Reviews for You Are Red, Violent Red
bobbiejelly chapter 1 . 7/6/2020
HELLO! Thanks for writing Richard and Adele, it's so creative and I'm glad someone wrote it. This is breathtaking and it's such a punch at the end!

I'm here on a mission though, I followed you from LiveJournal by searching your story title and I was pleasantly surprised to find you here.

I'd love to read some of these from your masterlist though, and there seems to be restricted access and they are not X-Posted here and I couldn't find a Dreamwidth for you either:

Young Volcanoes
AU Meredith/Addison Rated 15
Meredith is failing high school; Addison tutors her.

Cross Walks and Crossed Hearts
AU Meredith/Addison Rated 15
In her first year at medical school, Meredith finds herself hot for teacher.

There are others that I'd love to read but those ones are the ones that really I just... Anyway I left a comment over there also. Same username, same person, and same MerAdd fanatic who is currently digging up stories from a decade ago to get a meddison fix.

Thanks so much for your gorgeous stories, the sound of , and your username is quite clever!

See you around in the comments, bobbiejelly