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face70 chapter 22 . 20h
Ah so of course I'm loving this chapter! It's such a twist. I can't imagine Minato abandoning Naruto, but seeing as Kushina is sort of ... out of commission there's gotta be reasons behind it. As always, I just adore the way you write and admittedly I try to emulate. It's very easy to follow, flows very smoothly. The work choice is precise and you get the point across.

I'm of course always a little hesitant about the missing parents. I would have such a difficult time forgiving them, especially after all the trauma poor Naruto endured... but I seriously look forward to where this is going. Where's Akatsuki? What about Sasuke and Itachi? And Naruto is certainly still at target since he still has "Kyuubi" inside of him.

Anyway, as always, thank you for pushing these out! I can't wait to get all the way and see it through and thank you for your shoutout :)

Seriously, very happy that you're back~!
Lonelylulaby chapter 22 . 7/20
Oh my goodness, she's in a coma or something. Poor tink tink. Naruto I don't know if this is good luck or not cause you were still beaten up before they could get to you. I wonder who the two moles were. This story just gets more intriguing. Also will Naruto tell Sasuke he caught a glimpse of Itachi or will he hold onto that little tidbit of info?

ja ne till next time and keep up the good work
Save Me From Candy chapter 22 . 7/14
I've just read the two fics in like two days. I'm so hooked. This fic felt like a welcome change from the depressing first one. Tho it looks like you're about to subject us again to another psychological trauma.
aka-chan chapter 22 . 7/13
Very much welcome to you, miss author!

The plot is really getting interesting. And I can't wait for sasunaru to happen...

Good job and thanks for the double update. May we meet again next time.
naruhinakiralacus chapter 22 . 7/10
Wow! He really did have a good explanation. He's lucky understanding. Seems like Minato has no idea what Naruto went through a year ago. I wonder how he'll find out? So many questions. What happened to Kushina? How is will Sasuke react to Naruto was kidnapped and found out his parents are alive? How does Naruto feels about Obito informing him that they got info through Sasuke without him realizing? Looking forward to next chapter!
Ochame chapter 22 . 7/10
Two chapters! Yayyyy! And Omg this is getting sooo good (not that it wasn't good already lol)
Apple chapter 22 . 7/10
Oh, you have made me very happy with 2 new chapters. Thank you! Are they really alive? I am still a bit sceptical about this. I mean Naruto was just rescued like that. Without any fight from the Akatsuki. I will have to wait this out I guess... You are fantastic as always! Keep up the good work!
Rei chapter 22 . 7/10
I'm glad Kushina is not dead but *clutches heart* next chapter may break me to see what state she's in. Also good job on the explanation I enjoyed that a lot!
Rei chapter 21 . 7/10
First, yah at that punch! I think no matter what Naruto punching Minato is always essential when he just randomly appears in his life because Naruto has had so much thrown at him and it be a lot easier if his parents had been there. Second, very happy that Naruto was like 'cut the bs and get to explaining' because even I felt that way xD
EYY chapter 1 . 7/9
PLEAAAAAASE update soon! I love your writing and this story is killing me!
chris1501 chapter 20 . 7/6
OH MY FUCKING GOD jesus christ I need more! How is he alive!
Guest chapter 20 . 7/4
I looooooooove eyour writing ohmy god. I cant wait for the next update!
guest chapter 20 . 7/3
MINATO WHAT! Oh my gosh please update! And thank you for updating so soon too! I love this story. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT MINATO IS DOING THERE THOUGH OMG!
aka-chan chapter 20 . 7/2
Wow! You're the first author to reply my review! I'm so touched! (;ຶДຶ ) Thanks a lot, miss author!

It's a shame if you won't write any stories anymore. Your works are the best among the best! It's fine if the asylum story will be a one-shot. I just want to read some crazy, insane!sasuke story. XD About the suggestion, you're welcome.

By the way, thanks for the consideration. You're my fav author starting now! And thanks for the fast update. It's a shock to know Minato is still alive. Can't wait for the next update! Have a good day and see you later!
Rei chapter 20 . 7/2
A great chapter oh my god! I'm excited to see what happens next and so glad they didn't get far in hurting Naruto, that's already been seen a lot :(
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