that his knowledge will be enough to defeat Unicron. The fact that they're headed to Unicron's core when they have been so resoundingly thrashed thus far is rather...alarming.

(Sob! Skyyyfiiiiiire!)
sckid chapter 39 . 7/2
Glad to see you back! You've been missed.
activemars828 chapter 39 . 6/15
Oh boy, here we go!
Mothface chapter 39 . 6/15
I don't normally do reviews, but I've been following you for a very long time. I followed for your skill, character development, and all around great storytelling. To be honest you've been keeping this up for so long I just expect every update to be your last ever. Every time I see your name in my email cache, I smile. I'm astounded and pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. And even if this update does manage to be your last- mad props to you. All the cookies in the jar. All the trophies in the cabinet. All the ribbons you can fit on your jacket.
Bookworm Gal chapter 39 . 6/15
I knew Starscream would have a plan to avoid killing her. And they're even out of the freaky dream world thing now. I'm glad to see this story continue. Good luck on more soon.
veryhappy chapter 39 . 6/14
Hey, you back~~~~~~~~~~
adelphe24 chapter 39 . 6/14
:3 I'm so happy to see an update! It was wonderful and I can't wait for the next.
ObsidianPhantom chapter 39 . 6/14
YES! Yes! Yeessssss! *Jumps for joy* This is exactly what I needed! Oh, you made my day, hell, my entire WEEK! Will freely admit I stared dumbly at my screen when I saw this update! Didn't believe my eyes for a moment.

Then I got ridiculously hyper...

But ZOMG! I am so freaking HAPPY you updated! Pfft! Chunky? Rusty? What are you talking about!? I didn't see anything wrong! All the characters were exactly as they were in earlier chapters; badass and mysterious.

Your writing remains brilliant; it doesn't matter how long it takes you to update, whatever you post will still be down-right AMAZING! This chapter was every bit as suspenseful and intriguing as all the others before it. I'm still left with questions! I swear with every chapter you answer some questions but leave more unanswered.

I love the tension here, the struggle. It immediately had my heartbeat racing. If you're worried, don't be, Starscream was totally in character. XD

Hmm, I'm happy that your busy year finally concluded itself. Everyone needs a break to write. Lol! Doubly happy that Starscream stalked back into your brain, was getting a little worried there slightly, not much, but I am glad to see a new chapter.

I'm used to authors going away saying they'll finish their story and then they never come back. Horrible feeling of abandonment. So, so, SO elated beyond words that you're not one of the authors! XD Your series is far too awesome to not be finished.

And, once again, I cannot predict where you are taking this masterpiece. Oh I do so love unpredictability.

Update soon!

P.s. You clever, magnificent bitch! XD
SaphireE90Kancer chapter 39 . 6/14
Now I can breath normally. Thank you for the update and although a short chapter, it did get things moving along. Welcome back btw!
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