Reviews for Naruto: Rise of The Namikaze
mspears3175 chapter 1 . 10/9
i read up to chapter 9 and i could not continue it was just a mess with kushina coming back it seem like you have a good idea though
HyperA1985 chapter 16 . 8/5
I am looking forward to chapter 45 and I hope Naruto gains the rinnegan.
Naruto fan 90 chapter 1 . 7/31
I read up to chapter 6 the story is just to rush there is no pacing you have a good concept but you're acting like a marathon runner because of that I just can't read no more
Encouragingyouth chapter 1 . 7/3
Couple of things. Why do you create a new paragraph after (almost) every sentence? It makes no sense to the pacing and they seem completely random when you choose to do it and when you don't.

Add to that the abrupt death and mention of the anbu. That in particular just seems cheesy, as Iruka survived such an attack, yet the anbu elite ninja falls, and this after apparently being his bodyguard for years 24/7. Would he not have noticed Mizuki? Why let naruto go through this crazy plan? Did he just sit and watch as he infiltrated the hokage tower and stole the forbidden scroll? so many questions just from those few lines.

Add to that the angst Naruto shows directly towards Iruka. This just reads as if you are working out Justice for what Naruto went through and giving the character reason, however flawed it might be, to enact that justice. A better way to do that would be to change the plot to fit it, but here the plot remains almost fully identical yet the character (naruto) changes quite a bit. It just comes off a bit lazy.

I don't mean to sound so harsh but I want to try and help authors reach new levels in writing. So hopefully this is seen for what I wish it to be as criticism, and not flaming your work. I mean, someone dedicated enough to write a story over 100,000 words surely has room to improve with that level of dedication.

Good luck in your future works!
mikyapixie chapter 32 . 7/1
Asuma and iruka are around the same age
YamiChaos27 chapter 39 . 6/16
Again, Naruto is being unreasonably stubborn, and Minato is being made out to be the one in the wrong when he's not. And everyone is just spoiling Naruto at this point, just letting him have his way without consequences. That's it, you've officially killed this story for me! Seriously! You think what they did with Obito was bullshit? Well I think what your doing with Naruto is just bullshit! It's a shame too, because I was actually kinda liking this story up until now! But nope, not anymore! I'm especially pissed that you're not even explaining why you're doing this! That's it, I am officially out of here!
YamiChaos27 chapter 38 . 6/16
Okay. Seriously, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS BULLSHIT! Naruto was completely out of character in this chapter. That was not Naruto, that was a WHINY BITCH! How dare you make Naruto act like this and make it look like it was okay for him to act like that. I don't care how much he's suffering, that was inexcusable and EVERYONE should've punished him for it! I also hate how you made Minato out to be the bad guy here when Naruto was CLEARLY the one in the wrong here for being unreasonably stubborn. He just blows everyone's words out of proportion when he should've realized how selfish he was being. I also hate how Maikeru just let Naruto do what he wanted and instructing others to do the same, not once reasoning with with him nor pointing how selfish he's making himself sound! Naruto thought Minato was being selfish? NO! NARUTO WAS THE ONE BEING SELFISH HERE! Everyone, including Maikeru, should've sided with Minato on this one, just to show Naruto how selfish he was being. NARUTO IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THIS SELFISH!

Bottom line: I HATE how you portrayed Naruto in this chapter. I HATE how he pretty much got away with how he acted without learning how selfish he was being. And I HATE how you shifted the blame to Minato! It was all just STUPID to watch, and it RUINED Naruto as a character for me! Hell, I ended up skimming through most of the drama, it was that stupid!

And the obvious movie reenactments only made the scenes even stupider.

The only part I kinda liked was the lemon, but even that's held back by the fact that Hinata forgave Naruto for that comment way too easily. She should told him to his face, "So you would've wished your suffering on me then?!" and not talk to him for a while after that just to show Naruto how selfish he was being.

I apologize for that rant, but that's how I feel about this chapter. What were you thinking?
Tsukoblue chapter 44 . 6/16
This was a great chapter but I don't get why you suddenly changed Sakura's personality
UNLIMITED FOOD WORKS chapter 3 . 6/14
oh god you keep on changing their personalities too quickly, it sucks.
MoongirlDimandeFan chapter 44 . 6/13
A great chapter. Nice length. Interesting bit of character interaction. Love the extra depth of character you gave to Sakura and Itachi but why were Danzo, Koharu and Homura absent? Did they have a part in it that wasn't revealed?
my 2 guys chapter 44 . 6/12
that was good
Adjuster chapter 44 . 6/12
There was a lot of sex in this chapter now it's time to chill for awhile and get the story rolling
bhdragons chapter 44 . 6/12
Reader of Harry Potter chapter 43 . 5/17
Currahee506 chapter 6 . 4/13
already know the swords name tho if i remember right its another fanfic writes nickname for kurenai ie BENIHIME red princess
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