Reviews for 100 Oneshots Challenge
Prin Pardus chapter 2 . 6/23/2013
ok i'm doing this now so i don't forget (even tho i'm a bit cranky cuz i just did this salt water thing to make sure my teeth don't get infected and it makes them ache sigh) since you asked so nicelyyy (i was gonna do it either way i swear)

i'd like to begin by saying how much i love ali. kinda took her awhile to grow on me even when she was helping fetter out; i don't think she got to show her true fiber until the choice went down and she had to clean up his mess. that's when we got her spitfirey side, and it is the besssst. she's just super tough and doesn't take any crap even tho that's what her life has basically been thus far & i like that, although i wish you'd go easier on her sometimes, poor thing ;-;

even tho this piece is all about stuff we know, it's still kinda nice to see. for some reason i was picturing tolbert as a tabby (is the -bert like robert or colbert?) but white works too. but uff, that's a rough start for her, poor thing. sita isn't in eirem (is that how you spell it i always forget) territory, but i still wouldn't mind seeing her get roughed up (is she dead?). how can you do that to someone and not even tell them? leave them feeling like they're the one who failed even tho it was your meddling all along? uff, terrible terrible. but ali endures, o'course, 'cause she's the toughest gal in all the land. (sidenote: moon-round belly makes me think of pea, and that gets into terrible casifair/pea feels territory)(also even tho i kinda hate her, sita's appearance gives me troubles because she sounds like she'd be a cute plump old grandmother but she's nooot)

(also fun fact: originally i was gonna use aether for shaq's mom, she was going to be a lot more pea-ish, but then i gave the name to you instead xD)

is the years-later bit referring to the chat she had with cas? i feel like it is and that hurts my heart too but there are a lot of people with green eyes in these parts and it could be hypothetical i guess. but i'm going to pretend it's him. i really wish ali did get a piece of sita's face, tho. that would have made me happy. it was nice to see that johnsie was there for her when she needed to bawl, tho. i'd like to see more of them together, since we've only seen them talk when ali's already cross. xD

uff, but then after that she bottles it up. you don't have to, alicat. you don't have to be a gladiator. no one (important) will think less of you for splintering now and then. D:

the description in the rose-bit is lovely. sweet lil ali & holly berries and whatnot. that might be my favorite bit, for whatever reason. i'm glad things have turned out relatively well for rose (she's got a place to stay, at least, and two of her three kits are not stuck-up jerks, which is better than most can say), and that's obvs in more than just a small part due to alicat. she's like a superhero, man, always swooping in and trying to fix things and seeing the best in others when it's really not there (looking at you fett) and doing whatever she can to help - even when she barely knows them, like with shaq & co. aah, i just really like her. i will not claim responsibility for casifair shipping, but i am glad it is a thing, because if there's anyone strong enough to straight him out, it's her. xD

i feel like this review is really bad, but my head kinda hurts and i'm really sleepy and have a lot of work to do bleh. but i did like this piece, even if it was still very hurtful and evil (:IIII). i demand some alicat fluff for reparations, since it seems everything you write for her is really rough, poor gal. i will not take no for an answer ok, or so help me bottle will be eating his own legs or something of that nature
i'm serious
don't test me
Ryah Ignis chapter 2 . 6/23/2013
Ah, Ali dear. That's absolutely horrible. I loved how you personified Sorrow as more than just an feeling. I was reminded of Death in The Book Thief with that.
Perfectly tragic, perfectly heartbreaking. Weird to say of, but good job!
Prin Pardus chapter 1 . 5/23/2013
omg i never reviewed this did i
sdfksjdfhsk i had it in a separate tab for weeks and just kept forgetting, and then i think i closed it when i had all those komen tabs open because it was just tooo mucccch
but i'm sorry, i really shoulda done this right away, especially since it was so good. D:

i will admit i absolutely cackled the first time around, tho, for *reasons.* you were so kinda right, but so kinda wrong, hehehe. this is a tempting scenario, tho, i will admit. wonder what that would make bottle, in this case. is the son of a prince still a prince? or does he only get upgraded when his daddy becomes king? questions, questions.

uff, anyway. i almost wish annie was a real character after all this, because she'd be so interesting. all broken bird-y and good and sad. is that one gal of yours (can't remember her name, Csomethingia?) gonna be kinda like her? i know they were both in the prostitute bizz, so maaaaybe? could annie be her mom or something, idk. she's just a sweet babby that should def exist even though it would be rather painful for her, eheh.

but i just feel so bad for her, man. she was so cute at the beginning, all lovestruck and mooney. really this whole piece kinda makes me hate tobias despite all his issues, 'cause this is exactly the sort of thing he would do - and let's be honest, it probably happened along the way. cas mighta been a grandaddy for ages and just never known it (or not, because if toby ever found out about illegitimate kits he'd prolly have them and their mamas killed to make sure no one interfered whenever he had an heir of his own). and she goes from all moonlight and joy to a sad broken thing at the end. :C

"I've never bedded a whore in my life, but if you don't turn around, I'll have killed one before the day is done." Dunno why, but that's prolly one of my favorite lines outta the piece - prolly 'cause it's a damned lie, and I'm sure they both knew it. Assy was scummy scum, for all his princely swaggering. sometimes i feel bad for him because he coulda been a sweet thing, not too much unlike bottle, but of course cas's meddling made sure that would never happen. at the same time, tho, he absolutely did some dreadful things, and really deserved everything he got in the end.

"what beautiful green eyes" for brand, hehehe. that had me cackling a bit too.

but the ending, ack. i think you said you hated it, but i thought it was painfully lovely, especially the last bit. sleep well, annie-love. you earned it, you poor devoted little thing. :C

really lovely work, shimjim, and an excellent start to the challenge, methinks. always love the theories your brain cooks up, even when they're not /exactly/ right, haha. hope you get to sinking soon. :)