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River king chapter 13 . 7/1
BlackRevenant chapter 3 . 6/20

Dont think I can read this if I'm gonna actually witness Sakura's abuse.

I know it happens, read enough stories in the nasuverse to understand.

But I just dont like that shit in my entertainment.

Lord Jace chapter 1 . 5/23
Additionally my reasons for doubting avenger is who he says he is is because pyro shouldn't have caused a reaction
Lord Jace chapter 13 . 5/23
Either avenger has one hell of a poker face or that was a hell of a twist. I'm gonna go with the former. The flame thing is too uncanny and shiro the leader of the rebellion would have no reason to know about much less care to send Gilgamesh an incendiary pie.

Loved the cliff hanger, St George is at his most powerful and resolute defending others especially the innocent. And as Gilgamesh is unlikely to be willing to bust out Ea for targets as unworthy as these I have no idea who's going to win here, but I definitely know who I will be cheering for. A follow up cliff. Hanger with another servant joining (on George's side) would be epic.
Lord Jace chapter 10 . 5/21
At this point I realize that avenger shirou unlike canon emiya wouldn't have a problem with being a counter guardian. Although given who shirou is in this fanfic I'm not entirely sure avenger shirou is a counter guardian to begin with
Blakithleo chapter 13 . 5/15
Rin got trolled hard. I'm pretty sure everyone who didn't know the truth did.

10/10 good job for knowing ur stuff.
Illuviar chapter 13 . 4/13
Interesting story and quite entertaining cliffhanger! Good work!

Any chance you'll be able to post an update in the foreseeable future?
migdude10 chapter 13 . 3/31
This is good stuff! Hope you come back to it again someday!
zou chapter 3 . 3/24
Okay, i think i get it Emiya shirou became really similar to Natsu Dragneer, i kind of think its really a good idea .

So E.N.D his back in the for Of Emiya Natsu Dragneer, well if you take in count that Avenger Aka Angra mainyu have a similar attitude to Natsu, you say they pretty much the same.

and i am really disturb of how Avenger and Emiya shirou are the same being , Avenger likely burn his ownself in the fire, that can explain also why he never take account shirou as a dangerous factor, because he could not clearly se himself as a enemy.

and also good and really nice idea no one ever though of what impact the fire left in shirou body neglecting that he did survive something that nearly burn everything that his natural, somethimg that could destroy magic property, anihilate things in contact, a blazing livimg destroy as long as it material summon from another real.

why could it have not render the boy like the other?
simply it could not, no matter how hard it try so before dying did the fire take shape of a beast and decid to reside inside the shell of the boy?

good question

and what of the dark god do it decide to do the same realising the chance of salvation upon him and the fact that the kid seem to remimd it something long forgot.

what is Emiya shirou in the End what is id finality , what will happened when he find out what he really is would he continus.
what will hapoen afyer the grail? will you send him with is servant in the other timeline of Emiya shirou the self proclamed hero of justice, or will you send him in the past to camelot or rome.

or will you let him be troll by zelrech, and what about is power because it seem like it have no magical foundation, will you use dragon slayer technique when he will got stronger if you continous.

well i have.. so ..MANY question you see but i will continiois to read the story first.
Thunder Dragon chapter 13 . 1/25
I have a challenge for you if you are interested. Now this is a unique idea that has never been done before and holds a premise that I think is unique and also holds something dear to a lot of peoples hearts my self included and it should be done. It is a Spyro the Dragon and Sailor Moon crossover. You think your up to it? Because it is a change of pace rom what your used to.

The Dragon of the Stars and the Princess of the Moon. The Spyro side of the crossover Part 1: Spyro's Silver Millennium origins and Spyro's current life and appearance. Spyro in his current life has to resemble his Classic Counter part version in the Classic Spyro games in terms of appearance and personality A Heroes' Tail for Spyro's appearance and Spyro's personality in Spyro: Year of the Dragon but must eventually grow and matures into a character that is in terms of personality and looks a mixture of his Legend of Spyro persona and his Classic Counterpart in terms of personality but not in that order of growth. Spyro's previous life's backstory during The Silver Millennium however has to be the one from The Legend of Spyro Series.

The Dragon of the Stars and the Princess of the Moon. The Spyro side of the cross over part 2: Spyro's powers. Spyro has to have all the powers he has in the Legend of Spyro Trilogy and The entire Classic Spyro series including the various weapons and equipment Spyro can use from both the Classic and Legend of Spyro series and all the powers that Spyro has in Skylanders including the various forms Spyro has in that series. Spyro also has to keep all the abilities he obtained throughout the various adventures and master them and without being corrupted. Spyro can also gain new abilities from the Sailor Moon side of the crossover and the same can apply with his allies but no sailor suits for the Spyro cast!

