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Roo12q chapter 44 . 2/5
Hey there author! I know that this fic hasn't been updated in a while, but I just wanted to say thank you. This story helped me get through the death of my friend, it was a life-line that I desperately needed during that time in my life, and you provided one.
So, thank you.
I hope that you're doing well! I hope that the hurt and grief that you were feeling during this chapter have faded into a distant memory.
Look after yourself, author! You're amazing and you deserve a peacefull and happy life.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/28
One of my all time favorite fics I wish it was on ao3 but I also always re read it and hope for it to be finished
Loliviech chapter 44 . 9/19/2023
I remember getting updated to this in real time all these years ago. This is and remains to this day one of the most well written Drarry fics I have read in all these years. Both the characterization of Draco and Harry as well as everyone else, the perfect pacing and development of both plot and feelings is still superb. I come back every few years to reread.
I’m sorry about your family member and I hope time has, if not healed, at least lessened the wounds of loss. I wish you the very best.
Highfunctioning Moony21 chapter 44 . 9/13/2023
I read this story once some years ago, it was an Italian translation on an Italian fanfiction website. At that time, I believed it to be on of the best drarry I've ever read. But I was wrong. In fact, now I know it is the best one I've ever and will ever read.

The first time I read it, I didn't know why it was not complete. Now that I've read the original one, on this website, I undertand. And I want to tell you that I am so sorry to hear what happened to your family and beloved ones. Witness a relative's lost because of such a terribile disease is something I wouldn't wish to anybody.

You know, I've been reading fanfictions for years now, they have always been my safe place, it's become a kind of ritual before going to bed. They help me soothing everyday difficulties and take me to another world where I can just be, with no worries or fear. Everyday I read new stories, but just a few of them sitck. And this story, your story, is one of those.

The first time I read it, it was like a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I loved the way you wrote, the characters, the ideas, the plot. Everything. And when I reached this chapter and realized it was incomplete, I cried. I quite distinctly remember it. I was so emotionally involved and I was pulled into the story so much that I couldn't believe I had to stop reading, that I hadn't to know hot it was going on. I was so angry and I tried to forget it through the years, hoping to just let it in the past, but occasionally the memory would just resurface. So this time I decided to hurt myself again, and to reread it.

What a great decision it was. As soon as I started reading, the same rollercoaster of emotions struck me again, and I was so happy. I had missed the story so much that it hurt. I didn't care it isn't complete, I just wanted to live in it again, to read about these two wonderful characters who love each other and that you managed to write so well.

Now that I've once again reached the end, I'm not angry anymore. I won't to be selfish and demand of you to go on writing, if that's not what you're up to. I just want to tell you this: stories like this one are what help me get by the difficulties of my life, healing me and helping me to just be calm and feel strong emotions at the same time, whether they be happy or sad. I hope you find what makes you feel again and I wish for you to be happy again. I don't know if this will ever include going on with this fanfiction or not, either way I just wish for you to find "something to fight for", just like Harry once said.

My greatest compliments once again for this little jewel you handed us, thank you, really thank you.
Tiffany chapter 44 . 8/27/2023
Where is the rest?
FaswenRising chapter 1 . 8/12/2023
I feel like this is just one of those fics that sticks with you. No matter how many years pass, I'll never forget it. I was just going through some of the stories I had subscribed to on ffn, as I rarely use the site anymore, and came across this one again. It's been about 4 years I think since I last did a reread of the fic, so I think I'll be doing that soon. I was reading your note at the top of the last chapter, and it reminded me why this story resonates with me so deeply. I've lost so many people in my family to cancer, and my dad and an uncle are battling cancer now. Like succorbentis, it is a horrible, debilitating disease. I think reading The List was always somehow therapeutic for me. Like, yes, Harry has this horrible disease. But he also has friends, and love, and someone pushing him to live everyday to its fullest. Regardless of what might have happened in the end, if Harry were to have passed, I think he would've been happy knowing he lived his last year, as much as he could, with lots of light and laughter. I dont know where you are in life now, or if you'll ever come back to this fic, but I just wanted to thank you for what you do have here. I know even just writing this had to be emotionally draining at times. But I think its also a very poignant reminder that even when we're in the darkest of places, their is light.
7joymackenzie chapter 1 . 7/27/2023
You need to write more please I’ve re read every thing written now multiple times bc I love it so much
mini tt chapter 44 . 7/9/2023
Wow that was really good
hope u finish it someday
Guest chapter 44 . 7/4/2023
Good God. I remember reading this when I was 15 maybe, a premed student and I would just ... Read this til 3 in the morning. I can't even begin to explain how much this story helped me. I'm 22 now, and I was randomly preparing for a test in dental school, and I remembered "succorbentis". I came back to this story and how I wished to God that it had been completed and the author to be in a better place. I don't care whenever you finish this. I just wish that you find peace and recover from what your family went through. Just know that your words brought us endless comfort even when life was being cruel to you. Much love for you x
Siebenschlaefer chapter 7 . 7/2/2023
I often come back to this story and everytime it just blows my mind. Even if it is not finished I thoroughly enjoy rereading it again and again. Really love it
MellyPie chapter 44 . 6/25/2023
I have never forgotten about this story, just reread it and it's been so long it's like getting to enjoy it for the first time. I really hope it will be finished one day because it's my favorite and I just love it.
mini tt chapter 14 . 6/22/2023
Omg this is so cute _
Melverne chapter 44 . 4/15/2023
Bravo! This is one of the best stories I have read. I will be reading this one again for sure. There is more to this story, hopefully one day you will continue one of the happiest / saddest stories I have had the pleasure to read.

Thank you for sharing this with us.
funny0bunny chapter 1 . 3/31/2023
This story has not left my mind despite all the years that have passed.

With all the time past since i read it back when i was in a pretty dark place.. i dont exactly remember what happens .. but ill never forget how it made me feel, how much i cried and how much it helped me 3

With that said ill be rereading the whole story hoping that i wont be too sad once i get to the last chapter and knowing very well that this story is not completed and may never be so.

I pray that the author of this masterpiece i well and happy and i wish them all the best!
Thank you for writing this. 3
Liljojo294 chapter 44 . 3/28/2023
Still one of my favourites. The ups, the downs, the fact that can vividly see this wonderful stories that takes me from throws of giggles to grabbing a tissue the next.

I am sorry to hear about your loss. I wont lie and say it will be fine but it does get easier to breath. One day at a time.
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