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KURAMAX chapter 40 . 4/20
Ouch...there's a lot of hella puzzles in this sequel which it was when naruto get into that paradise crabs & that makes my head hurt like hell..uuh i'm dizzy!XD

& yet,am i the only 1 here who thought 'cloud cover' & 'red storm' are reminds me a lot with 'Maze Runner' movies? Like... Naruto as Thomas,who have something unique inside their body,Orochimaru & Kabuto as Jason,Itachi as Terresa(cuz he died at the end) & who knows sasuke being who.. Brenda maybe?*snicker*

& y'know wut? I always hoping to see naruto do some more brutal rampage when orochi-shit assault him. & his sudden outburst by using that coocoo clock wasn't enough to satisfied me...maaannnn i am a person who'll never satisfied to see naruto & kurama EXPLODE together TwT"

& itachi...why? I think there's 85-motherfucking-% fanfics with itachi as a nice guy criminal die for sasuke...:'(

...he always die
PandaValium chapter 40 . 1/14
Holy shit! I was like betting on Itachi staying alive! Damn son, why you do this!? Haha You're all good babe. Fantastic as always, keep up the good work! Oh I apologise for not replying to an older message you replied to, you may not remember it, I mean, I didn't. When I logged on to send you this, it said I had one unchecked message, and it was your reply from the last review I commented on. So yeah, sorry about that but I'm barely on here. So uh, anyway, GOOD WORK!
Guest chapter 40 . 1/11
Yes iruka lives! Very happy. Cant wait for the next Chapter. You made my day! Maiby my week :)
Guest chapter 39 . 1/11
Ahw itachi. But damn im so happy you wrote again!
Arw165 chapter 40 . 1/8
I've just re-read one scene from your fic few days ago, thinking about update. bulletproof vest in the end. ;/ How could you, you made me cry in the bus full of people. I hoped for some more not-rushed talk between brothers, maybe some little "I forgive you", before older Uchiha kicks the bucket. It would make it all easier on the dying one (although that last little smile on his face suggests he was satisfied enough), on Sasuke in the future and on me right now. :P But life's just not like that, is it? Let alone all the info Itachi had, the questions he could/should have answered... There's no Edo Tensei to bring him back, so maybe he left some letter ot something? Such a waste.

Were Orochimaru and Kabuto cockroaches in their past lives? I don't like having thoughts like "Die already!", but going back to prison doesn't seem like enough to feel safe anymore, considering his first successful escape. I wouldn't, if I were in Naruto's shoes. It makes me very curious about all the things, that happened off-screen, between Akatsuki and The Snake. How did he managed to escape again...

At least Iruka's alright.
Brenda247 chapter 40 . 1/8
The road to recovery will be long. But together they both can make it.I'm sure of that.
Shining-Dreamer chapter 40 . 1/7
IRUKAAAAA! AHHHHHHH I don't care if no none else cared for him. I love him! Our poor babies~ Thank you for the updateexcuse me, thank you for the TWO updates! Good golly, you must be tited. Two chapters, dude! Calm down! hahaha Go get some much earned sleep, hon! 3
ririmreader chapter 40 . 1/7
oh thank god... i hope nothing happens to iruka when he wasn't mentioned at the previous chapter i thought for sure that maybe he's had it but i hope that nothing happens to him. ALSO DAMMIT WHY ITACHI WHY
kushina410 chapter 40 . 1/7
omg so gooooood plz updatee
naruhinakiralacus chapter 40 . 1/7
I'm so relieved to here Iruka is okay! Can't blame Naruto for not wanting to talk about anything, but after everything that's happened, he really needs to. Does he know that Orochimaru wasn't caught? Looking forward to the next chapter!
aka-chan chapter 40 . 1/7
okay, i feel like i was drawn to your fic. whenever i felt like to re-read this, there is always a new update which i'm so grateful at that. thanks to you.

i'm so sad to hear itachi didn't make it out alive. i really like him. but i'm grateful iruka is fine.
aka-chan chapter 38 . 12/26/2017
i miss the update so much i re-read this and cloud cover
ririmreader chapter 38 . 12/11/2017
BannanGodis chapter 38 . 11/10/2017
I love it, I'm a sadist who likes to read about others' suffering...
I like how the characters are built, you get into Naruto's self-sacrifice in a fluid way. Although it's terrible that he was forced to undergo that trauma, but I love that they despite being OC then you succeed in extracting the traits of the original characters! The story is well written with disputes and undisputed purposes, I love it! You throw in clues several chapters before to let the reader think about themselves. I can't wait!
Guest chapter 24 . 10/14/2017
Ohmygodyou shdjsj you did not you just... Okay. Ima review again when I can see clearly. So mad. Which means this story is good. But so mad.
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