Reviews for A Handful of Dust
SindelV chapter 63 . 6/16
A truly captivating sorry! I really like the reactions of the characters and your writing style! Well done, I can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 63 . 6/15
Awesome story, can't wait for more. Your writing never disappoints.
deets1 chapter 63 . 5/8
This is such a great story. I love it. It's full of subtext and, well, it's a puzzle. the relationship between Garrus and Shepard is a gift to read. I also love how you've gone into this question of identity. It really adds credit to the clone from the citadel dlc. Not that it wasn't legit, but clones? Always a bit outlandish. But here you have brought up many very legitimate questions. Also I'm so sad yet happy at the same time.

No lie though. If Shepard was a clone I was going to stop reading. Nothing against you or your writing. I just have some beef against that particular plot line.

But nothing (except all your foreshadowing but still) could have prepared me for this. Leviathans? Holy crap man. I wish I'd played that dlc now, but I get the gist.

Thanks for continuing this story. It is so good and I am incredibly glad to have found it. I'm so looking forward to swing what happens.
Kallie6891 chapter 63 . 4/28
Eep! Creepy! I loved the emotion you used with Shepard as she crept through the overgrown estate. It was very intense and well done, really made me feel what she was feeling. Bravo
adriannewhitt chapter 63 . 4/17
Holy shit. I didn't expect that. Another great chapter. Your attention to detail in this story is so well done, and I love your Shepard.
Mitsuki Shigamatsu chapter 63 . 4/15
It's always creepy when the bad guy uses a proxy...
RheasHelm chapter 63 . 4/12
Nice buildup of tension. When the flowery smell hit Shepard I was sure something would happen.
So I guess VC is controlled by the Leviathans now? I wonder what they want.
justsomebody2 chapter 63 . 4/12


Ok excitement induced profanity moment over.

Dude , you just like keeping us at the edge of our seats.

Been a LONG time since I visited the Mass Effect fandom. I kind of feel like it's revived with a fic here and there.

Awesome chapters!
garrus24601 chapter 63 . 4/11
so glad you decided to continue. it's getting heated again. can't wait
Aelibia chapter 63 . 4/11
Oh snaaaaaaaaap. Glad you're still going!
Mitsuki Shigamatsu chapter 20 . 4/1
Needs must when the Devil drives...
Mitsuki Shigamatsu chapter 13 . 3/23
What... The hell... DID THEY DO TO HER?!
Pendragon22 chapter 62 . 2/11
Fantastic chapter! I was afraid this story had died off and wasn't going to continue. Happy to find out I was wrong! Keep it up, please!
Kallie6891 chapter 62 . 2/11
Ahhh! I have been binge reading this over the last few days. I know I stopped reviewing every chapter, but honestly it was just because I wanted to keep keeping it as fast as possible, not because I thought the quality changed or anything. This fic has been completely amazing. I know you e posted a few authors notes saying you had long breaks and lots going on in your life, but I really hope that you don't give up on this one. It is beyond amazing and I can't wait to keep reading and see how it ends. Truly, and incredible story.
Kallie6891 chapter 41 . 2/10
Whew * wipes brow in relief* Kaidan lives!
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