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Guest chapter 33 . 6/27
I could not wait any longer. I couldn't wait for when Emily actually admits to Jai that she lost her virginity to Paige and in such short time. Haha.. priceless! Seriously krystn21, Where. Are. You?
TheShawmeister chapter 33 . 6/15
Ohkay... Is Paige manic depressive here? I mean, is she Bipolar? Is that her illness? Come on snowballs just update already? I might die soon and i wont know what will happen next.
crmlsy chapter 33 . 6/8
i love how in the universe of LT, it doesn't matter if your gay. no coming out drama, no homophobics, just a beautiful love story. im hoping for an update soon :(
Calzonafan01 chapter 33 . 6/7
Just want to say hope all is well and hope you have another chapter for us real soon. Can't wait to see how this story ends. Hate what is going on with the show currently and we need our paily fix. Take your time, I will be anxiously awaiting a notification haha. Thank you :)
RedToxicity chapter 33 . 6/5
Damn please don't just leave it there. This is my favorite story of any LesFanfiction. Your writing is crisp and pristine. And it makes me feel like I'm living or I'm right beside the characters. Your words are like paint to a canvas. I love that your words paint pictures. But I will admit that seeing Paige go through that really hurt. I have been in this situation and love triangles suck. But Paige deserves to get away. I hope she finds someone who will be patient and wait for her like she did Emily. I know this is a Paily fanfiction but goodness I want Emily to feel the pain that Paige has and is going through. But long story short you wrote a amazing story and I hope you will come back to it. But if you choose not to. Thank you for this amazing cliffhanger and allowing our minds to think and feel what might happen next. Beautiful story so thank you.
RedToxicity chapter 28 . 6/5
I get that love isn't easy to give up on. But goodness I want Paige to walk away so Emily can fight for her this time. This back and forth is heart breaking.
derp chapter 33 . 6/4
this is so great
Guest chapter 33 . 6/3
Im jsut begging you at least let us know when you plan to update. Please please please please i just please
Guest chapter 1 . 6/3
Please does anyone know where she is I need this fanfic to update i feel lost without it
RedToxicity chapter 23 . 6/3
glad Paige is focused on herself. Emily is frustrating the hell out of me and I'm not even in the story
RedToxicity chapter 1 . 6/2
am I the only one thinking Paige just walk off?
Guest chapter 33 . 6/2
Oka yyy m it's been 5 months and you haven't update st all not even a little something so are you okey? Where are you? Dsmmm you like to leave us hanging
lifelongloveforlindsey chapter 33 . 6/2
Hey I hope everything is going great and I know that you don't have enough time to read reviews but if you have I wanted you to know that this is an awesome fic which I love sooooooooo much that I am starting to go crazy (good crazy meaning day dreaming about this fic by thinking about what would happen now, how is it going to happen, what happened in the past) .
When I first started reading your story I never thought this would turn into something so beautiful and so important in my life for that thank you so much.
I love Paige a lottttttttttttttttttt and I hope there are happy times for her in the future because I don't think I can cry anymore (even though I know it is required for the story).
The way you write mesmerizes me because the details you give, the emotions involved for each character, the way you represent them is just great.
And sorry for all the above ramblings because I couldn't help myself it was something I wanted to tell you for so long (as i only read but never review which I intend on changing).
finally I wish you the best and I will keep waiting for next update.
Guest chapter 33 . 6/1
Hope you are safe and well ... I read about the terror attack in Manila and my thoughts are with your country.
Fan chapter 33 . 5/26
Hi snow , how are you? Hope you are doing well Was wondering if you can please give us an update of LT We have miss it so much ! hope to hear an update from you soon :)
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