Reviews for do not expose to humiliation, sorrow or harsh language
Hawki chapter 1 . 7/4/2013
-Nice intro at the start, especially with Durandal being his usual, snarky, likeable self (or at least in as much as that snark isn’t directed at us readers).

-"Alien. Fuck, what do you want, poetry?"

Hmm… ‘Red vs. Blue’ reference? Anyway, more good writing, in regards to the character interaction and the description of Lh’owon, how it’s good both visually, and matches up with its description in the manual (IIRC at least – certainly remember it specifying that there’s more stars in its night sky due to its galactic position).

-Moving on, I kinda raise an eyebrow with the security officer. Technically I shouldn’t, as he has no personality in the games, so there’s no right or wrong depiction of that personality. But him claiming that it’s no problem that Durandal’s dragged him from Tau Ceti to Lh’own and whatnot…I dunno. Just feels he’s going along with things too easily. Still, the Mars recollections are nice.

-Moving further down, excellent writing with the minutes/seconds writing. It’s been in the fic up to now, but I feel it’s worth bringing it up here because you manage to pull both off (as in, both inserting time-stamps into the text, and making time-stamps the basis of said text), and both read well.

-“It was a sight to warm the heart of anyone whose psychotronic profile indicated high levels of destructive impulses.”

Ah…first-person shooters in a nutshell. XD

-Anyway, pretty much applying to the whole characterization of Durandal in later sections…well, excellent. Yes, I’ve used that word before, and playing the cynic, the “character who acts gruff but has a soft spot” isn’t new, but y’know what? It works. It works bloody well. And I can’t fault the story for that.

-So, in conclusion…well, I guess the cynic in me could say have more bad times, because if bad times result in works like this, then who’s complaining? Well, apart from the individual experiencing bad times…but anyway, the fic itself is good. Great. Excellent. And…yeah. That’s all I’ve got.

Kudos! :)
Ale chapter 1 . 3/23/2013
You were really having a bad time, right? This story is as good as all of your other Marathon stories but it is so sad! :,( I'm actually crying (although I'm a girl). I cannot get rid of the image of the officer dying just in front of Durandal. I almost felt Durandal's grief, because I know he would suffer if the cyborg died. Actually in the game itself Durandal shows to be a little sentimental.
I hope you keep writing Marathon fanfic. I'm a Marathon fan and I'm in love with Durandal (so yes, I would gladly marry him ;) )