Reviews for Shattered Mind
Guest chapter 1 . 7/16/2014
Where are the others? Most of the group is missing. Teo, Haru, the Duke, Appa and Momo.
RabulaTasa chapter 1 . 3/25/2013
Crazy Sokka (I assume) is a little bit on the dramatic side... but then again, Sokka's a pretty dramatic guy, so it fits. Also, madness gives a feller some leeway.

I predict that Zuko's about to get popped in the face something fierce. Again.
Jade's One of a Kind chapter 1 . 3/20/2013
I welcome your stature, my fellow comrade. You obtain the nerves to actually obligate into creating an inscription, one so irregular and that differs from a populous amount of Avatar fanfics, to ultimately succeed in the sudden process. Felicitations for you attempting to take a crack at it. Additionally, it's also beneficial to your well-being, being as it may predominantly be considered your own writing style. :) further my assumptions on the relevant details, plot, and characterization portrayed in this update.

The exordium occurring before the actual conflict. I'm imperceptibly dumbstruck at the events portraying. Firstly, who is the unmentioned male? This is occurring some time after an enormous battle, I assume, witnessing all deaths that has come amuck his physical form. And he possesses a sibling that has died within the harsh bloodshed of...a cause I cannot follow clearly. A Demon? I'm flummoxed on the mentioning of that, also. My apologies for not coping with the significance of the crucial information being served on a silver platter. I'd be fond to appear a tad less naive (LOL), so if anything, don't be afraid to PM myself of the scenarios, alright? I don't bite. :D

Though I'm not considering my own mind being ultimately naive. I'm assuming that prologue hints us on being informed of Sokka's whereabouts, or of his findings? Correct? Close enough? Hehe, I'm not immensely capable of following the fanfic without proper guidance from you, seeing as though your enhanced vocabulary and the way it is formatted awes myself, tenfold.

All I am, literally, is a lollygagging adolescent of 13 years :P. Which can be a turn of events since I'm a highly ranked intellectual assumer, y'know. No intention to brag, honestly. :) So my thoughts on the scenarios wouldn't present themselves right away.

One additional thought. Resulting from Sokka's absence, I can gradually sense an increasing bond between A and K. ;) KATAANG! *Nosebleed* Haha!

...That is my assumption towards the ideal characters playing a main role. By which I mean this fanfic being fixated on Kataang. If interpreted incorrectly, I'd portray a sense of gratitude for being informed.

Well, it is the fatal time to endure my departure. Once more, interesting story, well formatted, a pulchritudinous start! I'll gladly be on the lookout for plenty more! :D

Until next time, Hasta luego, amigo! :D

*Follows Author/Story, Favorites Author/Story*

PS- Don't attempt to speak a different language from my prior knowledge, LOL. Not very fluent in Spanish, even though I am part Hispanic. I'm predominantly African American and West Indian, but that's beside the point. Just...don' Only recently started the dreaded class. LOL. :P