Reviews for Suna no Hoshi
misuky7 chapter 19 . 7/10
This is a hilarious story. Seriously, my room is in my aunt's basement and I was laughing so hard she could hear me up stairs - she cannot even hear my music when it's on full blast down there. I had never thought to ship Naruto and. Rasa, ever. I like it, especially how nice he is. I also like the Desert Prince bit, it's very OHHC (Ouran High-School Club). I cannot wait for the rest. :3
tahiyatm chapter 19 . 7/3
CRACK CRACK CRACK! Please upload for more crack.
Faery66 chapter 19 . 6/2
Hope to read more soon.

Psyka chapter 19 . 5/15
I bloody love it please oh please please please update again soon please
Fanfiction4thewin-Blog chapter 10 . 5/2
Omg I can't breathe the clone hahaha
917brat chapter 19 . 4/26
this is utterly amazing and I would just love to read more of this story.
Brie chapter 6 . 4/5
Lls Mikan-himeMardarin orange princess
AsterGaming chapter 6 . 4/1
I almost feel a tiny shred of pity for Baki.
chrys chapter 19 . 2/27
je suis déçue que tu ne continue pas cette fics pourtant elle est fantastique
chrys chapter 19 . 1/13
J'adore ta fic ,es-que tu la abandonnée?
Guest chapter 19 . 1/7
hi it me again I sent you a text on this fan fiction before.

I was wondering when you will put up a chapter or 2 even thought it has been a year since this chapter you had put up. if you are not going to put up another chapter would you take this one of or let somebody adopted this story to finish of this great work you have done.

form Hannah stokoe

p.s. I do not have an account so I just put my name done to tell you who I am.
belladu57 chapter 19 . 11/14/2015
Very good
Rudra's wrath chapter 19 . 10/31/2015
Kudos for an original variation of fanfic genre. I love the chemistry between the two, and waiting for your next update
Anonim chapter 1 . 10/20/2015
You have not apdated for quite some time - any inspiration to continue this awesome fic? I can't wait for a new chapter. I especially want to read about chunin exam...
Guest chapter 4 . 10/11/2015
can you plz put on a next chapter because I want to now what they do in the chinne exam. also I want to know what there relationship will be like know.
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