The Dragon of the Stars and the Princess of the Moon. The Spyro side of the crossover part 3: Story Arc's on the Spyro Side. The Story arcs on the Spyro side of the crossover have to be based on the Legend of Spyro Trilogy and it should also have story arcs centered around these Classic Spyro games with some originality:

Classic Game Number 1. The original Spyro the Dragon.

Classic Game Number 2. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage.

Classic Game Number 3. Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

Classic Game Number 4. Spyro: A Hero's Tail(No fourth wall breaking on this part or any part of the story period).

Classic Game Number 5. Spyro: Shadow Legacy.

The Dragon of the Stars and the Princess of the Moon. Spyro Side Part 4: The Dragons and other supporting characters. The Dragons for the Spyro side of the crossover have to be a mixture of both the Dragons of The Legend of Spyro series and the Classic Spyro series in back story and design in a way that makes sense such as the dragons from the classic series are related to the dragons from The Legend of Spyro Series. Such as the classic Spyro series dragons the left the Original Dragon World at the end of Dawn of The Dragon to explore new horizons and did their own thing which is why the classic series dragons have portals that lead to different worlds and over time they eventually devised their own culture. For Spyro's posse it has to be all Spyro classic as his comrades in arms with The Dragon Guardian's spirits aiding Spyro in mastering his powers from the Legend of Spyro series and with the Dragon Elders from the classic series training Spyro to master his classic powers and the powers that Spyro has from the Skylanders series. Cynder also has to appear and act as Spyro's love interest and have the powers that she has in Skylanders and The Legend of Spyro Trilogy. Now the Spyro crew can gain new powers and abilities from the Sailor Moon side of the crossover or in the case of Sparx the Dragonfly gain powers from all across the Spyro franchise.

The Dragon of the Stars and the Princess of the Moon. The Spyro side of the Crossover part 5. Parings for the Spyro cast. Spyro has to hookup with Cynder(obviously). Hunter get's with Bianca like in classic cannon, Bentley the Yeti can get with Elora the Faun, and Agent Nine can get with Sheila the Kangaroo.

The Dragon of the Stars and the Princess of the Moon. The Sailor Moon side of the crossover. Sailor Moon Side of the crossover Part 1: The Senshi's and supporting cast. The cast for the Sailor Moon side of the crossover should be a mixture of both the Manga and the original Anime with all the celestial soldiers appearing along with their cannon civilian identities and appearance so no Spyro Senshi! Also the Senshi's non combative supporting cast is cannon as well.

The Dragon of the Stars and the Princess of the Moon. The Sailor Moon side part 2: The Senshi's power's. The Senshi's powers have to be a mixture of both the Anime and Manga with some originality like the Senshi's learning new abilities after meeting Spyro and interacting with his friends or going to the worlds that Spyro has traveled to.

The Dragon of the Stars and the Princess of the Moon. The Sailor Moon side part 3: Story Arcs. The Story arcs for the Sailor Moon side should revolve around The Original Anime and it's all it's seasons and their plots and storylines or you can go with the new anime reboot of Sailor Moon Crystal. But if you go with the original anime you have to with the original five seasons but without the filler(except for the one with An and El). Now These seasons are:

Season 1. Sailor Moon.

Season 2. Sailor Moon R.

Season 3. Sailor Moon S.

Season 4. Sailor Moon Super S.

Season 5. Sailor Moon Stars.

The Dragon of the Stars and the Princess of the Moon. Sailor Moon side part 4: The Sailor Scouts parings. Serena and Darien have to be together as their relationship is just to perfect. Now for the Outer Scouts. In the Manga we have seen that the Inner Scouts in their previous lives were in love Endymion's four generals and after they are defeated their souls are incased in stone's that they are canonically named after in the manga. So for this crossover let's free them and give the Outer Scout ladies their men so they can get some good loving.
Guest chapter 13 . 12/24/2016
Awesome. Just awesome. Though Ruler , that is to say Shirou Tokisada Amekusa is heavily OC. Still I really like the story and the prank man, the prank. Just awesome.
JJplayz chapter 10 . 12/18/2016
Avenger is Shirou isn't he? Similar to how Archer is Shirou to in canon? That one line when Rin said his stance looked familiar gave it away.
Battlesny chapter 7 . 12/9/2016
ok, nerfing Gae-bolg so it doesn't have its secondary attack instead of getting rid of the spear does make sense when I realize that even with all of his runes and geasses and whatnot Cu Chulainn is still more a warrior than a mage.
yeah as a warrior who uses spells in conjunction with his fighting style, spells like self-enchantment and battlefield control are definitely a basic.
also, yay non-berserker Heracles!
Battlesny chapter 6 . 12/9/2016
if Cu Chulainn is a caster in this story, then why is he armed as a lancer? when summoned as caster he isn't supposed to have Gae Bolg or metal armor.
Battlesny chapter 4 . 12/9/2016
here's hoping that even in this universe Rin somehow manages to summon Shirou as her servant.
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