Reviews for A New Kind of War
Devil Rebel chapter 84 . 2/23
Crazy stuff with Anna. Keep it up
N7Effect16 chapter 84 . 2/21
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N7assassin777 chapter 84 . 2/20
that was amazing, great chapter again
Stewart121 chapter 84 . 2/20
cool chapter, you dropped a big bombshell with Annalya working with the yahg.
RheasHelm chapter 84 . 2/19
Wow, that was quite the bombshell you dropped here. What a chapter!
That Annalya had to be the Blue Banshee was pretty obvious, but that she was working with the Yahg... unbelievable. And then it's revealed that the Yahg were responsible for killing David's parents, and Anna has the audacity to invite David to help them conquer the galaxy. She is really delusional. But what can you expect from a little girl playing princess and dreaming of ruling the galaxy as Queen.
So much for thinking that she was just a poor, misunderstood, innocent girl who simply needed some love to return to the path of righteousness. Although you left it open if she got killed or not, so maybe you still see hope for her. Realistically though, with all the power she's accumulated, with the way she was prepared to casually kill even David, she's become too much of a threat to be allowed to live. What a shame; it'll break Liara's heart. And Shepard's too.

Krogan and Yahg probably won't have USB devices in the future though. :)
jaffa3 chapter 84 . 2/18
Wow I really did not expect anything like that. This story's great.
knivez786 chapter 84 . 2/18
Fuckin Bitch after feeling sorry for her she ends up working for the fuckin yahg then to top it off she turns against her own brother who she believed to be dead just because they dont share the same view man she really has lost her mind if she thinks she is going to rule the galaxy alongside the yahg who most likely will kill her when they wont need her no more also i think david should get in contact with benezia and tell what annalya has been doing i hate to admit this but shephard was right when he sent her to that temple she is out of control stupid girl
RheasHelm chapter 83 . 2/12
That eye patch was a good idea, but wouldn't his voice give him away to those who knew David? I'm curious to see how long he can keep up the disguise.
Kel chapter 83 . 2/9
I'm starting wonder if my dog not actually a dog here. :P
Kmak99 chapter 1 . 1/26
Absolutely an amazing story. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to the upcoming chapters.
Kyle Chaulklin chapter 2 . 1/19
Wow... I've never cried like this since the end of ME3 (I was deeply connected to my Shepard, after having put so much time into my play through). I tried to imagine the scene play out in my mind and I was starting to feel what Liara was going through ( I was a Caregiver for about 8 years, I've seen just about everything there is to see). Very nicely done... My Heart go's out to your creativity in this Story.
RheasHelm chapter 82 . 1/20
It's good to see that things are moving forward.
Aria won't like her staff to show loyalty to somebody other than herself though
TheButterflyComposer chapter 81 . 1/19
So far so good.
This is a good story, for the most part. There are rough patches (or at least, some weird things that don't make sense when the time jumps forwards) but there's usually a fairly good reason for many of them later (I forgot to comment on the description of the galaxy's spineless ness when it comes to fighting the two words, fair enough) but it's come together to be a fine piece on what might happen next in the Shepard story (i.e, starts of great for him, then it goes to shit because of his own failings).
Overall, keep writing and good luck.
N7assassin777 chapter 82 . 1/19
good chapter went as i expected with zaeed alot of booze lol, i was hoping that message was from rune but i didnt really understand that part
TheButterflyComposer chapter 69 . 1/19
I actually quite like Orion's thinking with stuffing a huge ship full of drones. Should be effective when he deploys them.
The Ardak Yashi are another massive WTF with Asari. By the third game that species had become just downright evil in their handling of things, from the councillor's blatant lying and genocide attempts to the entire Thessia government hiding prothean ruins on their planet. I'm actually surprised no one else has a grudge with them yet...might happen later on though.
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