Reviews for Hidden Pain
BookMaggots chapter 3 . 10/17/2013
I love this story, (I've read it twice now XD)

But I only had a small gripe with how the 'spanking' was handled. In general (today) allot of people assume that 'spanking' immediately translates into 'abuse' which I never understood. Yes. There are parents who take spanking too far and end up doing a lot more damage than good, but in general spanking can not only lead to better growth (for certain children) but save them from a less than favorable future.

(just as an extra note: GOOD spanking is when you take your flat hand (sometimes a leather belt) and give them a smart smack (maybe three, depending on the transgression) on the bottom. A young child is usually so spooked by such a thing that they never dare do it again. It doesn't really hurt (been spanked many, many times in my day XD), but it does make enough of an impact to dissuade them from continuing poor behavior. Also it is embarrassing and this prevents tantrums in public places. Thus the child LEARNS something

BAD spanking usually involves solid tools and does not only hurt the child but gives traumatic images. Parents who hit with larger objects usually hit to HURT and their expression of rage and frustration is often translated through the object and does a lot more damage than good. Physically and mentally. Children become terrified and though some will never commit the 'crime' again, they will become terrified for their parents. This leads to more rebellious tendencies as teenagers, as they feel the fear is what keeps the 'locked-up' and they attempt to break free from it by fighting back. A parent should never hit a child with the intent of 'beating him straight' the punishment should fit the crime, and no crime from an under aged boy or girl warrants the use of a wooden stick.)

There ARE children who do not respond well to spanking (the correct form please), and others who respond very well. In the end it is up to the parent to be the judge (as you stated in your story) to decide if a child will do well or worse under it.

Okay, shit I went a little over board there. In the end I loved this story, (heck I love all your stories! And wish you would continue that marvelous one of KanuroxGaara... kinda left us hanging there hun :\) and I loved it so much I decided to share my pathetic peace of knowledge with you as a result I promise this will not happen often, but rest assured you have a huge fan over here, and she just can't want to read more XD

Hope to see more Naruto from you soon!

timme chapter 3 . 4/23/2013
I can't believe i'm saying this, but i feel sorry for Tama. he wasn't the main one who hurt baki, and frankly he ordered the whole team (including himself)? to do the same things. when killing and torturing is par for the course, and sexual acts were accepted as part of the founding and history of the job, it's obvious he didn't intend or see his orders as abusive. shrugs if he'd given the team an obvious opportunity to say no, the whole discussion of ethics would be moot. at least he's self-aware enough to forgo a leadership position when confronted with an MO he didn't like.
though i really don't think a ninja society would make such a big deal of spanking (considering almost every current human society uses it as a method of child rearing).
I like your stories; each one is quite different from the last. This one was a bit confusing though. Baki is team leader to begin with, for one.